Don’t Spill (M)

Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Warning: Rough sex

Word count: 4,180 words


“Really now?”

“Really,” you insist, slowly backing away as he advances forwards. “How am I supposed to know that Hoseok was coming with you?”

“Mmm,” he hums softly, acknowledging your point. “Still, you didn’t have to answer the door looking like that, did you?”

You look down at yourself. The normal oversized shirt you wear around the house is not out of the norm, but this particular one is white and translucent. It’s no wonder that Hoseok’s eyes almost bulged out of their sockets when you opened the door earlier. With the afternoon sunlight shining through the door and basking you in it, you wonder what they saw. Simply the silhouette of your figure? Or did they see the outline of your breasts through your shirt? Or even your nipples, straining against the material at the thought of your boyfriend coming home? Did they see your panties, slowly getting damp from your arousal without even being touched? Endless possibilities race through your mind as you think of an answer to Jin’s question.

Of course there is only course of action with Jin; the truth. You and Jin know no other way than to always be honest with each other. Always. This time is no exception. “I’ve been waiting for you to come home,” your confession comes out soft and sheepish.

“Like this?” He repeats. “For everyone to see?” A gasp escapes your lips when you feel a sharp, horizontal edge poking against your back and your hands fly back to grip it reflexively. Without you realising it, he has backed you to the end of your dining table and he is still closing in on you. “Hoseok has no business seeing you like this,” his voice is a low rumble as his mouth travels the length of your neck to your ear. After a long pause, Hoseok left in a hurry, stuttering a mumbled excuse that none of you can make sense of, at which point Jin turned towards you, eyes burning with passion and a little displeasure at his friend seeing you this way. Jin has absolute faith in you, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t possessive. And when he gets the opportunity assert his dominance over you, he uses it well. “No one else should see you like this,” he confirms, pressing into you, forcing your body to bend backwards from the force. He is relishing the soft pillows of your breasts pressing against his chest, but isn’t enough. Nowhere near enough. Not for him. Not for you.

“You are mine,” he growls into the shell of your ear as his hand drags from your hips up to the sides of your rib cage, sliding your thin shirt up along with it. “Mine and mine only. Am I right?”

Jin is so mean. He knows that he is right, but it is a sport for him to make you say it. It seems that he is determined to bring you out of your reserved shell whenever he can, in every way possible. As if it is not enough that he reduces you into a begging, trembling puddle of need every time he has his way with you. “Yes,” you murmur softly against his dark hair.

“Yes, what?” He demands.

“I’m yours,” you groan as a large hand cups your breast, thumb flicking against a sensitive nipple. “Only yours.”

“So when Hoseok saw you like this…” his reprimand ends with a disapproving tsk-tsk, but it is difficult for you to feel scolded when he is teasing your tip into a rigid peak. Until he pulls his torso back, relieving you of part of his weight, and his other hand flies to grip your chin, forcing you to look into his darkened eyes. “Or do you want him to see you like this?”

“No!” The distance he has put between you allows your brain to function well enough to insist adamantly. Not being the sort to wear revealing clothes or show too much skin, the idea of anyone but your boyfriend seeing you like Hoseok did earlier embarrasses you to no end. Already you are dreading the next time you see him, wondering how you will manage to meet his eyes when he has seen you in something that leaves so little to the imagination.

“Hmm,” Jin’s hum sounds thoughtful, but he drops the issue of one of his close friends seeing you like this for now, to your relief. Both of you know that he loves and trusts you too much to keep you in the doghouse for too long when he is well aware it wasn’t intentional. “So why have you been waiting for me to come home like this? You look good enough to eat.”

He knows perfectly well why you are wearing something simple yet capable of seducing him. It is your own wicked way to subtly tell him what you want without actually saying it. You should have known that he will not let you get away without uttering the words. “Because I miss you. I haven’t seen you in like two weeks,” your soft answer is almost inaudible, but Jin’s sharp ears do not miss a word.

For a moment, he sobers up from your confession. “I’m sorry love. It’s work.” Words meant to placate you, but you do not need them in the first place. You completely understand that both of you have lives outside of each other, and you are not so dependent that your world revolves around him. You only want him to know that even though you may not need him, you want him around. That his presence was missed.

“I don’t mind.” The corners of your mouth curl upwards into a smile, letting him know that you are not upset with him in the least. “I just miss you, is all.”

Worries laid to rest, Jin switches back to his teasing persona. “Do you miss me, or do you miss this?” Without warning, he bucks his hips against yours, eliciting a gasp of surprise from you when the stiffness on the front of his jeans slides against your thinly clothed core.

“Both,” you breathe truthfully.

“Hmm, I don’t know,” his tone is laced with mocking doubt.

Narrowed eyes meet his smouldering ones, knowing full well what he is up to. Jin is in a challenging mood. You are destined to lose, but not without putting up a fight. Although unsure which part of him that he doubts that you miss, you address the former, applying force through your palms on the surface of the table to push yourself up and against him. Fists bunch into the material of his shirt and you look up at him through your lashes, putting on a winning smile as you say, “I miss you all the time, Jin.” Standing on your tiptoes, you press your lips against his in a sweet but non-invasive kiss, conveying to him that you do miss your boyfriend in his entirety, not just for his cock.

“Good, ‘cause I missed you too,” his words whispered against your lips are as tender as his hands on your waist, holding you as if you are a precious, fragile china doll. Until you catch his plump lower lip between your teeth as he breaks the kiss and remind him of his hard-wired instinct to put you in your place in these situations. “That is not going to prove anything,” he snarls.

So he wants you to prove that you miss him, does he? Flashing a smirk full of confidence at your boyfriend, you grab the hem of his shirt and pull it over his head without much resistance from him. Keeping your eyes on his darkening ones, you let your hands do the exploring on their own, guided by the planes of his upper body muscles, admiring his hard chest before you finally look away to revere him with your mouth. Kisses and light nips are showered from the crook of his neck, tracing his prominent collarbones down to his nipple. A sharp intake of breath that he does not manage to conceal when your wet tongue makes contact gives you an exhilarating surge of power, and you take full advantage of it. It does not take long for the tiny bud to harden underneath your hot muscle, but you keep laving it with your tongue for a while before giving the other one the same treatment, enjoying the way his body grows taut as he pretends to be unaffected.

Swiftly so he does not get a chance to stop you, you undo the button and zipper of his jeans. After tugging them down to his ankles, he is only left with his boxers. His erection that is barely contained by the flimsy piece of clothing feels unbelievably good against your soaking core, so you grasp his firm buttocks, pressing him against you tightly, your desire and drive to rise to his challenge making you utterly shameless. Head buzzing from the pleasure of dry humping him, you lose track of your primary objective, unaware of how much time has passed until Jin’s deep groan snaps you back to your senses.

Inwardly berating yourself for letting your arousal take over your senses, you sink down to your knees, taking care not to bump your back against the table. You cannot help the saliva pooling in your mouth at the sight right in front of your eyes. Even covered with his underwear, Jin’s cock is so hard it almost looks painful. Lifting your head up ever so slightly, you look at him through your eyelashes, intending to ask for his permission but all you can see is his closed eyelids as he takes deep breaths to calm himself, so you decide to go ahead and proceed. With a satisfied smirk and one determined tug, his last piece of clothing joins his jeans. The faint scent of him that has been wafting through the material is now all the more potent without it, making you dizzy with growing need.

Although your actual goal is to arouse him, you find your own breath growing heavy as you inch closer and closer to him. The kittenish licks you lace over the tip of his cock can be misconstrued as teasing, which is a plus in this situation, but you are really just trying not to let your insatiable hunger for him show too obviously. You still have a little pride left in you after all. However, your ego can only carry you so far, for all too soon you cannot help but give in to your desire, your mouth enveloping the head before slowly swallowing the rest of him. Bit by bit you move in, taking more and more of him, moving closer and closer until you hit the base. The needy groan sounding from above you, unsuccessfully smothered is well worth having to fight the urge to gag. You remain there until it becomes too much, until you regretfully are forced to pull back.

Only to seize a few gulps of well-needed oxygen, and then you are going in again. And again. His skin under your tongue is hot with lust, the precum dripping from its end a slightly salty treat for your throat and you enjoy every bit of it. Your hands grip his thighs to keep balance as your mouth does all the work, every dip into him growing more intense. From simply taking him into the warm recesses of your mouth, then adding your tongue to swirl all over him, next sucking in your cheeks, to swallowing around him. Over and over, more and more, until you are forcibly pulled off of him and hauled to your feet.

A squeal that is short and a little painful on your overworked throat escapes you when he swiftly turns you around and presses your upper body into the table. His voice growling into your ear is raspy, “I think there is a better place you’d prefer me to finish in.” Having the non-existent breath knocked out of you when your chest hit the surface of the table, you can only let out a breathy gasp when he pulls your shirt up to the middle of your back before pulling your panties down with one decisive yank.

“Already soaking wet and I haven’t even touched you yet,” he states with proud satisfaction. You know that he is looking at your dripping pussy even if you cannot see him behind you, and the thought makes you squirm, from embarrassment or arousal, you have no idea. Perhaps both. But instead of sinking his cock into you like you want him to, he slams two long fingers inside your heat. Even so, it is enough to make you moan in pleasure. The squelching sounds that your sopping pussy is making every time he pushes his fingers into you is almost as embarrassing as the sight you know you are offering him, especially when his free hand gropes your ass cheek, spreading you further apart so he can watch his fingers pleasuring you. Jin knows just how to push your buttons, driving you up the wall with every calculated movement. His fingers curl to scrape against the sensitive spot inside you every time he moves, and your breathing grows even shallower although there is no longer anything blocking your airway. It does not help when he leans down to press his chest against your back, and his sinful mouth against your ear, whispering dirty words and challenging questions that you cannot refute, because his words are true and you want him to follow through with each threat that falls into your ear and hits you all the way to your throbbing core.

“Just how much do you miss me, hmm? Look at you, already panting like a good little puppy, just wanting to come. Maybe I should tie you up and play with you until you can’t move anymore,” he continues to pour oil into the already smouldering embers of your desire, just waiting for you to combust into a raging bonfire of ecstasy. Closing your eyes, you whimper as you approach his goal, your legs starting to shake as your walls tremble from your impending orgasm. But just before you can reach it, Jin cruelly pulls out of you completely.

Your cries increase in volume with frustration at being left high and dry. His amused, hearty chuckle blowing the strands of your hair is not making you feel any better, only serving to incense you even further. Unfortunately his oppressing yet reassuring weight is still keeping you down, preventing you from turning around and exacting your revenge on him. “You want my dick so much, but can you take it?” The question comes out in several raspy breaths, telling you that he is not as unaffected as he wants you to believe.

“I can,” you pant back, desperate to have him inside you, filling you, making you whole again after so long.

“Hmm.” That thoughtful hum vibrates a little too deliciously against your hungry body, but it soon disappears when he lifts himself up, pushing away from you. Before you can utter a word of protest, he warns, “Wait here, my little pet.” Being partially obedient, you reason to yourself, you turn your head to follow his leisurely stroll while keeping yourself plastered onto the table, but it is useless as he enters the confines of the kitchen and out of your sight. Resting your head on the wooden surface, you close your eyes to try and focus on the sounds that he is making, actively trying to ignore the pitiful throbbing of your abandoned center. Of course the latter wins out in the end, and you are left clenching your walls around nothing, not noticing Jin until he returns to his previous position behind you.

Two transparent glasses filled to the brim with water set close to each of your hands are met with confusion. “Let’s play a game.” The short time away from you has allowed him to regain a little of his composure, lending him the playful tone you know he employs when he is about to engage you in one of his one-sided games that always turns you into a puddle of wanton mess. Still, you only wait curiously as he slides the glasses closer and coaxes your hands to wrap around them. “I’ll give my pet what she wants, since she said she can take my cock, but she can’t spill one drop.”

“That’s—“ before you can finish filing your complaint, he nudges your legs even further away from each other so he can settle between them more comfortably and pushes himself into you. Just the pressure exerted by the head of his cock pushing insistently against you is enough to cut short any protests you may have, and the subsequent stretch of your walls by the rest of him leaves you moaning helplessly, even though he is entering you at a glacial pace. Only when he is buried to the hilt inside you do you remember the glasses, but he has gone in so slowly that nothing has spilled.

A sigh of relief released from you is correctly interpreted. “Looks like you’re doing well so far, love,” he praises, running the very tips of his fingers along your back, sending shivers down your spine at the contact. “Let’s see how long you can last.” With that, he withdraws, only to ram back into you so forcefully you would have fallen down if you are not bent over the table. As it is, you slide forward, helplessly watching the liquid slosh all over your hands with wide eyes as you grunt from the impact.

“That’s unfair,” you cry out, but Jin’s games has never been fair. On the other hand, the punishments he doles out always tamper down your complaints, because he knows as well as you do that you love them more than you will ever admit. This time is no exception. A loud crack followed by a surprised squeal echoes throughout the room, and you can feel your ass tingling from his slap.

“Don’t spill,” he repeats, but his next thrust into you is just as powerful as the last, if not more, and you cannot stop the water from spilling any more than you can prevent the moan escaping past your lips. Each thrust is followed by a sound smack on your plump flesh, but they only serve to make you wetter, only cause your moans to grow louder, only lead you closer to your peak. In a desperate attempt to win at the game, you lift the glasses in the air, resting your upper body weight on your elbows, but it is of no use. Jin’s thrusts are too hard to be withstood. The grip of his other hand squeezes your waist, bruising your skin as he feels you tighten every time he pushes into you, every time a blow lands on your buttocks. “Are you actually enjoying your punishment, you naughty pet? Do you like it when I fuck you hard? Or do you love being hit like a bad girl?”

“Both,” you sob as his rigid hardness forces your walls apart again, the friction between the two of you heightened by the sharp slap that follows. “I love both!”

“What a nasty pet I have here,” his venomous accusation is tainted by his intense lust for you. “But at least you are honest.” Completely losing against the battle of wills with himself, he uses the excuse to stop your punishment so he can hold onto you with both hands, keeping you in place as he finally gives into his own needs. In a way, this is even more difficult for you to bear. Without needing to stop to dole out your punishment, he can ram into you unimpeded, building in momentum and force, pushing you towards the edge much faster than before. It is just as well, since you have spilled so much water that less than a quarter of the glasses remain filled. Already your legs are quivering once more, the knot in your belly tightening into a swelling impossible to undo, only able to explode. And you give in to it, bursting in a mess of desperate cries and moans as your whole body shakes with the quake of your orgasm. Every ounce of energy directed towards your core, your limbs grow weak, and before you can grasp at reality one of your hands has already loosened its hold on the glass in it. A loud thunk jolts you back from the clouds Jin has rocketed you to, but you can only watch it roll off the table and shatter onto the floor.

In your panic, you senselessly slam the other glass onto the hard wooden surface of the table as your eyes follow the first one’s suicidal journey to the floor. A chilling, tight sound emanates from your palm as it cracks under the impact, but manages to remain whole. “Let go of it,” Jin’s instruction is soft and deep, and when you remain too dazed to comply, he takes it from your hand and places it away from you himself, the gesture gentle compared to the way he continues to pound into you.

“Jin, I can’t,” you sob. His hard cock scraping against your walls so rapidly just after you came is too much.

“Then, do you want me to stop?”

His tone is teasing because he knows what your answer will be. He knows full well that you would never ask him to stop. Your pitiful whimper as the overstimulation loses to another building fire inside you says it all. “I thought not,” he exhales triumphantly, tightening his hold on you so he can pound into you harder. Chasing after his own release, his thrusts become more savage, faster, pistoning so violently that edges of pain threatens to encroach upon your passion, but it only feeds your insatiable lust for him.

“Jin, Jin,” you gasp, feeling another high approaching, but instead of obliging, he stops, leaning in to bury himself deeper inside you.

“Why should I let you come again?” A query that is almost menacing, staving off your complaints. “You spilled all that water, and you even broke the glasses. Why should you be rewarded?”

“Please, Jin, let me come,” you beg shamelessly. The only thing in your mind is experiencing euphoria at his hands again, no matter the cost. “I’ll do anything!”

“Anything, huh?” Without warning, without words, he starts plowing into you again, his thrusts growing as erratic as his breathing. A hand brought down so his fingers can toy with your clit brings the fierce pleasure back with a vengeance, causing you to call out his name as he sends you hurtling down the cliff again. Your pussy clamping down on him for the second time is too much for him to take and after a few last strokes, he joins you in your hedonistic release.

If not for Jin pressing you against the table, your quaking legs would have caused you to crumple to the floor. Thankfully he knows you well enough to sense that your limbs are too weak to support you, so it is with care that he pulls away, retaining his hold on you, now firm instead of bruising to prevent you from falling and hurting yourself. Settling himself cross-legged on the floor, he fits you across his lap, raining gentle loving kisses on your face and making sure you are fine, paying more attention to the hand that was holding the cracked glass. Unable to muster the strength to tell him that you are okay, you nod reassuringly, then allow him to check for himself anyway.

Once he is convinced that all you need is a good rest, he slides an arm under your knees while the other supports your back and lifts you up with him. Wrapping your own arms around his neck, you snuggle close to him, basking in his warmth and the aftermath of your fierce lovemaking. You can hear his heartbeat when you press your ear against his chest, and even though it is still beating a tad too fast from his earlier exertion, it is still comforting. Releasing him so he can lower you into the bathtub is almost a shame, but he reassures that he will join you soon as he twists on the taps, making sure the water filling the tub is not too scalding or too cold.

“I’ll come back after I clean up the mess,” he promises, referring to the water you have spilled earlier as well as the broken glasses. Satisfied that you are taken care of for the time being, he pecks a quick kiss on your lips before looking into your bleary eyes to offer you a reminder before he makes his temporary departure. “I’ll also buy you new glasses, but don’t forget that you promised me anything I want.”


Halloween Special 7 | Secret Tunnel

Jungkook and Reader

Genre: Horror

Word count: 1,963 words

A/N: The basic idea for this story is from one of the ghost stories from one of my high schools.

[1] Late Night Shower (Seokjin)
[2] Extra Passenger (Yoongi)
[3] Regional Photos (Hoseok)
[4] Found Me (Namjoon)
[5] Visiting Granny (Jimin)
[6] A Long Drive (Taehyung)
[7] Secret Tunnel (Jungkook)


“Are you serious?” The incredulousness in my response spoke volumes even without looking up from the notebook I was writing in. I had known Jungkook forever and I loved him to bits, but he was so gullible that it exhausted me at times.

His pout might have been adorable if I hadn’t had the urge to smack his silliness away. “Aw, come on, you never know.”

“It’s obviously just a made up story that seniors pass down to innocent juniors like you,” I said, putting down the pen in my grip as I turned to face him.

“Still, don’t you think it’s weird? There’s just no way for all these clocks to stop at the same time.”

To his delight, the statement caused a crease to form between my eyebrows as I considered it despite myself. Of course the fact that each and every one of the clocks in the school had stopped at the same exact time hadn’t escaped my notice. Even if they all used the same batteries that had been inserted at the exact same moment, it was just impossible for all of them to stop right down to the same second at the same time. However, it wasn’t something that kept me up at night; after wondering about it for a while, I’d moved past the mystery and forgotten about it. Sighing, I conceded the point.

“Still, what does that have to do with this secret tunnel?”

“Everything! Haven’t you been listening to me?” Jungkook threw his arms in the air in frustration.

“Not really, no,” I laid the truth down on him without hesitation, picking up my pen again, but he grabbed my hand before he lost my attention.

“The reason why the clocks stopped is in that tunnel,” he said with an air of secrecy, but it just made me roll my eyes.

“I think they’re just messing with you, Jungkook.”

His incessant whining combined with the stamping of his feet reminded me of an annoying, overlarge baby. “Come on! If it isn’t there, then that’s that. But there’s no harm in checking it out for ourselves!”


“I consider being caught by the school guard in the middle of the night as harmful, Jungkook,” I grumbled a few hours later.

“Relax, no one will come in.” Jungkook reassured me as he unscrewed the grill in front of him as swiftly as he could while remaining silent. Moonlight shone generously through the windows lining near the ceiling of the school’s main hall, but unless someone opened the door, Jungkook and I would remain unseen.

“How did you manage to unlock this place, anyway?” Curiosity begged me to ask while I directed the beam of the flashlight over his shoulder from behind. His crouched position with one hand working the screws while the other held the grill in place so it wouldn’t crash to the floor made it hard for him to hold his own flashlight up.

“I was helping a teacher move some chairs around earlier and didn’t lock up when I left.” The explanation was simple and anticlimactic, but at that moment the grill gave way without having anything to hold it up, and my interest was piqued again.

He set it down with a soft clang and got on his hands and knees to crawl in. “I’ll go first,” he confirmed before switching his flashlight on and putting it into his mouth. I nodded, watching him inch into the hole which barely fit him, then jammed my own light into my mouth and followed suit. As expected, the air was heavy with dust and I could immediately feel my nose getting irritated, but I tried my best to ignore it.

“Hey, come forth just a little more.” Jungkook’s sudden instruction was surprising. Did he stop so he could take out the flashlight from inside his mouth and talk? Before I could put any more thought into it, I could see the floor of the narrow channel disappear in front of me. Tilting my head up, I saw him grinning with his hand outstretched towards me.

Taking it in my own, I let him help me out and into the larger tunnel. It was a relief to have room to stand up, but it was even darker here with no moonlight coming from the hall. I could see that the path led somewhere, but I couldn’t make out much past Jungkook. Still, I looked around the place. It would have been pitch black if not for our flashlights but I could see dirt all around us, from our feet to the uneven ceiling above our heads, making up the tunnel. There weren’t any skulls or suspicious bones lying around, which was a huge relief to me. “Looks like this isn’t just an ordinary air vent, after all.”

Jungkook grinned triumphantly at my reluctant admittance. “See, I told you there’s a tunnel here!”

Scoffing at his childishness, I said, “Whatever. Are we going to go on or not?”

At my prompting, he turned and walked away, but not before flashing me one last smirk. Although I could walk properly now, the tunnel was hardly wide enough to fit two people walking side by side, so I remained behind Jungkook, letting him lead the way.

I had no idea how long we trudged through the dry, musty space in silence, but the lack of excitement and monotonous gentle decline as we sank further into the Earth must have made it seem longer than it really was. However, after a while, I could sense a gradual but increasing change. The hairs at the back of my neck stood up on end, goosebumps covered my cool skin as the temperature noticeably dipped and the air grew inexplicably heavier.


Just when my unease grew enough for me to voice my concern, Jungkook suddenly stopped in his tracks, causing me to crash into his back. I managed to avoid falling back on my behind by grabbing fists of his shirt, but I was a little indignant about his lack of concern over my almost mishap. Peeking over his right arm, I found that his gaze was transfixed on the sight before him.

We had reached a dead end. Packed dirt and stones prevented us from going any further. However, upon closer look, I saw wooden planks between the Earth, stretching from the floor to the ceiling of the tunnel. Now that I thought about it, the obstacle was packed too tightly and orderly for it to have been caused by a collapse. This was a constructed barrier, meant to keep people out.

If I felt unsettled before, it was nothing compared to what I was feeling now. The deathly silence was even more pronounced when my rapid heartbeat thundered in my ears, skin prickling with mysterious static, my body filled with unknown dread; a sense of foreboding.

“Jungkook, we should leave.”

“Yeah.” For once, he didn’t argue, but simply swiveled on the spot and urged me to return where we came from. It wasn’t difficult to make our way back as the tunnel was one way with no branches off the sides. Which was a good thing, as I could hardly think of anything other than escaping this place, racing forward with Jungkook behind me, hardly noticing the ascend back to the surface.

At last, after scrambling through the vent, I crawled back into the hall. Fresh air greeted my lungs like a cherished old friend, and I could hear Jungkook gulping down copious amounts of it himself. If I was in my right mind, I would have scolded him for dragging me into this but I was too spooked as it was, so we returned home with nothing more than a ‘good night’.


Even though I managed to attend school the following day, I wasn’t surprised that Jungkook didn’t. However, when he didn’t turn up the next day, and the next, I became more and more worried. It didn’t help that I kept seeing dark shadows dart just out of the corners of my eyes, but nothing else had happened to me. At least, not yet.

There it was again. I swiftly whipped my head around to look, but it was useless to try to catch a glimpse of the elusive shadow. It was too fast for me to see, but every time it happened made me question myself. Was I seeing things?

“Where did you go?”

I jumped at the croaking voice, turning around to see the old gardener sitting on a wooden bench. Feeling a little foolish, I looked around but there was no one else in the vicinity, so I took his offer to sit next to him on the other end of the bench.

“So where did you go, young lady?” He repeated the question.

I glanced at him. He seemed lucid and as far as I could tell, sane. At first I was confused, but his shrewd gaze sent me a jolt of understanding. Hesitantly, I told him, “That tunnel in the main hall.”

“Hmm, that one, eh,” he hummed, stroking the wispy ends of his white beard. “Where are the others who went with you?”

When I asked, “How did you know I was with someone else?” His answer was, “You don’t seem to be the type to go to such places alone,” which was fair, and accurate.

“He’s at home,” I said with a sigh. “Only after I called a million times did he send me a message saying he’s not feeling well.”

“That’s to be expected,” he chuckled, and I glared at him. This was no laughing matter. Jungkook being too sick to answer my calls right after going into that place, with me seeing things… it had to be the reason. “How far did you go?”

Startled by the question, I answered it without even thinking. “Until we hit the dead end.”

“That far…” He stared straight ahead, his expression thoughtful. “You didn’t try too get through?”

“No!” My insistence came out louder than I intended, but I didn’t care. I was definitely too scared to do anything but flee at that point then, and I was sure that Jungkook didn’t try anything either.

My adamant statement was apparently enough to satisfy the old man, and he smiled. “That’s good. You friend will get better once it is convinced that neither of you will try to break in.”


Now looking at me again, he asked, “Could it be that you don’t know what is in that tunnel?” Mutely, I shook my head. “I only heard that it had something to do with all the clocks in school stopping at the same time.”

“Ah, that’s right,” the gardener recalled the detail. “Well, I suppose they did stop, probably when she breathed her last breath.”

“Who did?”

“The girl taking care of the contents in the tunnel,” he answered. “The one who is watching you and your friend now.” At my panic-stricken expression, he reassured me, “Don’t worry. If you don’t touch what is not yours, she will eventually leave you alone.”

“As for what she is guarding,” he groaned as he pushed himself up on his feet. “It’s better if you don’t know.”

Before he could walk away, I called out the question that I’d been wondering since I sat down. “How did you know where we went?”

“I didn’t know where exactly, but this is not the first time I’ve seen someone scared out of their wits like you before. This school used to be a military camp, and you kids could never stop yourselves from digging up things that are best left buried.”

With that, he walked away, leaving me to wonder just how many secrets this place held.

Halloween Special 6| A Long Drive

Taehyung and Reader

Genre: Horror

Word count: 1,542 words

A/N: This story is based on a popular urban legend.

[1] Late Night Shower (Seokjin)
[2] Extra Passenger (Yoongi)
[3] Regional Photos (Hoseok)
[4] Found Me (Namjoon)
[5] Visiting Granny (Jimin)
[6] A Long Drive (Taehyung)
[7] Secret Tunnel (Jungkook)


“Agh! Whose bright idea was it to take the old road?!” You made a loud noise of frustration when the car bounced over yet another pothole.

“It was yours, remember?” Taehyung answered your rhetorical question calmly, surprisingly still patient. “To avoid the tolls.”

His reminder put an end to your complaints. Vocally at least. Leaning back into the passenger seat, you sighed resolutely, then winced as her drove your car over another hole in the poorly maintained road. The idea to take the old, longer route instead of sticking to the highway was yours, but now you were starting to wonder if avoiding the rising toll prices was worth the extra petrol and time taken to travel this road, not to mention the damage your car was taking.

Glancing at Taehyung, who was at the wheel, you bit back the suggestion that had popped up in your mind earlier. He was already driving slow enough, and besides, you were eager to reach campus so you could finally rest properly in a horizontal position. It was way past midnight and you wanted to sleep, but you just couldn’t seem to do it in the car. It was also your policy as a co-driver to converse with the driver to keep him company — and more importantly, awake — even though Taehyung had told you to just sleep if you wanted to.

“I can’t wait to get there and hit the hay.” Taehyung’s dreamy statement, giving voice to your inner thoughts prompted you to ask, “Do you want me to take over the driving?”

With a shake of his head and a smile, he turned your offer down. “I’m good. Besides, it’s dangerous to stop in the middle of the road.”

You snorted in a thoroughly unlady-like manner. “It’s not like there’s anyone else around.” Due to the late hour and the existence of the newly built highway, the road you were using was completely devoid of people. Not that it surprised you. In fact, you’d much rather be on the well-lit highway yourself.


Just then, Taehyung murmured a sound conveying his surprise at the same time your own eyes registered a pair of car lights approaching from behind. After being in the near darkness for so long with only the light from the moon, your own car and the very occasional street lights to accompany you, the yellow orbs on your rear seemed glaring and out of place. Yet it gave you a sense of camaraderie, of knowing you and Taehyung weren’t the only ones braving this path that night.

However, the lights quickly drifted closer and closer until the car was right on your tail. Then they grew in intensity and size, before diminishing and exploding behind you again. This time it was Taehyung who made an irritated sound.

“What does he expect me to do? There is only one lane.” His disgruntled complaints filled the car as we were blinded by the flashes. “If he wants to overtake us so much, use the next lane, there’s no one around anyway.”

Part of you were amused by the fact that he was justifying the car using the lane next to yours meant for vehicles moving in the opposite direction using your earlier reasoning. On the other hand, you were getting annoyed too, so you grunted your approval to his suggestion.

Taehyung inched your car towards the shoulder of the road, trying to convey to the vehicle behind you his intention. Thankfully it was easily understood, and the car drove swiftly past using the other lane, re-entered yours then sped off into the night.

The excitement quickly died down after that, and you came up with various topics of conversation to keep Taehyung entertained as he drove. It worked quite well until you saw another set of lights approaching from behind.

“Wow, it suddenly became very busy,” was Taehyung’s only remark, and you were just as surprised as he was, enough that you couldn’t think of anything to say.

You wondered where all these cars were just half an hour ago, and why they were in such a hurry. This one also started flashing you and Taehyung as it got closer, then overtaking you just like the one before.

When the third car made its appearance, neither you nor Taehyung said anything, although you were sure that he was just as perplexed as you were. This time when it got closer, you turned around in your seat to look at it. The bright lights made it difficult for you to see anything, but Taehyung answered the question in your head for you.

“It’s the same car,” he whispered, and you could see him watching it through the rear view mirror.

“What?” Your sleep-deprived brain couldn’t process his words fast enough, and the car zoomed past you before you could take a proper look at it.

Not that it mattered, because before long another one materialised behind you. “An orange sedan,” Taehyung informed you, and upon closer look, you saw that he was right. Silently you wondered how you could have missed such a bright colour before. Then again, it was pretty dark, especially when the sliver of crescent moonlight was obscured by the clouds.

It passed you as well, but soon after disappearing from your front view it came from behind you again. A mumbled cursed escaped Taehyung’s lips, but there wasn’t much either of you could do. In any case, it didn’t seem to be harmful.

Of course, that wasn’t to say that it didn’t pique your curiosity. When the next car slid next to yours to overtake you, you made the mistake of actually peering inside it.

“Tae.” Your call for him was faint, in shock while you watched it accelerate away. “No one is driving that car.”


“There’s no one inside that car.”

His curse at your news was louder this time. Both of you looked at the rear, anticipating the mysterious orange car’s next appearance, but it never came. As the minutes crawled by, both of you started to relax, until you could talk to each other normally again, eager to put the bizarre experience behind you.

Not far from your destination now, you started feeling relief of approaching the end of the long journey seeping through your skin, but before it could diffuse through your being, you saw a figure on the side of the road. “Taehyung, look.”

Turning his attention towards the direction your index finger was pointing at, he asked, “Should we stop?”

“Shouldn’t we?” Even though you were the one who called attention to the young woman holding her arm out, your query was filled with doubt. With a shrug, Taehyung followed your direction and pressed on the brake so the car stopped next to her.

“Is something the matter?” Rolling the window down, you addressed the woman. She couldn’t have been much older than you were, clad in a simple white dress her long dark hair tied in a loose braid that hung off her left shoulder.

“Could you please give me a lift?” She pleaded in a soft, airy voice that had a dream-like quality to it. “I’m too tired to walk any further, but my place is not very far from here.”

You exchanged a quick glance with Taehyung, but ultimately said, “Sure, hop in.”

After Taehyung unlocked the doors, she climbed in and thanked both of you. She fell silent after that, not offering a reason as to why she was wandering around in the middle of nowhere in the wee hours of the morning, only opening her mouth to give Taehyung directions to her place. True to her word, it wasn’t far, and after ten minutes she instructed Taehyung to stop.

The area was completely devoid of light. As she stepped out with another expression of her gratitude, you tried to peer at her house but you couldn’t make anything out past the large iron gates. Following her advice, Taehyung drove straight and you arrived at the t-junction that she’d described.

“The campus is only five minutes from here,” Taehyung said happily, recognising the junction.


Lack of sleep was plaguing you the following day, but you brightened at the sight of Taehyung sitting at a table outside a cafe with his friends. Without hesitation, you quickly sauntered over and pulled up a chair to join them. “What are you guys talking about?”

“That orange car we saw last night.”

“As I told Tae just now, that road is haunted,” Joshua filled you in. “Just be glad that you’re still alive.”

“So what happened then?” Andy inquired curiously.

“Nothing. It just stopped appearing behind us. Then we found a woman by the side of the road and gave her a lift back to her house. It’s only about fifteen minutes from here, actually.”

Except for Taehyung, the other boys at the table stared at you following your explanation.

“There are no houses around here,” Andy said with a shake of his head.

“Sure there is,” Taehyung corrected him. “Just about ten kilometers after the t-junction near the west gate.”

A sinking feeling made your stomach feel as heavy as lead when Andy’s expression darkened at Taehyung’s description. “Dude, that’s a cemetery.”

Halloween Special 5 | Visiting Granny

Jimin and Reader

Genre: Horror

Word count: 1,018 words

A/N: This story is loosely based on an incident that my sister witnessed in her previous university.

[1] Late Night Shower (Seokjin)
[2] Extra Passenger (Yoongi)
[3] Regional Photos (Hoseok)
[4] Found Me (Namjoon)
[5] Visiting Granny (Jimin)
[6] A Long Drive (Taehyung)
[7] Secret Tunnel (Jungkook)


It was not unusual for drama practice to last long into the night. The members were enthusiastic, dedicated to bringing the best performance to the audience. There was also the additional, yet determining factor of having a lot of fun when you were spending time with people of the same wavelength. Raucous laughter and excited screams always filled the practice room, and that night was no exception.

“Wow, it’s almost midnight already,” you remarked, looking at the watch on your wrist. Time really flew.

“What’s the matter, do you need to leave early?” Mark asked.

“No, but don’t you think we should keep it down a little?”

Mark and the others shrugged at your suggestion, but made an effort to quieten down. At least for two minutes. After two more warnings, you decided to give up on the pointless endeavour with a sigh. The volume filling the practice room increased with time and Jimin chuckled when you rolled your eyes at them bemusedly.

“It’s hard to stay quiet when we’re together.” His smile was understanding, almost apologetic on their behalf, even though they were as much your friends as they were his. Jimin’s soft, considerate words made you chuckle.

“Yeah, I know.”

Still, you and Jimin did your best to keep your voices on an acceptable level, although you allowed the others to be as boisterous as they wanted to be. At this point it wasn’t so much practice as it was horsing around, and eventually Jay, the drama club president, had to make an attempt at being productive.

“Lisa, you haven’t had much practice with your scenes as the others,” he pointed out. “They’re important scenes, so why don’t we give it a whirl now.”

As Lisa and the other actors involved stepped up and took their places, you scooted back next to Jimin against the wall. Lisa had been too busy with her other club’s activities to join before, but no one was overly worried. She only had three short scenes, and even though her role of an outwardly caring grandmother who was actually evil was important to the story, Lisa was such a good actress that no one doubted her ability to pull it off. As expected, the first scene rolled off without a hitch and you found yourself anticipating the next part although you already knew what was written in the script.

The hour was late as your drooping eyes reminded you, but a sudden gust of wind whipped you back to your senses. Confused, your eyes flew towards the air-conditioning. It couldn’t have produced such a strong breeze. The most puzzling thing was the smell permeating into your nostrils. The sweet scent of jasmine had never been one of your favourites, but this time it was so pungent that it was overwhelming. You shook your head to try and clear it. Am I so tired that I’m actually smelling things?

Still convinced that it was all just your imagination, you directed your attention back to the acting going on before you. Lisa was really bringing the old woman character to life. Her acting was now even more convincing than before. So realistic…


You blinked several times, then focused again. It really was Lisa. Then she turned on the spot, and had you rubbing your eyes. A loud, steady thudding filled your ears when it happened again. And again. Until it reached a point where you were too afraid to blink, because every time you did, an old woman, wrinkly and frowning, stood right where Lisa was.

Sensing Jimin stiffen next to you, you turned your head to look at him. His gaze was transfixed on her as well, brows furrowed and mouth gaping. However, the others didn’t seem to be seeing anything out of the ordinary. Your cowardice prevented you from pointing it out, but as soon as the part was completed, you declared yourself too tired to continue and left in a hurry.

You were prepared to blame everything on your weariness and put the whole incident behind you, but when you saw Lisa on campus the next day, you couldn’t help but approach her.

“Is something wrong?” You asked as you caught up with her, which wasn’t difficult, given the glacial pace at which she was moving. Her pale face and hunched shoulders caused your worry for her to override your fear of what you saw the previous night.

“I’m not feeling so good,” she groaned. “My shoulders feel heavy and my back hurts. I guess that’s what I get for staying up so late.” Her subsequent laugh was hollow, and it didn’t escape your notice that the saccharine scent that you smelled last night hung around her.

“You noticed it too, didn’t you?” Jimin’s quiet voice saying those words from behind in lieu of a greeting startled you as you watched Lisa walk away.

“What do you mean?” You had a sinking feeling that you knew what he was referring to, but you didn’t want to say it. It was as if voicing it would make it real.

“Lisa changing into that old granny.”

So you weren’t imagining things. However, even after discussing the matter with Jimin, neither of you could think of a solution for the situation. As the days passed and the play drew nearer, Lisa seemed to get a little better and neither you or Jimin saw the old woman again, so in the end both of you decided that it probably wasn’t anything to be worried about.

Yet you couldn’t deny that the smell you’d come to associate with Lisa now was even more pronounced on the day of the play. Everyone was of the opinion that her acting was superb — far better than any role she’d ever carried so far. From her croak, to her bent back, to her hoarse sinister laugh — everything was exactly like an evil crone’s.

However, no one saw what Jimin and you did; the old granny you first saw that night, standing in Lisa’s place on stage. Smiling that menacing smirk long after she stepped off of the stage.

Halloween Special 4 | Found Me

Namjoon and Reader

Genre: Horror

Word count: 786 words

A/N: This tale is partly based on a real incident that occurred to my sister. Geophysics isn’t my field of expertise, so I apologise for any mistakes!

[1] Late Night Shower (Seokjin)
[2] Extra Passenger (Yoongi)
[3] Regional Photos (Hoseok)
[4] Found Me (Namjoon)
[5] Visiting Granny (Jimin)
[6] A Long Drive (Taehyung)
[7] Secret Tunnel (Jungkook)



Namjoon’s question drew out a laugh from you, but you nodded your reply. It was impossible for your heart not to stir just a little at the sight of excavators and workers moving about at the site that was previously flat land only a few days ago. Last week you and the team were there, investigating the ground underneath to determine whether it was strong enough to build an apartment complex upon.

As someone who’d just started her postgraduate studies, you were the newest addition to the group. In half a year, you’d already had the chance to join several on-site trips, but the results were never anything more than what you could see on a computer. Geophysics utilises non-invasive techniques, so all you could see from your work was a bunch of numbers and lines of data from equipment representing what lies underneath the surface you walked on.

This was the first time you were actually about to see the actual, physical outcome of your study. To see the structure of the Earth on your computer dug up in real life. Namjoon, a fellow student who had been longer on the team than you had, completely understood the rush that you were feeling. Even if he didn’t, the excited expression you wore on your face was impossible to miss.

“There’s nothing really worth seeing though,” he remarked, pointing out the fact that both of you already knew. This wasn’t one of the projects that involved looking for something like ground water or buried treasure. “They’re just digging so that they can lay down the foundation.”

“I know, but still.”

As expected based on the result you’d obtained, all that was unearthed by the excavators was… the Earth. The thrill that you felt in the beginning slowly wore off and you were about to suggest a tea break to Namjoon shouts from the far end of the rectangular hole they were making caught your attention.

Running over to join the small crowd, you and Namjoon saw the source of the commotion. Right there at the very corner of the site was a bone. From the looks of it — a human bone.

The digging was halted immediately, and archaeologists were brought in. A seemingly humdrum day turned out to be a very action-packed one. Not long after the archaeologists  arrived, the media started swarming the scene. Surprisingly, a full skeleton of a small girl in a fetal position was unearthed.

“Did you expect to find something like this when you surveyed the site?”

“No. It was at the very corner of the area that we studied, so we must have missed it,” you found yourself answering to one of the reporters.

It all happened so quickly that even when you returned home later that night you were still unsure what to make of the day’s incident and the fact that you would probably be mentioned in tomorrow’s newspapers. After fending off questions from friends and family with Namjoon’s help, you felt so wrung out that when your head finally hit the pillow, you fell asleep immediately.

You were usually a deep sleeper and your slumber was normally dreamless, but that night was different. At some point in your sleep you were visited by a young girl, a toddler really, with tanned skin and eyes that sparkled like jewels. She wasn’t anyone you recognised and this was out of the norm for you, yet a sense of calm filled you at the smile that painted her small, round face.

“Thank you,” she said to you, her voice drifting towards you in the unknown space that seemed to come from a place too far for you to reach.

“What for?” You asked, puzzled.

“Because of you, my body was finally found,” she explained. “For so long I was alone, buried alive and left behind, but I was trapped and couldn’t leave. Now thanks to you, I am free.”

“Why were you buried alive?” Indignation filled you at the cruel treatment towards the little girl. Her beautiful eyes were washed over with such sorrow that you immediately regretted asking her that question.

“I don’t know,” her voice was soft and sad, shaking her head. “My parents said I was too young to understand.”

This girl, obviously innocent, was probably killed by her people over some ancient superstition practiced in the old days. Your heart wept for the injustice she was shown without so much as an explanation, but there was nothing you could do for her now, so you simply nodded your understanding.

“Thank you,” she expressed her gratitude again as she slowly faded away with the light. “I didn’t believe it would ever happen, but you found me.”

Halloween Special 3 | Regional Photos

Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Horror

Word count: 1,103 words

A/N: This fic is based on something very similar that happened to my dad. Geophysics is not my specialty so I apologise if there are mistakes in this!

[1] Late Night Shower (Seokjin)
[2] Extra Passenger (Yoongi)
[3] Regional Photos (Hoseok)
[4] Found Me (Namjoon)
[5] Visiting Granny (Jimin)
[6] A Long Drive (Taehyung)
[7] Secret Tunnel (Jungkook)


Even though you were protected by the shady tress, you were already sweating bullets. This was your passion, but there were always days that were difficult and tiring. The blazing sun beating down through the cracks between the leaves combined with the heat that rose up from the Earth in unrelenting waves sadly wasn’t enough reason to cancel this.

Besides, you’d already asked for his help, so it wouldn’t do to back out now. You looked up just ahead of you, watching the back of the man who was guiding you through the forest. His energy knew no bounds, it seemed, talking without even stopping for breath as he walked, but unfortunately it was not infectious. Still,it was hard to be annoyed at someone who was so genuinely friendly and helpful. So you just tried to focus on what he was saying as much as you could, although most of the contents of his babbling escaped your grasp as you trudged along.

“Thank you for accompanying me here, Hoseok,” you said.

“It’s no problem,” Hoseok grinned as he brushed off your gratitude. “A young woman such as yourself shouldn’t go into the woods alone, and I don’t have anything better to do, anyway.”

You could think of a million things you’d rather do than hike through the overgrown bushes on as sweltering weekend but Hoseok was going out on a limb to help you out so you didn’t complain. “We’re almost there,” he informed, and you voiced out your acknowledgement in a huff between short, panting breaths. It was only a few hundred meters’ walk, but the heat took its toll on you. You could hardly imagine what it was like for the students and technicians to make the trip with all the equipment in tow last week.

When you finally arrived at the site, Hoseok sat down against the trunk of a tree, watching as you examined the area that had been cleared by the team who’d come there before. Assuming that you needed to concentrate, he watched quietly as you studied the site, measuring the lines that the team had established, taking note of the spots where the geophones were placed. Before you finished up, you fished you phone from the inside of your cargo pants, switching the camera on, and finally he spoke up.

“What are you doing?” He asked curiously.

“I need to take some photos to put in the report,” you answered as you snapped away. Thank goodness for the advance in technology, allowing you to take photos with such a small device. It was good enough for the purpose, and you shuddered at the thought of having to lug anything bigger or heavier.

Hoseok hummed thoughtfully at your response, but didn’t have anything else to add while you finished up. After confirming that you’d had everything you needed, he led the way back to the car.

The sun was kinder than before as it traveled the other half of the sky, but Hoseok still turned up the air-conditioning as he drove back in the direction of the hotel you were staying at. “So, how come you’re visiting the site after your team is done, doctor?”

“I was too busy to come after my first survey of the site,” you explained, scrolling through your phone, ignoring the forest that you were passing by in favour of checking the photos you just took. A smile lit up your face when you confirmed that they came out well.

“How did the photos turn out?” He asked, noticing the satisfied expression on your face.

“Great! Say, Hoseok, why don’t we get dinner? My treat.”

“Really?” This time his excitement was catching, and you grinned back at him.

“Of course! It’s the least I could do for your troubles.”

“Ah, you don’t have to, you know.”

You did know, but you really wanted to. Other than repaying him for his help in guiding you and your team around the area for free, you genuinely liked the man, and wished to spend more time with him. “Show me the best place around here, I’m starving!”

“Yes, ma’am!” He boomed like a proud soldier, eliciting an amused laugh from you.

You had to hand it to Hoseok, the food at the restaurant he brought you to was simply divine. When you returned to your room later, night had fallen and you could hardly move; you were so full. After giving yourself about half an hour to rest and let your stomach digest the food you’d eaten, you sat at the table and opened your laptop. Taking out the memory card from inside your phone and putting it into the slot in the laptop, you accessed the folders, searching for the photos you took earlier to attach to your report.

However, you couldn’t find anything. Just a few silly photos you took with your sister last week. Puzzled, you switched your phone on to look through it. The photos were not saved in the phone memory either. So you turned back to the memory card plugged into the computer, deleting the other photos and looking back at the storage space left in the card.

The available space had increased a little after your deletion, but the card was still storing too much data for an empty storage. Changing the folder settings to enable you to see the hidden files finally rewarded you with a bunch of photos, but your heart sank when you looked at them.

They were all pitch black. Checking their properties confirmed that they were the very same ones you took earlier that afternoon. Letting out a loud exhale of frustration, you reached for your phone again to dial Hoseok’s number.

“Hoseok, I’m sorry, but it looks like I’ll have to go to the site again tomorrow,” you stated as soon as he picked up, not in the mood for pleasantries any longer. “The photos I took all became black for some reason. I have to go back and take new ones. You don’t have to come with me tomorrow if you’re busy. I’ll be fine on my own.”

The volley of arguments and disagreement you expected to come from his end never graced your ears. He remained quiet for so long you thought the line was broken, but before you could ask if he was there, he said in a quiet voice that was unlike his normal excitable persona, “I don’t think taking more photos tomorrow will change anything.”

“Huh? Why not?” Irritation turned into bewilderment at his unexpected response.

“You see, some thins are never meant to leave that forest.”

Halloween Special 2 | Extra Passenger

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Horror

Word count: 906 words

A/N: This story is based on an incident that my friend and I experienced a few years ago.

[1] Late Night Shower (Seokjin)
[2] Extra Passenger (Yoongi)
[3] Regional Photos (Hoseok)
[4] Found Me (Namjoon)
[5] Visiting Granny (Jimin)
[6] A Long Drive (Taehyung)
[7] Secret Tunnel (Jungkook)


“Please, Yoongi,” I begged.

“What a pain,” he groaned, not bothering to hide his annoyance at my request.

“It’s hard for me to drive at nighttime,” I said, trying to appeal to the caring side of him that he was sure he’d kept hidden. As one of my closest friends, he knew that my astigmatism gave me trouble with nighttime driving, even when I wore my corrective glasses.

“Not my problem.” The words sounded mean but there were even less bite to them now. Acting as if he’d dismissed me, he looked down at the menu in his hand, a frown creasing between his brows as he took in the prices. “Did the prices go up again? Food here is freaking expensive!”

I knew as well as he did that the prices, which were quite reasonable for a student cafe, hadn’t changed in months. However, I also knew that this was his way of throwing me a bone, and the wise thing to do was accept it without question.

“I’ll pay for the meal,” I offered as compensation. He tilted his head to the side, as if giving my proposal serious thought.

“And lunch,” he added.

“Deal!” Getting his agreement so easily excited me way more that it should have had.

“For a week,” he clarified, an evil smirk tugging on one side of his lips when my shoulders slumped in disappointment. A poor student’s life was a hard one. Besides, why did I have to shell out money for someone else’s sake?

This was all Jennie’s fault. When she’d asked me to give her a lift to the bus station, I’d agreed. Little did I know that her bus would depart at half past ten at night, a group assignment preventing her to take the afternoon bus as she usually did. Of course, I was partly to blame for agreeing without asking her for details, assuming that it would be at four in the afternoon as it always was. Moreover, a promise was a promise, which was why I was now at the cafe with only about an hour to spare before I was meant to drive her, trying to persuade Yoongi to do it instead.

“Three days,” I bargained, appealing with eyes as wide as I could manage.

He sighed, as if I was asking him to bear the weight of the world on his shoulders. “Fine. Can we order now? I’m starving.”

Food graced the table soon after we ordered and Yoongi gobbled his down while I tried to eat with a little more decorum. It was already time to go by the time we were finished, so after I paid for the meal we walked towards my car that was parked nearby, where Jennie was waiting for us.

Small talk filled the car as Yoongi drove, but when he took a left to take the road next to the undeveloped land, Jennie and I stopped talking to reprimand him.

“Yoongi, why are you taking the back way?” I demanded.

“The university gates are closer this way.” His justification was not wrong; this way was closer than the better lit, conventional way, but that was not the issue.

“You know we shouldn’t use this road at night,” I complained, but without any conviction. The narrow road did not allow us to turn back at this point. Jennie, also realising this, kept quiet in the backseat.

Thankfully we managed the ten-minute journey to the bus station without any incident. We didn’t wait, simply dropping Jennie off and jetting back to campus after waving off her thanks.

The journey back was just as short, and we arrived at the campus gates in no time. We were stopped by the guard at the gate, who narrowed his distrusting eyes at the student sticker I had applied on the windscreen of my car before peering into the car. Resisting the urge to roll my eyes at his unnecessary meticulousness, I watched Yoongi push the button on his right to roll his window down.

“Student ID, please.”

Already anticipating the guard’s request, Yoongi and I were quick to find and flash the cards at him. He nodded his approval, then shifted his eyes to the back of the car.

“What about the one back there?”

The two of us in the front seats froze. Trying to sound calm and unaffected, I informed the guard, “There’s no one at the back.”

Several tense moments passed as each of us tried to make sense of what was happening. Then, finally understanding the situation, the guard motioned for us to pass through with his hand. “All right, you can go on in.”

Yoongi closed the window and drove past the gate, as silent as I was. Neither of us spoke, and neither of us had the guts to see who — or perhaps more accurately, what — was in the backseat.

Instead of driving back to the dorm, Yoongi brought the car towards the nearest cafe. Only after he’d parked and we’d dashed out of the car, both avoiding looking inside it, did he offer any explanation.

“Just feel like going someplace with a lot of people,” he muttered almost inaudibly, and I concurred wholeheartedly with his decision.

It was late when we returned to the parking lot, but nothing inside the car seemed out of the ordinary. Thankfully, nothing bad happened afterwards either, but neither of us took the back road again.

Halloween Special 1 | Late Night Shower

Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Horror

Word count: 1,304 words

A/N: This story is largely based on an occurrence that happened to me years ago.

[1] Late Night Shower (Seokjin)
[2] Extra Passenger (Yoongi)
[3] Regional Photos (Hoseok)
[4] Found Me (Namjoon)
[5] Visiting Granny (Jimin)
[6] A Long Drive (Taehyung)
[7] Secret Tunnel (Jungkook)


“Sleeping already?” My roommate asked, but it was in a bored tone that said she already knew what my answer would be.

In her defense, it was pretty obvious. My face was damp, mouth fresh from my ritual cleanse and brush before going to sleep. Unlike me, she had several books and a pencil box in her hand, ready to burn the midnight oil. Most students around me seemed to prefer leave studying until the last minute, but I preferred to study early and get a good night’s sleep before an exam.

“Good luck,” I yawned sleepily as I tucked myself in.

“Good night,” she answered with a grin, switching off the lights before leaving the room to join the other students putting their noses to the grindstone in the study room just opposite ours.

After checking my cellphone to make sure I had my alarm set for the next morning, I turned on my side and fell asleep almost immediately. One might think that it was a mark of the late hour of the night, or of fatigue, but it was not even midnight, and as for my weariness…

… It definitely wasn’t that, for my eyes opened again after what seemed like a measly five seconds of sleep. My bladder poked me from the inside of the lower half of my body, cluing me in on the reason I had been roused from my sleep.

Sighing but knowing that it was useless to try to fall back to slumber until I’d emptied the contents screaming to be let out, I kicked my blanket off as I swung my legs over the side of the bed. Some time must have passed as my roommate was sound asleep in her own bed now, but I barely registered it. Just like my mind, foggy with sleep, did not notice the quietness of the dorm. The thought of getting to my destination was all my brain could think of.

However, when I finally stepped into the cluster of showers and toilet cubicles at the end of the floor, something caught my attention. The pitter-patter of water drops like rain hitting the floor tiles echoed in the otherwise silent space. I had no idea what time it was, but I knew it was well past ten when I went to sleep. Who was showering at such an ungodly hour?

Just as the thought crossed my mind, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up on their ends. Something was not right. On the other hand, I couldn’t wait a moment longer. So I pushed the door of the nearest cubicle to my left and locked myself in.

After relieving myself in record time, I walked out to wash my hands at one of the bathroom sinks. The cold water flowing over my hands emphasised the chill I felt from the showers behind me, which was cool enough to bring me to a freezing point; the liquid from the tap was positively hot in contrast.

Of course, even though I always called characters in horror movies idiots for checking out a clearly suspicious and supernatural phenomena, I myself let my curiosity dictate my steps, cautiously approaching the end of the line of shower cubicles. The sound of the shower turned on at full blast was still as loud as ever, maybe even louder than when I first heard it, although that might be thanks to my imagination running wild. Yet when I peered from the end of the line, I could see that all the shower doors were wide open.

From my position, that was all I could tell. Perhaps that was for the best. To look inside the cubicles themselves would require me to stand right in front of them instead of peeping from around the corner, but even I wasn’t stupid enough to do that. Unease growing into panic at a rapid rate, I hurried out towards my room. Only then I realised how quiet and dark the dorm was, everyone had gone to bed; it must have been later than I thought.

My heart was still pounding in my ears after I entered the safety of my room. Checking my phone, I saw that it was 3.05 a.m.. My roommate was still peacefully sawing logs, blissfully ignorant to what I just went through. I climbed back into bed, determined to forget the whole thing and just sleep.

However, my goal kept eluding me. Not long after I settled in among the covers, the annoying squeak of rubber slippers started sounding outside. It relayed of slow, relaxed steps — so there was actually someone showering earlier — and my mind was placated by it.

That was until the steps grew louder, nearing my room, then became faint, and then approached again. The first floor that I was on was rectangular-shaped with a hole in the middle. Rooms lined up the longer edges while the stairs and bathroom occupied the shorter ones. It didn’t take me long to figure out what was going on.

Now scared out of my wits, I scrambled for my phone. There was my roommate, of course, but I knew that waking her up was next to impossible. As I listened to the ringing tone of the phone I was calling, I knew that I trusted him more as well.

“Hello?” My boyfriend’s groggy voice soothed my frayed nerves a little, but my fear was ever mounting. I was almost too afraid to tell him what had happened, as though whatever was outside could hear me talking and burst through the door at any second.

“You mean it’s still outside?” Jin asked after I was done with my tale, now wide awake.

I nodded, then remembered that he couldn’t see me. “Yeah. I think it’s just walking round and round the whole floor.” Focusing my ears, I informed him, “Right now it’s near the rooms on the other side.”

“Well, whatever it is, don’t open the door.” I would’ve thought that he was teasing me if he hadn’t said it in such a serious voice.

“I’m not that stupid!” The words came out in an indignant hiss as the footsteps drew closer, then paused right outside my door. I didn’t see any shadow cast through the gap between the floor and the door, but somehow I knew it was there. After a few tense moments, the rubbery squeals of the slippers moved away again, just as leisurely as before, and I released a breath I didn’t even notice I was holding.

“Hey, are you there?” Jin had been calling my name, trying to get my attention, but I didn’t even notice.

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m here,” I said absent-mindedly. Tears pricked at the corners of my eyes, but I remembered that the exam was tomorrow for him as well, or more accurately, later today, and I was robbing him of precious sleep. “You should go to sleep. I’ll be fine.” My voice was a little shaky, but I tried my best to sound brave.

“No. Let’s chat.” He was resolute, and it wasn’t hard for him to convince me to let him talk me through the ordeal. Pulling my blanket over my head, I focused on the melodious sound of his sweet voice rambling about the contents of the notes that would come out in the exam. Gradually the oppressive, mysterious footsteps faded away, defeated by my exhaustion, and finally sleep thankfully took over.

The next morning, I received a text from Jin telling me that he’d hung up after making sure I had fallen asleep, and wishing me luck on the exam. That text got me through the day, especially after finding out from some seniors I spoke to that outside our rooms, the dorm was never a safe place after three in the morning.

Breeze 1 | Laugh Away

Jimin x Reader

Genre: High school AU, fluff

Word count: 1, 817 words

A/N: A fic for Jimin’s birthday! This fic is inspired by YUI’s Laugh Away. I really love the song and the video, and as it has two parts, this will be a two-shot! This is written in Jimin’s POV, but the second part will be a continuation in the reader’s POV 🙂


What is spring to Jimin?

He would say that it is the invigorating smell of newly cut grass. It is the refreshing wind that blows in when he throws his windows open in the morning. It is the return of melodies sung by birds returning to their perches on the tree branches. It is Mother Nature caressing Earth with her gentle touch after the harsh, cold winter has been blown away.

“Don’t forget your lunch box, Jimin! And don’t stay out too late!”

“I won’t, Mom!” He promises, grabbing and stuffing his sustenance for the day into his school bag. Flinging it over his shoulder, it bounces against his other, heavier bag, but he does not mind as the treasured bag is well-padded. Besides, one does not give this sort of thing much thought when there is the world waiting just behind the front door of his house.

Most of all, spring to Jimin is the light pink flowers blooming along the road as he cycles to school as far as he can see. The breeze that caresses his face and blows through the strands of his hair as his feet pedals the vehicle at a leisurely pace is refreshing, and he much prefers this to the stuffy corridors and restrictive rooms of the school building.

However, it is not all that bad. Because he knows you are there. It isn’t that you are extraordinarily beautiful in your uniform of white shirt and navy skirt. Of course you are not ugly either. It’s just the way you simply glow, a smile always upon your face, energy radiating off of you. Even at a distance from the bicycle stand he can imagine the trill of your laughter coming from the school gate, the melodic sound soft yet standing out among your friends’ giggles and chatter although he is too far for the sound to grace his ears. It is your personality, your cheerfulness regardless of the weather that lightens his heart and brings a smile to his to his face.

There is nothing more that Jimin wishes for than to be in the same class with you, simply so that he can bask in your light a little longer. Not that being in the same room with you on a daily basis will change anything. Jimin is too shy to even talk to most people, much less to you, the girl he has been crushing on the moment he laid his eyes on you. He is fine with it, though. Perfectly content to just watch you from afar whenever you are in the vicinity.

School hours pass by so slowly when one is bored out of his skull. Jimin is a fast learner and a dreamer; a dangerous combination that leads him to spend most of his classroom time with his chin planted in his palm, staring out the window, tuning out his teachers’ voices like they are mosquitoes barred by a camping tent, uninterested because he already understands what they are trying to teach the students. No, the azure sky overlooking the light flushing sakura trees below is infinitely more riveting.

At least the sights are still there when afternoon comes and he is finally released from school, even if he does not see you anywhere. Swinging his leg over his bicycle, he flips his foot against the kickstand, releasing the vehicle from its lone shackle and immediately shifts his feet to pedal. The wind that hits him as he accelerates is brisk, a contrast to the leisurely descend of petals lining the roads but he relishes it, eager to reach his destination. Tires screeching over the pavement and the gorgeous spread of light pink petals greets him as he arrives at the park.

A small space out of the way for most people, in the afternoon on a workday, Jimin has found this to be a perfect time to have this place all for himself without the hustle and bustle of people wanting to enjoy the sakura trees as they do every year. Not even bothering to park his bicycle properly, he flies off of it, letting it clatter onto the ground. His hands are more careful when lifting his expensive camera out of the bag, but after he secures the strap around his neck, both the camera and school bags are thrown into the air with a carefree laughter as he rushes forward.

Carrying himself forward on the might of his legs is exceptionally rewarding after a day of being cooped up indoors. Inhaling deeply of air that he is sure only contains all the good things in this world, he raises the camera to his right eye. Setting the focus of the lens and playing with the aperture and shutter speed of the camera, he snaps photos of his surroundings. Images upon images are saved into the memory card, capturing the beauty Jimin sees through the lens; pink flowers juxtaposed against dark branches of sturdy trees planted into the grassy ground.

As he sweeps the area, indifferent to the growing weight of the device in his hands, he spots something else lying on the flat ground. Zooming in, he tries to quietly capture a photo of the figure amongst the delicate flower petals, but stops short when recognition comes with focus thanks to modern technology, allowing him to see something at the distance with such clarity. It is you. Stretched out with your eyes closed, flawlessly blending in with the soft pink, almost like snow, complimenting it so perfectly he cannot say whether it serves to amplify your beauty or the other way around. You are so still, he may be worried that you are hurt but he can see your chest rising and falling lightly with easy breaths, so he relaxes and tightens his grip on his camera.

A second of hesitation. Then his index finger presses on the button on the right hand side, and a click signifies that the breathtaking scene is forever encapsulated in digital form. Unable to contain his excitement, his head tilts down, thumbs furiously tapping until the image he has just taken appears on the small preview screen. Jimin knows no greater joy than witnessing beautiful sights, and seizing them with his trusty camera so he can immerse into them again and again. This particular one has to be one of the best he has taken, if not the best. The epitome of beauty and serenity. Unable to contain a triumphant smile, he looks up to take it in with his own eyes once more.

It is different. The tranquility that was before him just moments ago has changed. You are not there anymore. Immediately he glances around the area, trying to find you, part of him wondering if he had imagined it all. It isn’t possible though — the proof of it is in the gadget in his grasp.

“That’s a pretty cool camera!” Your chirpy voice says by way of greeting as you try to peek over his shoulder makes Jimin jump out of his skin. Fortunately the preview of the photo he has taken from you has been closed, so you can’t have seen it.

“Oh, did I surprise you? I’m sorry,” your tone is apologetic but your friendly smile remains in place.

He shakes his head frantically, desperate to ease your concern. Great, the first time you have talked to him and he is tongue-tied. Luckily for him, you are more than affable enough to make up for his shyness.

“Aren’t they pretty?” The question is asked of him as you look past him. He turns to follow your gaze, assuming that you mean the flowering trees. “Are you taking pictures of them?” At his nod of confirmation, you request, “can I see?”

A simple desire; one that Jimin would normally be more than happy to fulfil, but this time it sends him into a panic. With your irises that have somehow grown wide in persuasion, he scrambles to make a decision, to find an excuse. Ultimately he makes up his mind based on the hesitation and guilt that he felt earlier. It is not right for him to take and keep a photo of you without your permission. Perhaps this is heaven’s way to punish him for it.

“Sure, but first, I have something to confess,” he finally opens his mouth to mutter nervously. Your brows crinkle adorably in confusion at his words and he does not blame you. Despite attending the same school, the two of you are practically strangers, yet the first time you talk he already needs to come clean about something?

“I took a photo of you,” almost stumbling upon his words, he manages to tell you the truth. When you do not give a response straightaway, staring at him with blank eyes, his brains goes into overdrive. “It’s just that you look so nice, I did it without thinking! I’m sorry, I know it’s wrong to do so without permission, I’ll delete it immediately…”

His fingers fumble with the camera, but freezes when you place your hands over them, stopping him as your burst of amused laughter tickles his ears. “Wait, can I see it first?”

Suddenly unsure of his skills, he surrenders, angling the camera as you shuffle next to him to get a better look. Despite being insanely nervous about showing you the result of his work, he cannot help but focus on how close you are to him. From this distance he can see you even more clearly than ever before, every tiny detail, every little physical flaw that makes you even more perfect in his eyes. As he is taking note of your pleasant scent, you tilt your head up at him, making him jolt in surprise at being wrenched away from his intense concentration on you.

“You’re really talented, umm…”

“Jimin,” he breathes, hardly able to believe his ears. You actually complimented him on his skills — a far cry from his expectation of being scolded and reprimanded for taking your photo without permission.

“Jimin,” you repeat. His name sounds all the more pleasant rolling off of your tongue. After giving him your name in return, you ask, eyes scanning his uniform, “we go to the same school, don’t we?”

“Yeah, we’re in the same grade, but different classes,” he answers, rubbing the back of his neck anxiously. Would you think it is creepy that he knows that?

The resplendent smile that illuminates your features suggests that you do not think so at all. “Okay, Jimin, you can keep this photo, but under one condition. Do you want to keep it?”

Nodding his head eagerly, he waits to hear your terms. Your lips stretch even further into a grin. Is his infatuation with you so obvious that you have noticed?

“You have to send this photo to me. I want to keep it too!”

Race Against Time: Chapter 5

Jungkook feat. Reader and the rest of BTS

Genre: Angst, Thriller, Darkfic

Warning: This fic is about murder cases, and may include some graphic imagery. Please read with caution.

Word Count: 3,893 words

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


The ringtone of your phone, soft as is, is jarring on Jungkook’s ears the morning after consecutive late nights. It’s extremely frustrating, but the cool time between their serial killer’s attacks is the only window of opportunity that they have to analyse the cases. Not that it’s doing them much good.

The motive of the murders are still unknown. None of the victims have anything in common other than the fact that they were girls from the same university who decided to spend one night outside. The buddy system is clearly not a deterrent for their killer, as each time he strikes, a pair of poor girls are abducted only to be killed, one after another. His first victim of every pair didn’t stand a chance, losing their lives immediately only to become a tool at his disposal; a map for Jungkook and his team to use in maddening, fruitless attempts to find the other girl.

Yet the first girls are not as pitiful as their partners. The former at least died swift deaths, while the torture their friends had to go through was prolonged and excruciating. Jungkook can’t help thinking that it is his fault that they all died. That his incompetency is the reason that more has to be sacrificed for a mysterious purpose, and the previous girls’ deaths are in vain because he hasn’t managed to get even one step closer to the murderer. While the first girls were impeccably clean save for the numerous amounts of clues left behind for Jungkook, the second girls were found in the most horrible states; dirty, worn, sometimes mutilated, with nothing useful to find off of them beyond their IDs. It is sad – and frankly, sickening – to think about, but their bodies have been damaged, destroyed by the elements, and as far as the autopsies can tell, provide nothing to point to the person that led them to their demise other than having the same Taser marks that clues Jungkook in on the method used to subdue them.

No, if there is anything to be found, Jungkook is certain that it lies with the cleaned, untainted bodies of the girls who were killed first. Their earrings, all different and still unknown if the victims had owned the jewelry or if they came from the killer. There is no doubt that they were clothed by him – the chances of two girls wearing the exact same white shirt and shorts are very small, and they’re now talking about four girls. Four girls. Four cases. Eight victims in all. Jungkook has sighed as he looks over the photos and clues over and over again, only coming to a dead end every time.

Sleep deprived and grumpy, Jungkook groans and lifts his pillow to flip his head underneath it, trying to ignore the jostling of the mattress as you move sluggishly to reach towards the bedside table to grab your phone. Every night he comes home late he finds you still awake, greeting him with a smile. You insist that you’re only staying up because you have a lot of work to do, but he knows you by now. He wishes that you won’t worry about him so much, but that is as impossible as it is for him to stop mulling over his cases until he gets to the bottom of them. From beneath his eyelids, he can tell that the sun hasn’t quite risen, yet it’s already warm, a warning of the scorching day this is about to be.


“Mm-hmm. Wait, calm down.” Despite craving for a little more sleep, Jungkook can’t help half-heartedly listening to your conversation, even if he can only hear your side of it.

“What?!” The loss of grogginess in your voice is accompanied by an increase in volume, making him jump and sit up, knocking his pillow onto the floor. He looks at you with curiosity and finds that your eyes are already on him, wide and panicked under furrowed brows.

“I’ll tell him to go over right away.”

As soon as you hang up the phone, he pounces on you. “What was that about?”

“It’s Jimin,” you say, already coaxing him to get off the bed and get ready. “He found someone dead in his parents’ backyard.”


Jungkook is relieved to see that the neighbourhood is sparse of people when he and his team arrives. Since the first case, this string of murders has received a lot of attention, which mostly impedes their progress and puts that much more pressure on them to solve the cases. However, he knows that this lull in the surroundings won’t last very long. Already some neighbours are gathering around Jimin’s childhood home, no doubt roused by the chaos happening at the back of the house. If this is the work of their killer, the clues need to be collected and analysed immediately, not simply because a bigger crowd will only cause a distraction, but most importantly because it means that there is a girl who will die unless they can get to her first.

Being torn between hope and dread is an awful feeling. If he strikes again, perhaps Jungkook can get one step closer to end this, but the cost of a life is just too high a price. However, it’s not like they have a choice, as Jungkook looks down on the dry earth of the backyard already roped off by one of the officers, there is no doubt that this dead girl is the ninth victim of this cruel murderer.

All the tell-tale signs are there; the miraculously clean body despite being laid upon the ground, the same loose white shirt and blue shorts and bare feet. As Namjoon and Jin, who arrived moments after Jungkook did, crouch down with gloved hands to examine the body better, Jungkook’s eyes are drawn to the earrings that are attached to her earlobes. He has seen those bright blue glass globes before. Heart thudding loudly, he takes several steps away, waving off Namjoon’s call for him to dig in his pocket for his phone. Trying to calm the unease growing inside him, he dials your number and taps his foot on the ground as he impatiently waits for you to pick up.

“Hello, Jungkook? Aren’t you supposed to be at a crime scene?” Your surprised voice greets him without preamble.

“Yeah, I’m here right now, but I had to call you,” he says mysteriously, holding back on his words simply because he doesn’t know how to say it.

“Is there something wrong?” The concern that immediately colours your voice is unmistakable to his ears. He desperately wants to reassure you but how can he, when he’s full of worries and doubts himself?

“I just want to make sure you’re okay.” His relief when you picked up the phone is fast dissipating. “Maybe it’s better if you stay at home today.”

You hum an assent without asking him of his motives. “Ga-In and I are planning to discuss some of our research work today. I suppose I can ask her to come over instead of meeting at the university.”

Your easy agreement with his wish makes Jungkook feel a little better. There is never any doubt in you that he is always looking out for you, and will always clue you in when it’s the appropriate time to do so. “Just make sure that you don’t let anyone you don’t know in. One more thing.”


“Do you still have those earrings you got when we went to Venice?”

A momentary silence ensues on your end of the phone as you put two and two together. “They were still there the last time I checked,” you answer carefully. “I’ll look again and let you know, okay?”

Jungkook nods before remembering that you can’t see him. “That would be great, thanks.”

Before he can hang up, you continue, “I don’t know if this is of any help, but if you remember correctly they’re not that expensive.”

“They’re not that common here, either.”

“You’re right,” you agree with a small sigh. “I’ll call you back after I check. Good luck babe.”

By the time Jungkook returns to the heart of the crime scene, Hoseok and Yoongi has already arrived and everyone is waiting for him to inspect the body as well as the clues before everything is bagged and tagged. In the deceased girl’s hair is a white flower, about five centimetres wide, with five round petals above five spikier-looking white petals underneath. Another locket is strung around her neck, holding coarse brown powder that looks suspiciously like dirt.

“We think he stuck something inside her mouth again,” Namjoon informs Jungkook before he can ask about the final clue. He nods, a signal for Jin to open her mouth, which the zoologist does with a small shudder. As they have suspected, Jin carefully fishes the discovery inside another bag and narrows his eyes at the specimen.

“Is that another larva?” Jungkook asks, memories brought back to the horrible chase near the river that ended in futility.

At Jin’s nod, Yoongi groans as he sets up his field testing kit. “Don’t tell me we’re going to have to search in the damn rivers again.”

Yoongi’s complaint is met with a rueful smile from Jin. “No, no, these don’t live in the water. They –”

“Mind if I run this sample right now?” Satisfied that they won’t have to look in an impossible location again, Yoongi addresses his question to Jungkook, shaking the locket. “I’m sure you know that we don’t have all day.”

Ignoring Jin’s puff of his cheeks at being cut off by Yoongi, Jungkook nods his approval before turning back to the others. Hoseok is already bursting with the information that he has to share, so Jungkook motions for him to start. “This is aquilegia pubescens, or more commonly known as alpine columbine. There’s no mistaking it. However…”

“What is it?” Jungkook prompts, knowing that it can’t be anything good.

“They’re usually found on open, rocky slopes, really high up.”

The news of a possible trek in rocky terrains immediately makes the whole team dispirited, until Jin interjects. “I don’t think we’ll have to do that. These larvae is from a hawk moth,” he points to the brown insect dotted with white spots along the length of its body, “it burrows into the soil to pupate, and there can’t be a lot of that on a high rocky mountain, can it?”

“I agree with Jin,” Yoongi adds as he concludes his test. “This is soil from a forest. It’s quite acidic and very organic, probably due to leaching of calcium carbonate and clay.”

“So she’s probably somewhere in the forest,” Namjoon suggests.

“She might be near the base of a rocky slope,” Jungkook concludes.

“I’ve been studying the flora of the county since I’ve been invited to work with you, and there’s only one place that can house these flowers anywhere near the ground,” Hoseok announces proudly. “It has to be Holling Forest. It’s about a half hour’s drive from here.”

“Let’s move out then,” Jungkook commands, then remembers something important. “Have you seen Jimin, the man who made the report?” He asks one of the officers.

The younger man shakes his head, looking very concerned himself. “By the time the first officers arrived, he’d already left. But his parents are inside the house.”

After thanking him, Jungkook rushes into Jimin’s childhood home. It’s a place Jungkook had been to many times before as a youth, and the familiar scenery gives him a pang of regret at not visiting for so long.

“Mr and Mrs Park, I’m sorry to see you again under these circumstances.” Those are the only words of greeting he can offer the two people he is so fond of after such a long absence. Fortunately they are understanding and mostly too shaken to give him any sort of reprimand, but the only information they can offer of Jimin’s whereabouts is that he left looking distraught after finding the body and making the report.

Deciding that time is of the essence, Jungkook can’t waste it on finding Jimin and ultimately joins the others to head to the forest after ordering the officer he spoke to before to find Jimin. The speed with which they deciphered the hints left behind for them gives Jungkook a little hope, but he should have known that things will not continue so smoothly. A mere five minutes has passed when they get stuck in a traffic jam, sandwiched between other cars that leaves them no choice but to wait until the accident ahead is sorted and cleared up.

It is already about two hours since they found the body when they finally reach the edge of the forest. Scores of tall trees loom before them, as if daring them to enter and explore the depths before the limited time granted to them runs out. Jungkook is more than aware that the window given to them to find the next victim grows narrower with every case, and it’s with that reminder in mind that he pushes forward, leading the search and rescue teams north.

“Why are we heading this way?” Jin asks, puffing behind Namjoon, whose long legs allow him to keep up with Jungkook’s determined pace.

“Chances are she’s near a rocky slope, right? That’s this way,” Jungkook points to the direction they’re heading towards. “We will walk there and spread along the base of the mountain to search for her.”

Most of the hike is silent, everyone conserving their energy and channeling it into their steps, growing closer and closer to the base where they split into two groups and walk in opposite directions. Even Hoseok and Jin, the talkative two are quiet so that the only sounds that greet Jungkook’s ears are the twigs breaking under their feet and soft noises made by the inhabitants of the forest that cannot be seen. He wonders how Yoongi and Namjoon are faring in the other team.

It was thankfully only a short while later that they see the answer to their prayers – a small wooden cabin, a scant few meters away from the slope. The area seems deserted, but there is no telling if there is anything – or more importantly, anyone – inside the cabin.

“Should we call out to see if anyone is inside?” Hoseok suggests, sounding a little timid and unsure of himself.

Jungkook tries to weigh his options as he circles the perimeter of the structure. It only has one door and two windows, both boarded up, effectively preventing them from assessing the interior. So far the killer has left the girls for dead, not bothering to remain to observe their demise. If the second girl really is inside, she is most probably by herself, although he has no idea if she is gagged to prevent her from making any noise.

“Is anyone in there?” Jungkook finally decides to throw caution into the wind by calling out. They have no time to lose. If the second victim to the kidnapping this time around is in the cabin, they need to rescue her before whatever time-based contraption that the murderer has set up gets in motion.

Jungkook’s shout is met by a momentary silence. Then –

“Oh my God, is someone there? Please help me, I’m trapped inside!” A frantic female voice answers. The members of Jungkook’s search team look at each other with shock and jubilation. This is the first time they have managed to discover the victim still alive.

“Is there anyone with you?” Anxiousness is imploring Jungkook to make a move, but he knows that he needs to be cautious.

“No, but I’m tied to a chair so I can’t move. Please, please save me!” With that, she bursts into terrified sobs. He can feel the eyes surrounding him zero in on him, waiting for him to dole out his orders.

“The only entrance is the door, Agent,” one of the men confirms Jungkook’s findings.

“We’re running out of time, aren’t we? We should go in and save her. I don’t see any point in waiting,” Jin pushes.

Neither does Jungkook, but something feels off.

“Something smells weird,” Hoseok points out.

“It’s kerosene,” Jungkook surmises. The odour is certainly out of place in the forest.

“Maybe the owner of this place uses it to light fires,” another of the men hypotheses.

Tilting his head up, Jungkook is inclined to disagree with the idea as he cannot locate any chimney, but everyone agrees that the only step they can take to rescue the girl in time is through the door. Still ill at ease, he holds his gun at the ready and twists the doorknob. It is surprisingly unlocked, so he pushes it hard, opening it wide with a loud slam.

A sharp click followed by a small bright light greets their eyes mere seconds before their senses are suddenly assaulted by scorching heat, vivid colours and blinding smoke. Somehow a fire has started the moment Jungkook opened the door, covering every inch of the room and going beyond it to the other one. Even as he coughs from the acrid smoke and his eyes water and narrow, the pained, shrill screams coming from the room opposite the one Jungkook is facing pushes him to move forward. However, he doesn’t make it two steps before strong hands grab his shoulders to pull him back out of the cabin.

“Let me go! Can’t you see that she’s burning to death inside?!” Jungkook channels his anger, frustration and guilt towards Jin, who looks just as surprised and overwhelmed as he is, but with enough sense to stop him from barelling into the roaring flames.

“Are you crazy? The whole place is already on fire! There’s no way you can reach her!” Jin counters.

He is right. With Jin’s strong arms joined by Hoseok’s, Jungkook can do nothing but watch as the two men pull him away from the blaze that is already growing out of control. His eyes take in the floor of the cabin which is curiously lined with a carpet that is of an indistinguishable colour. Of course. The kerosene that Hoseok noticed has probably been left to slowly soak into the carpet from a container inside, and Jungkook would bet anything that the material extends into the other room. If they had arrived sooner, perhaps not as much fluid would have spilled, the fire wouldn’t have raged so much so quickly and he could have rushed in to save the victim. But they are, once again, too late.

The other team arrives not long after, but without the proper gear necessary they are helpless against the building inferno. None of them expected to encounter such a situation; anticipating to find a thirsty, lost girl wandering around the forest at best and a dead body at worst, most of them are only equipped with water and first aid kits. As they wait for the firefighters to arrive, they can only discuss the latest development in hushed voices while watching Jungkook fume with anger.

That bastard knew that this would happen. The killer set Jungkook up for this. Knowing that he will lead the search and rescue team, as the lead investigator, he has to be the one to open the door. To set off the trigger for the flare that started the fire. To cast the weight of her death upon his shoulders. This is personal. Jungkook has suspected so for a while, but now he is certain.

The realisation causes him to jump with the reminder that he is concerned about you as well, and he desperately takes his pocket for his phone. As expected, the great outdoors doesn’t provide a cell signal, but at some point you’ve left him several missed calls and one message, which he taps open at once.

“Both my blue Murano glass earrings and the diamond earrings you bought me are gone. Ga-In is here and Jimin also stopped by so I should be fine, but please call me back and tell me what the hell is going on.”

Like a light switch finally being flicked on in a pitch black room, everything starts to make sense. The studs similar to the ones you used to wear in school. The elegant silver ones that adorned your ears the night he danced with you at prom. The gold earrings he thought were unusual, a gift from your parents when you were accepted into a prestigious university overseas that delighted you. You had worn earrings either close or identical to the ones found on the first girls found in each case, all of whom were dressed in a similar fashion to yours, especially at home; light-coloured oversized shirts paired with comfortable shorts. A mockery towards Jungkook, a way to tell him that her attire in their private home is no secret to the killer from the start.

Only one person, other than Jungkook, has the ability to know such details about you, dating back to your school years. With that, the locations start to make sense. All the information I need do lie with the first victims, Jungkook realises.

“Is something wrong?” Namjoon voices his concern, mistaking thr look of intense concentration on Jungkook’s face as frustration and anger towards himself. The assessment isn’t very far off, but Namjoon probably can’t even begin to guess the full reasoning behind Jungkook’s shaking body as he pieces the puzzle together before jumping onto his feet.

“Wait! Where are you going?”

Jungkook ignores the confused shouts and calls, quickly growing fainter as they are slow to move after being shocked by his sudden departure from the scene. His steps are even wider and faster than before although he is fatigued by the exhausting and maddening day, and when he meets the firefighters as he finally approaches his car, he doesn’t waste much time talking to them, only giving them the necessary details to get to the fire before throwing himself inside the vehicle.

Only thoughts of you fill his mind as he races home. It takes Namjoon several tries before his call is answered by Jungkook. The small team that Jungkook has assembled has scrambled to follow him back into the city, but lost him on the way. Trying to keep the panic out of his voice the best that he can, he informs Namjoon that you may be in danger, and that he is heading home right at that moment.

Namjoon promises that they will get there as soon as possible with directions from Yoongi, but when Jungkook arrives, he doesn’t wait for them before entering. The deceptive impression of safety that the front door offers is short lived when he finds that it is unlocked. A horrible sight meets him in the living room where he has spent many hours conversing with you over the hot beverages you made him; the body of a pretty girl with short black hair and slashed throat laying on the floor. If Ga-In is dead, that means you…

Even if he knows it’s useless, Jungkook frantically searches his own home, yelling your name over and over again, heart thundering in his ears. As he has expected but unable to accept, you are nowhere to be found.