Upcoming Fics


The fanfictions I’m planning to write and upload. I have no idea when I’m going to write and post them though, unless I’ve put the date and time of release. I try to upload once a week (Saturdays at 9am. I follow GMT +8). This is just a rough idea so you know what is coming up!

Latest Releases:



  • Late Night Shower (Jin Halloween Special) [25 October]
  • Extra Passenger (Yoongi Halloween Special) [26 October]
  • Regional Photos (Hoseok Halloween Special) *Status: pending*
  • Found Me (Namjoon Halloween Special) *Status: pending*
  • Bathroom Break (Jimin Halloween Special) *Status: pending*
  • A Long Drive (Taehyung Halloween Special) *Status: pending*
  • Secret Tunnel (Jungkook Halloween Special) *Status: pending*
  • Don’t Spill (Seokjin smut one-shot) [4 December]
  • Rain and Sunflowers: Epilogue [16 December]
  • What You Never Had: Chapter 6 *Status: pending*
  • He Watches Over Me (Taehyung smut one-shot) [30 December]
  • Temptation: Chapter 4 *Status: pending*
  • House of Cards: Chapter 6 *Status: pending*
  • Race Against Time: Chapter 6 *Status: pending*
  • Breeze 2 | Summer Song *Status: pending*