Race Against Time: Chapter 4

Jungkook feat. Reader and the rest of BTS

Genre: Angst, Thriller, Darkfic

Warning: This fic is about murder cases, and may include some graphic imagery. Please read with caution.

Word Count: 3,274 words

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“Do you think they’ve been killed?”

Maintaining a calm and unaffected exterior is exceptionally difficult, especially when a panicked boyfriend of a missing student is frantically trying to get answers out of him. Answers that Jungkook doesn’t have. Until Taehyung, an undergraduate student from Burghley University barged into the department early that moaning, demanding to see the agent in charge of the murder cases, they weren’t even aware that more girls have gone missing.

“Calm down and tell me everything you know,” Jungkook says instead of answering his question. “Why do you say that your girlfriend is missing?”

“I was supposed to meet her at the bar last night,” Taehyung starts, collapsing into a chair that Jungkook gestures for him to sit in. “But I got there late. Like, really late. I kind of dozed off. I didn’t mean to, it’s just that I had soccer practice in the afternoon, and I was pooped, you know?” At Jungkook’s understanding nod, he continues, “when I got there, she was already gone. There were tons of missed calls, and she left a message that she was going home with her best friend – that’ll be Linda, they’re attached at the hips, I swear, you wouldn’t even know that I’m her boyfriend sometimes – anyway, since she didn’t answer any of my calls, I thought she was mad at me, so I came around to her dormitory to apologise.”

“Then her roommates told me that they haven’t returned. They were starting to get worried too. It’s not like Dinah and Linda to stay out all night. We can’t reach either of them. That’s when I thought, what if…” he trails off helplessly. At this point of his story, Taehyung hangs his head and Jungkook’s heart immediately goes out to him. It’s obvious that the young man feels guilty about his tardiness playing a part in the disappearance of his girlfriend.

Jungkook isn’t feeling much better about this himself. Two girls in an inebriated state leaving a bar then not turning up is extremely worrisome, considering the similar circumstances that surround the girls who have been previously kidnapped and killed by their serial killer. He is at a loss about what to tell Taehyung though, as he has no information on the missing girls himself, but before the distressed student can ask him again, they are interrupted by a call for him.

It’s one of those situations where he feels both relief and dread at the same time. The call provides a temporary escape from the worried man’s questions, but considering the matter that he brought up, Jungkook’s reprieve will probably provide the answer in the form of a news he doesn’t want to hear.

Sure enough, less than an hour later, Jungkook, sandwiched between Jin and Namjoon, are making their way from the parking lot of the high school not far from his office to the school field. Memories from his own time in this place make Jungkook frown. It isn’t that he didn’t enjoy his high school days, but a sense of familiarity is creeping up on him. Perhaps it’s just the location where so many sweet and bitter memories were made that is making him feel uneasy about it being marred by the presence of a dead body.

The only upside to this is that he managed to leave Taehyung behind at the bureau. If you can call that an upside, Jungkook thinks to himself sourly. A scowl threatens to tug between his eyebrows when he sees a number of people he doesn’t recognise milling around on the school field. They approach a flustered-looking officer, who explains the situation to them.

“The school principal and some of the teachers,” the officer gestures to a group of men and women surrounding another officer a few paces away, some of them clearly gawking at the body sprawled on the ground. “We had a hard time shooing the students away earlier – even some teachers wanted to stay and watch, they weren’t much help.”

Jungkook’s brown eyes flick up to the three-story building facing the field. A number of faces peering down at them puts him in an even fouler mood than before. “What do people think this is, a circus?” He mumbles as he makes his way towards the dead girl with Namjoon and Jin following behind him.

A quick examination of the immobile form on the yellowish, trampled grass of the field is enough for Namjoon to confirm that it is indeed the work of their killer. Certainly the usual trademarks are easily seen; the clean yet cruel slash across the pale girl’s throat, the simple shirt and shorts that she’s wearing, the absence of shoes and another pair of earrings decorating her earlobes, but it’s always necessary to make sure.

Again, the victim’s hand is the source of one of the clues. Her right hand is wrapped around a pine cone. After checking with Namjoon that Hoseok is on his way to the crime scene, Jungkook bags the evidence and turns towards the jewelry that the victim is sporting. He won’t lie and say that they are not the first details that caught his attention, especially when it is obvious that they are horribly mismatched.

The long, silver chain that circles her lacerated neck holds a small vial of dark red liquid. It’s obviously something that has been left for them. Carefully unclasping the necklace, he hands it to Jin. “What does that look like to you?”

The miniature glass bottle painted almost vermillion by the liquid glints in the morning light menacingly as Jin examines it between his gloved fingers. “It’s blood,” he confirms. “However, since it’s supposed to lead us to the next girl, I highly doubt it’s hers.” He nods his head to their latest deceased and Jungkook acknowledges his point with a nod of his own.

“Can you tell whose blood it is?”

Jin cocks his head to the side in thought. “To be honest, I think the question you should be asking is what blood this is, not whose.” With that, he drops the necklace into a clear bag and seals it. “And the answer is; it is possible with the Uhlenhuth test. I’ll be able to determine the species this blood sample belongs to. If it does belong to a human, to specify exactly whose it is would take more time, which is why I doubt that we’ll have to even do so.”

The zoologist makes a good point; by now they know that the killer means for them to solve these clues quickly, so Jungkook doesn’t argue. Instead, he addresses the earrings lacing her earlobes. “What do you make of these?”

Namjoon shrugs, having nothing to contribute, while Jin only says, “Fancy. Is that one pair of earrings or two?”

“It’s one pair,” Jungkook gently flips the flesh with his index finger to show the two men the two pierced holes in one of her earlobes. “See, it’s a chain that enters one hole, then is looped and inserted into the second hole.” Craning their necks to get a good angle, Namjoon and Jin let out soft oohs upon seeing the way the thin chain of the earring is looped into the holes in each ear. “Y/n has a pair just like this one. But that’s not the point. Just look at the necklace. They don’t go together.”

Sure enough, even if they don’t take the leaf motifs dangling at the end of the earrings into account, they are clearly made of gold, whereas the necklace is decidedly silver in colour. “The question is, do these earrings belong to the girl, or did the killer plant it there?” It is really more of a rhetorical question, as Jungkook knows that neither Namjoon nor Jin knows more than he does. However, he lets the thought hang in the air for a few seconds before asking, “That makes two. What are we missing? Was her purse around when she was found?”

He is swiftly presented with a large, light brown handbag by the unnerved officer that greeted him earlier. As he has expected, there is no ID to be found. However, there is something else that is clearly out of place in a young woman’s bag, bulky as it is; a large, sharp hook. Before he can show it to the others, a panting Hoseok runs up to them, and the cone they found on the dead woman is thrust into his hands.

While waiting for the botanist to catch his breath, Jungkook holds up the hook for them to see. “Doubt this belongs to her.”

“I know that people are worried that a serial killer’s on the loose, but someone should tell her that a pepper spray would do the trick,” Jin guffaws, then chokes on his laughter at Jungkook’s stern look. “Ahem. That looks like a dressing hook,” he amends, trying to sound as sober as possible between his coughs.

“A dressing hook?”

“Yeah. These dressing hooks are used to suspend animals that have been slaughtered so they don’t touch the floor. This one looks like it can be attached to a roller, but this part must be stainless steel –”

“So this second girl is in a slaughterhouse?” It looks like Jin will prattle on if he isn’t stopped, so Jungkook takes it upon himself to interrupt him before he gets off topic. “Isn’t that a little too simple?”

“It is…” Jin’s handsome features distort into a frown as he thinks about Jungkook’s comment. “But this definitely belongs in a slaughterhouse. There’s hardly any around the city, but that’s good, isn’t it?”

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news,” Hoseok cuts in. “While I want to find the second girl just as much as everyone here, I have to tell you, this didn’t come from anywhere around here.” He indicates the egg-shaped cone in the bag that he’s holding to clarify what he is referring to. Without waiting to be asked, he launches into an explanation. “This is a pine cone from Pinus radiata, also known as Monterey pine, or radiata pine. It is cultivated in certain places, but not here in the city.”

“Where can you find them then?” Namjoon asks his friend before Jungkook can demand for the answer himself.

“All over the county, but only in rural areas,” Hoseok declares, and under Jungkook’s orders, quickly sits with Jin over a laptop to cross-check the existence of the trees in the vicinity of abattoirs.

“Where’s Yoongi?” Namjoon questions Jungkook as they watch the two experts urgently discuss the map on the computer screen. The agent grunts grumpily at the doctor’s inquiry. He has been trying to reach Yoongi ever since he received the news earlier this morning, but every call has gone into the post-doctorate’s voicemail. “I couldn’t reach him.”

“What about y/n, don’t they go to the same university?”

“She didn’t answer either. Probably still asleep.” Jungkook feels sorry towards you, knowing that you had burnt the midnight oil to write a paper and planned to sleep in this morning but you’ll understand. So he fishes his phone out of his pocket and when he’s directed to Yoongi’s voicemail again, he hangs up and dials your number instead.

“Kookie?” Your groggy voice greeting him when you answer the phone tells him that he did disturb your sleep.

“I’m sorry for waking you up, baby, but this is important. Do you know where Yoongi is? I tried calling him but it keeps going to voicemail.”

He can hear the bed sheets shuffle from your end as you rouse yourself up at his tone. At this point you don’t even need to ask him what he needs Yoongi for. “He must have stayed at the lab overnight and didn’t charge his phone,” you say briskly, completely awake now. Soft, distant bangs of the closet transmits through the phone and Jungkook assumes that you’re changing into fresh clothes. “I’ll drive to the university and find him now.”

“Great. I’ll let you know where to find us. If we can ever figure out where we’re going.” Jin, who is listening in on the conversation, lifts his hand up in the universal language to wait just a little more. On the other hand, Hoseok is too absorbed in the map to focus on anything else.

“Sorry, baby,” Jungkook apologises again, and after you assure him that it’s fine and wish him good luck, he hangs up. Just then Hoseok beckons for him to come closer, pointing at the marked red squares on the monitor.

“I don’t know what animal we’re looking for, so there are quite a few slaughterhouses to check out,” the botany expert explains the numerous red spots on the screen, and Jungkook bites back a curse. The closest one has to be an hour’s drive away from their current location.

“Let’s get moving,” Jungkook quickly doles out commands to the search teams, mostly ready and waiting, their response now getting faster as they gain more experience with each case. There’s no time to wait for Yoongi. Besides, the last evidence; the necklace with the blood vial, is going with Jin to the lab, so they can proceed without the pedologist.

As Jungkook presses his foot on the accelerator pedal of the car harder than necessary, speeding towards one of the nearest destinations, he mentally compares the dead girl they have just left to the photo Taehyung has shown him earlier. A proper identification still needs to be done, but she is definitely Linda, who is best friends with Taehyung’s girlfriend. Jungkook’s heart grows heavier, knowing that this means that the girl they are now looking for is most likely Dinah, the girl Taehyung didn’t manage to meet up with last night.

Hoseok points out the first Monterey pine that they come across, describing the features of the tall tree; the needle-like leaves growing in threes, thin and blunt at the tips, the long, brown cones attached to the branches at oblique angles, and the dark grey bark. Jungkook quietly stores away the information should he need it in the future, but he is more driven to find the second missing girl. The search teams move from slaughterhouse to slaughterhouse, most of them medium in size, but some large, and all of them empty. As Jin has informed them before they parted ways, slaughtering of animals is usually done in autumn or early winter, so that large quantities of meat can be preserved more easily.

Precious minutes pass into an hour, then two, each making Jungkook more anxious. His phone is clutched tightly in his hand, desperate for a call from Jin, but is quickly forgotten in the frantic search until it finally rings.

“Hello?” Jungkook picks up the call, but he can hardly make out the reply due to the horrible cell phone signal in the rural area they are presently in.

“Tried to… can’t reach you… the blood…” The voice is a garbled version of Jin’s normally melodic tone.

“What?” Jungkook raises his voice, although that hardly helps the bad connection.

“… pig! PIG!” The older man shouts the most vital information through the phone, and Jungkook runs to find Hoseok immediately.

“It’s pig’s blood,” Jungkook relays the detail to Hoseok, who pulls up three addresses at once.

“They’re not very far from here,” he says, and Jungkook thanks his lucky stars, even though it may be premature as he ropes in the botanist with him to head to the furthest pig abattoir. The other two teams are investigating the other places Hoseok has listed. Jungkook supposes that ‘not very far’ is relative, since it takes them twenty minutes to reach the building, which is small in comparison to the previous slaughterhouses.

As with the other abattoirs, this one is empty except for the equipment and tools stored for when the place is used to butcher pigs. Jungkook walks across the enormous room next to Hoseok, passing the overhead rail where the dressing hooks are fastened, all dangling without the burden of the slaughtered pigs, past the dehairing machine and scalding vat, all empty, right to the stunning pen.

“Ugh, I’m not so sure I want to know where my meat is coming from –” Hoseok’s mutters stop when they round the corner into the holding pen. The sight that awaits them there is the most gruesome that Jungkook has ever seen.

Afternoon sunlight shines into the otherwise dark room, illuminating a towering wooden frame standing in the middle of the space. An honest-to-God guillotine. The sound of Hoseok’s footsteps rushing out, retching is hardly registered by Jungkook, as his ears are drowned by the loud, furious thumping of his angry heart.

The weighted blade has been released, the wood surrounding it now stained red by the blood of its kill. No container has been placed to catch the severed part. Therefore, a sickening lurch threatens to turn Jungkook’s stomach inside out when he spots Dinah’s decapitated head lying not far from the contraption. Before he weakens and joins Hoseok in vomiting the contents of his stomach outside, Jungkook quickly canvasses the scene and leaves the building, barking out orders for the other crime scene officers to follow up.

As soon as they start the drive back to the city, Jungkook and Hoseok, now joined by Namjoon, dissect the latest case. Before leaving, Jungkook has managed to keep his wits and cool about long enough to examine the holding pen. A candle had been placed underneath the rope holding up the eerily sharp blade. Namjoon estimates that they only had four to six hours before the flame from the candle burnt through the rope, releasing the heavy blade and killing the poor student. Explaining to Taehyung that his girlfriend has been killed so mercilessly isn’t going to be easy.

As a result, Jungkook is physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted when he finally drives home, but his mind refuses to stop thinking about this series of murders. This time, the clues were fairly easy to decipher, however, it comes with a cost. It doesn’t slip his notice that the time allotted for them to find the second girls are growing less with each case. They had five days at the start, cut down several for the second one, then the time was shortened to one night, and this time they only had several hours. Likewise, the cool down period between the kidnappings are also growing shorter. He can’t help but lament the fact that the rush to find the second victims distracts them from finding the root of the problem – the killer.

“Kookie! I tried to call, but I couldn’t seem to reach you,” your voice is both anxious and hopeful at the same time as you open the door with Yoongi standing right behind you. A rueful shake of Jungkook’s head tells both of you all you need to know; with his failure, the body count has increased.

“I’m so sorry. I was so busy with work that I forgot to charge my phone,” Yoongi apologises as you grab Jungkook’s trembling hand with both your own. Jungkook assures your friend that his presence wouldn’t have helped much in this instance, but before he can go into any details, another figure emerges from inside the house.

“Don’t you guys think it’ll be better to talk inside?”

Guilt fills Jungkook when he sees Jimin. He can’t even remember when he last saw his best friend since his childhood days. However, Jimin’s sweet smile hasn’t changed, and it assuages the tumultuous emotions raging within Jungkook as they all move the discussion indoors.

The Price to Rise: Part 2 [Jimin | Prince Eric]

The Price to Rise [Jimin | Prince Eric]

Word count: 5,598 words

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Disney AU, fluff, angst

Prologue | Jimin (Part 1) | Jungkook | Seokjin | Yoongi | Taehyung | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin (The choice: Part 2) | Epilogue


“Now, it’s time to choose,” Bang Sihyuk declares, while your mind is still reeling from your latest adventure.

“Ch-choose?” You ask dumbly.

“Yes! Didn’t I tell you?” Part of you have expected something like this to happen, but technically he hasn’t told you. He sighs dramatically as if you’re the most incompetent girl he has ever had the misfortune to meet, and explains. “You’ve met seven different men. All handsome, gentlemanly and desirable, even if I do say so myself,” he places a hand on his chest as he chuckles, while you work to keep a straight face. Why does he look so proud? It’s as if they’re his sons or something.

“From the time you’ve spent with them, you’ve gotten to know a little bit about who they are. So of the seven men, who do you see yourself with till the end? With whom do you want to try and shoot for a happily ever after? Which man do you want to kiss?”

This is a surprisingly loaded question. From having no men in your life, you are suddenly presented with seven choices. Seven delectable options.

The shy yet adorable Prince Jimin.

The playful, carefree Jungkook.

The gorgeous and charming Prince Jin.

The mysterious but alluring Prince Yoongi.

The daredevil yet kind Taehyung.

The heart-lifting, gentle Prince Hoseok.

Or the courageous and confident Namjoon.

It’s almost impossible to choose. Almost. However, even as you’re imagining each of them in your head, one man outshines the rest. Prince Jimin. Even though you have spent more time with some of the other men, the scant two days with him is enough for the handsome young prince to capture your heart. Even as you remember how you left things with him, at the beach with his lips so close to yours, butterflies suddenly emerge to flutter in your stomach.

As your ‘godmother’, Bang Sihyuk has said in his carefully chosen words, the future with Jimin is still not certain. Things may go wrong. He was so close to kissing you, just a little more to seal the deal so you can remain a human forever by his side, but you know by now that anything can happen.

However, even with the threat of turning into sea foam if you don’t manage to kiss Jimin in the last day you have left, there’s no one you want to see again more than the bashful prince. Just one more day with him is more desirable to you than decades with anyone else.

Mind made up, your head swivels to look at Bang Sihyuk. “I choose Prince Jimin.”

“Excellent choice!” Your fairy godmother exclaims, swiftly tapping the door upon hearing your answer. A soft glow illuminates it for a few moments before it turns to its previous white.

“Wait!” You try to pause his movements as he twists the doorknob to open it. “What happens if I go back inside? Am I going to stay there forever? What about my life here?!”

So many questions spin around in your head, but they are all going unanswered, because Bang Sihyuk has either missed hearing them or is pretending not to hear and choosing not to answer. Instead he opens the door and pushes you through. “Good luck!” Is the last thing you hear from him before a curtain of blackness overtakes your vision.

All of a sudden, you feel your surroundings change, even though your eyes are closed. The salty smell of the sea hits your nose when you inhale, a cool breeze caresses your body and you can feel the fine grains of sand brushing against your skin where you sit on the beach. Calloused hands cup the side of your face, gently brushing your hair away, and a tingle of excitement courses through your body when you feel Jimin’s warm breath softly blowing against you. You are so close. He is about to kiss you.

A deluge of sea water suddenly slaps you in the face, causing you to sputter and open your eyes. The saffron of the setting sun greets your eyes, casting dreamy red and orange hues over the sparkling water. Your gaze drifts to a more beautiful sight next to you; the heart-stoppingly handsome Prince Jimin, with water droplets dripping from the ends of his fringe, gasping from the shock of the huge wave hitting the two of you just as he was about to touch your lips.

“That will teach me to attempt such an inappropriate move towards a lady,” he laughs. You would join in his amusement except that you are sorely disappointed that the kiss you are desperate for got interrupted so unexpectedly. You should have known that it won’t be this easy. So you plaster on the best smile you can muster and place your hand into his offered one, allowing him to help you get on your feet.

“We should get back. I don’t want you to catch a cold,” he says as he picks up his jacket, which has miraculously survived most of the wave attack and wrap it around your shoulders. You can’t help but melt at the gesture, especially when he slides his arm around your waist to steer you towards the castle. Your aim for a kiss with Jimin may have been foiled, but it’s hard to be too upset when the heat from him is seeping through his body to yours, keeping you from shivering from the chill of the imminent nightfall. However, a sense of foreboding rings through you when you glance back at the sea. The line where the water meets the shore is quite a distance away from where you sat, and the sand is dry all around except where the wave attacked the very spot you and Jimin were sitting.

Dinner is a much subdued affair tonight compared to the night before. You sit as Jimin recounts the tale of his outing with you to Grimsby, unable to say anything since to your dismay, your voice has disappeared once you reentered this world. It is the price you have paid after all, so you can’t complain. For the two men, only one day has passed between this dinner and the last, but it has been so much longer for you. Countless escapades with six other men have filled days, some taking up even months, of your life, leaving you both excited and exhausted at the same time, but being here has calmed you down somewhat. It feels like you’ve returned to the place where you are meant to be. You are home. And deep inside you know that home is wherever Jimin is.

As if he knows what you’re thinking and wanting to hit the point home even more, Jimin steals glances at you every chance he gets. Every flick of his warm brown eyes is accompanied with a barely contained grin and a soft blush of his cheeks, causing yours to burn in delight and your stomach to flip joyfully, like a teenager falling in love for the first time. Fortunately, Grimsby is too engrossed in the crab on his plate to notice the increasingly blatant looks that Jimin is throwing your way.

Part of you is actually hoping for the meal to come to a close so you can spend some time alone with Jimin, and it seems that he is thinking along the same lines, if the speed with which he stands to help you out of your seat is any indication. However, before he can do anything more than place his hand on the small of your back, Grimsby clears his throat. “Beg your pardon, Prince Jimin, there is something that we need to discuss.”

Your heart sinks a little at this, but the way Jimin’s brow furrows in displeasure relieves the disappointment, if only a smidgen. “Can’t it wait?” It is obvious that he would rather walk you to your room than have a discussion with Grimsby, but the old man is relentless. “I’m afraid it is rather urgent.”

With poorly masked frustration, Jimin apologises to you, but you shake your head and give him a reassuring smile, gesturing for him to go ahead while you head to your room. Perhaps this is for the best. You need to think of a way to get him to kiss you or for you to kiss him yourself. Your life is potentially at stake here; there is no room for being old fashioned and wait for him to make the first move.

After you change into your night clothes a comfortable white cotton slip you head towards the double doors directly opposite the entrance of your room and push them open. Immediately the cool breeze from the sea hits your face and you close your eyes, enjoying the gentle wind blowing against your skin and playing with your hair.

Memories of the tour of the castle that Jimin has given you that morning drifts to the forefront of your mind when you lean against the balustrade and look down from the balcony. On your first day here, you were brought to this chamber by one of the maids and never put too much thought into it, but suddenly you wonder if Jimin has chosen this room for you himself. In the distance, you can see the vast expanse of the ocean sprawled out before you, but directly below you is the private garden that Jimin has shown you earlier. Is there a reason why you are staying in this room, or are you reading too much into it?

As if on cue, you see the man himself stroll out through one of the doors into the garden. His steps are slow, deliberate. Perhaps he is mulling some things over in his head. You wish that you can call out to him, but alas, you can’t call for his attention unless you jump over the railing, and your days are numbered as it is. You have no intention to rush towards death, so you content yourself with observing him from afar.

Much like you when you headed out to the balcony, the sea captures his attention. Both of you enjoy the sound of the waves lapping against the shore, distant, but the calm notes are carried by the night air well, giving the impression of the sea being closer to you than it actually is. After several minutes pass, Jimin finally tears his gaze away from the ocean and lifts his head in the direction of your room. His delicate features immediately break into a wide smile when he sees you, and you beam back at him, lifting your hand to return his enthusiastic wave.

Just as the thought of heading downstairs to join him crosses your mind, a melodic voice flows through the night, threatening to overpower the lapping of the ocean on the beach. Surprised, your eyes rake the view before you, trying to pinpoint the source of the familiar sound, and you can see the confused, hopeful look upon Jimin’s face before he turns away from you towards the sea. It’s clear that he recognises the voice as well, a voice that you realise with a heavy heart you know very, very well your own.

Sure enough, a figure is walking along the beach, singing softly with the voice that has been taken from you. The platinum blonde hair swishing about the Sea Witch lends an eerie air to her as she makes her way closer and closer to Jimin. You want to shout out for him to run away, a desperate wish that is destined to be unfulfilled. The strain on your throat grows with your futile attempts to call out to him as the Sea Witch gets closer, but there’s no use. The sea shell housing your voice glows brighter than the lonely stars above, the same instant that Jimin’s whole body glows ethereally in the moonlight, and you know that he has fallen under her spell.

You release your hold on the railing, unaware that you have been gripping it so tightly that your knuckles have turned white. With the goal to run to the garden and try to stop the Sea Witch from bewitching Jimin, you attempt to turn back inside, but you find that your feet are rooted to the ground, forcing you to stay in place. Enraged, you look down at the pair standing near the gazebo below you. Jimin’s back is facing towards you, his eyes on the Sea Witch but she has tilted her head to look up at you, triumphant fire blazing inside her ice blue eyes. She touches her spindly fingers to her lips and blows you a kiss, and that is the last thing you see before darkness descends.


The next time you open your eyes it is due to the jarring caws and squarks of the seagulls. Soft colours of the early morning greets you, kind compared to the aches that are plaguing your body from spending the night on the cold hard floor. Disoriented, you take a few seconds to remember how you ended up sprawling on a balcony facing the sea. Then memories of last night’s events come crashing back into your mind, and you hurriedly get up to tear across your bedroom, only donning a robe so you don’t appear too scandalous in your thin nightgown.

In your frenzy to find Jimin, you ignore the funny and confused looks thrown your way by the people in the castle, being almost oblivious to them. The only thing that is on your mind is finding him before it is too late. At this point even unearthing the location of the Sea Witch is desirable. Somehow you need to break the spell that she has obviously put on the prince.

However, Jimin, the Sea Witch, not even Grimsby is anywhere to be found. With every inch of the castle that you canvass, the desperation inside you grows. Your eyes scan the western dock wildly even though you can see that the place is deserted, but just as you are about to return indoors, a chorus of female voices calling your name causes you to turn around and run to the edge of the water. Just breaking the surface are six beautiful mermaids; your sisters.

“Y/n,” Aquata, your eldest sister runs her bright blue eyes up and down your figure, now transformed to become very different from her own. “How could you do this?”

Your face falls. Even though they are not the family you’re technically born into, they are is still the family of the mermaid whose body you are occupying. You can’t help but feel bad about the selfish decision you have made to become human, leaving them behind, but ultimately you can’t bring yourself to regret the contract you have made with the Sea Witch, even now. It has brought you to Jimin and for that you will forever be grateful for the opportunity.

Either way, you can’t express your apology beyond a scrunch of your face, since your ability to speak has been robbed from you. Fortunately for you, Adella swims forward, albeit a little reluctantly, her action spurred on by Arista’s push. Your older sister bites her lower lip, seemingly unsure of what to say, her eyes downcast. Then, with a deep breath, she looks up at you, her features full of remorse.

“I’m really sorry, y/n,” her words surprising you. “I didn’t mean to send you to the Sea Witch, it’s just…” At this point, her lips tremble with the weight of her confession. “She promised me that she would help me get Jason if I send you to her. I didn’t know that her deal would end up with you dying!”

It takes some time for you to remember who Jason is; the merman who has been pining over you, and asked you out just after you first arrived in this world. Feeling a little lost and unable to ask, you throw a quizzical look at Adella, who is quick enough to pick up on your confusion.

“I’ve actually had a crush on Jason for a long time now,” she explains. “But I’m too much of a coward to tell him how I feel, especially since he only has eyes for you. So when the Sea Witch told me that she can get him to pay attention to me instead of you, I agreed to do what she asked me to do. She only told me to get you to ask her for help instead of Father, that he would refuse to help you anyway, so I did it. I didn’t think that she would put such a price on your request. I’m really sorry.”

You shake your head, trying to convey to her that it’s not her fault. She may have convinced you to ask the Sea Witch for help, but you have understood the contract and signed it out of your own volition. There is no one to blame for this predicament but yourself. However, Adella is not in a state to absolve herself of responsibility. “I told the others about what happened,” she gestures to your five other sisters, all of whom look familiar even though this is really the first time you’ve actually met them. The feeling of knowing them without ever meeting them is bizarre, but you’ve gotten used to it after your adventures with the seven men. It’s funny how you can even sense that there is something different about the young mermaids. Then you realise the reason their long, gorgeous hair have all been cut short.

“We saw the Sea Witch last evening and asked her to annul the contract, but she said it’s impossible. So we did the next best thing.” You are afraid to ask what the next best thing is. Just the sight of their missing hair clues you in on how much they have sacrificed for your sake. For a mermaid, hair is a most precious commodity. Handing it to someone else consciously basically means the receiver dictates the mermaid’s actions until her hair grows back to its original length. “We traded our hair for this.” She produces a black dagger that mysteriously glints in blueish hues as it catches the light. “Use this to kill the prince. Then you have to smear his blood on your legs to return back into a mermaid before you change into sea foam tomorrow morning.”

The weapon is thrust in your direction but you refuse to take it. Kill Jimin? There is no way you can possibly do that. Sensing your hesitation, your sisters urge you to take the dagger. “Please, y/n! You will die if you don’t!”

Still, you shake your head. Even if it costs you your life, you can’t murder the man you love. You’d rather die than live knowing that he no longer exists, that his death is by your hand. However, your sisters have made an ultimate sacrifice for your sake and they are not taking no for an answer, and every moment you spend here trying to argue with them is another second wasted. Finding Jimin and breaking the spell on him is of the utmost importance. So you relent and take the dagger.

After your sisters wish you luck, you race back into the castle, wondering where you should look next, but your search is cut short when Grimsby spots you. He rushes towards you and march you back to your room, explaining the situation on the way.

“Prince Jimin has declared that he has found the woman of his dreams, and wants to get married immediately.” You freeze at the news, heart ceasing to function, but Grimsby doesn’t notice that you have stopped in your tracks. He simply increases the pressure of his hand on your back, forcing you to move forward. “You need to get ready to attend the wedding, the ship is going to sail soon.”

Grimsby’s words leaves you a little perplexed, but you dutifully let a maid change you into an intricate dress that you can never put on your own. Luckily you manage to put the dagger away before anyone can see it, and in the small window after the maid exits the room and Grimsby returns to get you, you hide the weapon in the many folds of your skirt. It won’t do for someone to find it in your room they may get the wrong idea and you don’t want to invite more trouble than necessary. You know that you will be the initiator of a lot of mess today as it is.

You’re almost in a daze as Grimsby leads you out to the main dock where a huge, fancy ship is waiting. It may have been extremely short notice, but you can’t help but notice that a lot of detail has gone into decorating the ship for the wedding. Fresh flowers and white drapes litter the sides of the vessel which starts to move as soon as you and Grimsby get on board.

“Are you okay? You look a little sick,” he observes. You are not surprised by his comment there is no doubt you look pale from worry and fright, maybe even a little green. However, you shake your head and allow him to lead you to the upper deck. Rows of chairs decorated with lilies face an altar where a wizened man stands waiting to perform the ceremony. Next to him is Jimin, clad in a black suit, looking so beautiful that he takes your breath away. Yet at the same time you are filled with dread and panic, knowing what is about to happen if you don’t do something.

However, before you can get up from your chair in the last row that Grimsby has steered you into, the organ some poor sod has been forced to lug onto the ship starts playing, and a low, warning growl fills your ears. You turn to see the Sea Witch; her hair pulled up into an elegant bun, wrapped in a pretty eggshell-coloured dress, her lips curving into a deceptively happy, beguiling smile, but you know better. Just behind her skirt is Max, snarling at her and straining against the leash that a flustered man is tightly holding onto.

“Quiet, you stupid mutt,” she mutters from the corner of her mouth, the cruel words unheard by most of the attendees and unheeded by Max. You jolt in your seat involuntarily. She’s definitely using your voice! The conch shell holding the payment you have made to her is resting against the valley between her breasts, posing as a lovely accessory to her wedding get-up. Ignoring Max’s protests, she marches forward, a smirk tugging on one end of her lips when she sees you among the guests.

The time is now. You need to act now, otherwise it will be too late. Jimin will marry an evil witch without his consent, and you will be sentenced to death just the morning after. You can’t let that happen. Especially when she is using your voice to make sure that you can’t hold your end of the bargain. Furious and filled with purpose, you stand up moments after she walks past you and grip her shoulder with one hand while trying to grab the shell with the other.

Her reaction is swift, immediate, as if she has been anticipating your move. A struggle ensues in front of the first row, just shy of the altar, the scandalised complaints and mumblings of the guests falling on deaf ears, but they seem to have no idea what to do, since Jimin is looking on the scene unfolding right in front of him without showing any reaction whatsoever.

The Witch is a lot stronger than she looks, but luckily for you, the chaos allows Max to break free from the man who has been restraining him and he rushes to your aid. Never have you seen a sweet dog act so viciously, barking and snapping at the Witch’s legs until he manages to bite her ankle. She yells in pain and kicks the poor animal with such force that he flies off of her and hit a pillar with a whimper, causing the vase of flowers resting on top of it to topple over and shatter into a thousand pieces.

The distraction helps you seize the brown and white shell away from her without much trouble. However, her violent movements as she struggles to fight off Max makes you lose your hold on it, the chain snapping and the shell falling onto the floor of the ship where the fragile container breaks.

“NO!” Shouts the Sea Witch, but it’s too late. Golden wisps escape the remains of the shell, making its way towards you, and your gasp is at last audible as you experience the heedy sensation of regaining your voice.

“Y/n?” Jimin’s soft voice calls your name, looking bewilderedly at his surroundings.

“Jimin!” You answer. Oh, it’s so good to be able to say his name at long last.

His eyes widen upon hearing you, and he darts forward. “Your voice! It was you all along!”

However, before he can reach you, the Witch pulls you backwards by your arm harshly. Pain shoots through you as you fall on your back and she pounces on you, holding a shard of the broken vase in her hand. “How dare you spoil my plans,” she hisses with anger in her own raspy tone.

“Why are you doing this to me? To my sisters? My family has done nothing wrong to you!” Even though you are defenseless and terrified, you just can’t believe that she would do this without a reason, and you are determined to get to the bottom of it.

Her laughter at your statement is mirthless and full of bitterness. “Your family has done nothing? Ha! I suppose you don’t know that your precious father, the beloved king of Atlantica was the one who chased me out of the kingdom, forcing me to live in the outskirts like some rubbish that no one wants, and for what? Just for serving the good people some good quality spells! It’s not my fault if they can’t finish the payment!”

She laughs almost maniacally. “I wonder how he would feel when he finds out that his beloved youngest daughter is about to die, and your sisters now all under my control. Now, you will all pay the price.” With that, she plunges the sharp piece of glass down, narrowly missing your face when you have the sense to dodge the blow, but you don’t have much room to run with her pressing your body down with her own. Your hand latches on to her wrist, trying to stop her from attacking again while the other frantically searches the dagger you have hidden in your clothes.

Just as you are about to lose hope on finding it and about to receive a possibly fatal strike, a loud scream tears from her throat. She looks back and you see Jimin holding the handle of the dagger that you must have dropped in the earlier struggle, the end of it plunged into the Sea Witch’s leg.

“Why you…” Changing targets, she turns around to release her wrath upon Jimin. It is a testament to her strength that the strong Prince is actually straining against her, the movements he has to make to avoid the flurry of swipes with the glass shard making it difficult for him to land any attack of his own.

You scramble to your wobbly feet, intending to help, but Jimin cautions you not to get any nearer. “Stay away! Let me handle this lunatic. I refuse to let her harm you or your family.”

The Witch makes a swipe, aiming for Jimin’s jugular, but he is too quick for her, leaning back to avoid it as he catches her wrist and plunging the dagger into her heart. An ear-splitting screech escapes her as she collapses. You feel a little sick, watching thick black liquid spurt from the wound instead of blood. All of a sudden the world comes back into focus, and you can hear screaming from the small crowd behind you.

Exhausted and overwhelmed, your knees buckle, but before your legs give way, Jimin catches you in his arms. Concerned mumbles fall from his lips as he looks you over, making sure that you are unharmed. You assure him that you are not, cupping his face, pale with shock in your hands so you can gaze into his eyes.

“Jimin,” you whisper. There are so many things you want to say, yet you seem to be unable to utter anything other than his name.

“I can’t believe that it was you all along,” he breathes. In the back of your mind you can hear Grimsby trying to call for order and return the ship back to the docks, but for all you care, all that matters is this small bubble that you and Jimin are in. “The woman I fell in love with is the person who saved me from the shipwreck. What are the odds?” He laughs, making you soar with his confession.

“You love me?” You can hardly believe it. Jimin actually loves you. He loves you. To prove his point, he dips his head with a small smile. You only have a split second to see his dewy lips before it descends into yours. His kiss is sweet yet passionate, tender yet aggressive, loving yet possessive, and you want to drown in it forever. When he finally breaks the kiss to chase his breath, you can’t help notice but the sun has set. The last rays of sunshine are slowly fading into night, and fear seeps into you. Did you make it in time?

The trip back to the castle is short. Everyone is worried about their Prince, confused about what just happened, but Jimin dismisses their concerns with a quick, truthful explanation before he takes you away from them. He is adamant on having some time alone with you, leading you back to his private stretch of beach.

It is well past midnight by now but neither of you feel like sleeping. Instead he makes you fill him in on the details, and you indulge him. Tales of your mermaid origin astonishes him, but he has no trouble believing you. The gentle ocean breeze soothes both your nerves as you explain to him the deal that you made with the Witch, and what your sisters have sacrificed in exchange for your life.

“Well, since she’s dead now, the curse on your sisters should be released, shouldn’t it?”

“It should be,” you say, feeling confident about this, since the trade is only binding between your sisters and the Witch. What you are concerned with now is your own fate. Jimin’s fingers, interlaced with yours tightens as he also ponders the question.

“So if I didn’t kiss you, you will turn into sea foam when the sun rises?”

You nod, lips pressing into a grim line. The time is fast approaching. Night has passed by so quickly while you were strolling and talking to Jimin, and already the sky is becoming lighter with the promise of the encroaching morning.

Jimin stops in his tracks and steps in front of you, a determined look etched upon his handsome features. He never fails to take your breath away. “I’m sure that I kissed you before the sun set,” he insists confidently. There is no doubt that the kiss you shared was the kiss of true love. You know in your heart that it was. “You have nothing to worry about.”

Tears threaten to overflow as you nod, believing in him, yet the uncertainty is daunting and scares you out of your wits. He holds you close to him, a firm hand pressing onto the small of your back, unwilling to let you go and the other brushing your hair gently before resting against your cheek. Instinctively, you lean into his heated touch. When he brings you even closer, you eagerly oblige, closing the distance to share another kiss, one that is full of love, desperation, fear and hope. The warmth of the sun hits you but you ignore it, willing for time to stop.

Unfortunately, no matter how you wish for it, time goes on. However, when the kiss is reluctantly broken, the sun has risen, and here you are, still safe in his tight embrace. Your utter relief is mirrored upon Jimin’s face, followed by giddy laughter as he lifts you by the waist and spins you around in joy. Overwhelming happiness such as this is something new to you; never could you have imagined that you can love so deeply and receive so much love in return that your heart feels like bursting with it all.

Before you get too dizzy, Jimin slowly drops you back to the ground. His grin stretches from ear to ear, and he swallows your elated laughter with another kiss. Your lips curl into a smile against his, eyes closed, surrendering yourself to this exquisite sensation that you can never get enough of.

Then suddenly, it all disappears. Without Jimin to keep you steady, you fall forward, almost hitting your office desk. You look around, panic filling you, trying to look for Jimin, Bang Sihyuk, anyone, but the only activity you can see is the screensaver playing on your monitor facing you.

What the hell?

No Hands (M)

Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Dom!Jin, master/pet, squirting, overstimulation, ass play, toys

Word count: 4,042 words

A/N: I suddenly got the idea for this filth when I wanted to love Jin more after seeing so many appreciate Jin posts like 2-3 weeks back…


Many see Jin as a jester. A comic, a source of laughter and the brunt of jokes, rarely more. Oftentimes you wonder if the girls who claim to fall for him are simply enamoured because of his looks and nothing else. But he is more than an eye candy. Although many may not realise it, Jin is a person with substance. He has feelings, he feels pain and insecurity, his thoughts run deep, but he only shows these sides to the people who are lucky enough to be close to him. You are one of the lucky ones. Actually, you are even luckier than most because there is a side of him that he shows only to you.

In front of most people, Jin never stops making jokes, playing and horsing around. Little does everyone know that when he’s alone with you, he still likes to play around. However, his games turn deliciously wicked, the angelic smile he wears in public becomes sinister. The  people who know you would find it even more surprising that you can’t get enough of it. Usually Jin has no problems giving what you want and letting you win most of your arguments, preferring to make his girlfriend happy unless he strongly disagrees with you. He is just as kind and sweet as he looks. However, when you’re in bed… His word is law, and you live to please him. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

“My beautiful little bunny rabbit,” he coos into your ear from behind, placing his hands on the sides of your waist. Those simple words and touch send shivers running down your spine. He moves from your ear down your neck, not quite touching you yet you’re already tilting your head away, exposing the expanse of your neck to him. As he continues to breathe on your delicate skin, you know he’s smirking at your obliging behaviour, but you don’t care. He loves having this much control, and you love him lording his power over you.

“Master,” you whisper when he finally makes contact, his lips planting kisses along the slope between your ear to your shoulder blades. You find it hard to control yourself when he begins to attack the crook of your neck, sucking and nipping the flesh to leave a bruise. Your hands are curled into tight fists by your side, wanting to give in to the urge, to reach back for him…

“You will be a good girl for me tonight, hmm?” It is more of a statement than a question, a reminder that your limbs should remain where they are until told otherwise. You nod mutely, not quite trusting your voice. All your powers of concentration are concentrated on not touching him, or grind against the insistent bulge that you can feel poking against your ass.

He hums softly as his hands slide up over your rib cage towards your breasts. He loves it when you forgo a bra, and you have to admit that part of the reason you do it so often is to get this reaction from him. The flimsy material of your white shirt does nothing to shield your breasts from Jin’s heated touch. Nor does it hide the fact that your nipples get hard from just one flick of his thumbs.

“Wow. Would you look at this,” he teases and you obediently look down to see your pebbled buds being rolled around his long, elegant fingers through your clothes. “Already so hard. Such a naughty pet.” His ministrations are sending sharp arrows down to your core, but just as your breath stutters, he releases your taut peaks, cupping the undersides of your heavy breasts before making his way down your stomach. Your pussy dampens even more in anticipation when his right hand moves closer to the band of your panties, only partly covered with your slightly oversized shirt, but you should have known better. Jin would never give you satisfaction that easily – you’ll have to earn it.

However, he bypasses your hungry pussy through the hips that he has always admired, arriving between your legs. Wordlessly he coaxed them to part just enough so he can slip his hand in between your inner thighs. You resign yourself to the slow burn of him drawing tantalising circles so close to your center but never quite touching where you need him most, while his mouth shifts back up to the side of your face. Your earlobe is pulled between his teeth, his tongue flicking it back and forth, gradually readying you for what’s to come.

“Does my little bunny want to please me?” He blows against the shell of your ear, breathing in your intoxicating scent.

“Yes, Master, so much,” you plead.

“Good.” With that, he pulls his hands and mouth away. You fight against the whine that threatens to escape you at the loss of contact. “Now strip.”

The command is soft, calm, almost kind even, but you hasten to comply. He walks around to face you so he can watch as your fingertips pinch the hem of your shirt. You lift the piece of clothing upwards at an excruciating pace, revelling in his greedy gaze, eating up the sight of your skin being exposed to him, inch by inch. Finally you toss the material onto the floor, then hook your thumb into the waistband of your panties. Its descent down your legs is faster than the speed with which you used to take off your shirt, giving away your growing impatience. When you bend down to slide it completely off, Jin places a hand on your shoulder, and you continue to follow the unspoken command to sink down until your knees hit the plush carpet.

Tilting your head up, you watch him pull his hoodie over his head, tousling his brown hair in the process, before unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. You wait anxiously, but instead he stops and motions with a nod of his head for you to continue instead. Excited hands reach for his pants but before you can yank it down, he stops you, “Ah ah ah. No hands.”

Of all the games that Jin likes to play with you, this is his favourite. It’s also the one you find to be the most torturous and difficult, yet it is one that always, always drives you crazy. In the best possible way. Hoping that he won’t extend this order for very long, you clasp your hands behind your back in the position that you’re now familiar with. The dark look that his face has taken on makes you rub your legs together unconsciously with excitement, a move that he fortunately misses as you get to work on undressing him without the aid of your hands.

It is an arduous task, made more difficult by the erection that is straining against the unforgiving material. Still, you persevere, ignoring the roughness of the jeans against your tongue and the roof of your mouth, making sure to grip his boxers between your teeth to pull down as well. He stays silent as you struggle with the task, only helping by giving the smallest of wriggles here and there to make your job easier. Bit by bit his large member is revealed to you, and along with its revelation, the faint scent of Jin mingled with the fresh smell of soap. It clouds your mind and you pause to breathe it in, letting it boil your insides with lust and the singular need to pleasure him.

The desire refuels your efforts and you tug his clothes down with renewed vigour. You can hear him chuckle softly at your urgency but you don’t care. “Tsk tsk. So impatient,” Jin’s mock disapproval is ignored as you celebrate the victory of freeing his rigid cock. Saliva pools in your mouth at the sight but you can’t afford to be distracted. After getting past his shapely buttocks, the rest is a cakewalk, and in no time the clothes are pooled at his feet and you’re grinning up at him, satisfied with your achievement.

“Good girl,” he praises, brushing his hand from the top of your head down to the side of your jaw, and you lean into his touch. His thumb draws soothing circles against your cheek before he directs your lips against his throbbing dick.

“Do you want a taste?” It’s more of a tease than a question for he knows what your answer will be. Your lips brush against the tip as you nod, and he releases his hold on you.

Since you obviously haven’t earned his permission to use your hands, you lean forward, wrapping your mouth around his cock, slowly taking more and more of him until your nose is buried into his lower stomach. He hisses at the feeling of your warmth surrounding him. You’re determined to remain there as long as possible, so you alternate between focusing on inhaling through your nose and swallowing around his length. It doesn’t take long for Jin to let out a loud groan and card his fingers through your hair. There is no pressure behind it though, he’s not forcing himself on you, and eventually you’re overwhelmed and is forced to retreat.

However, you’re far from done. As you suck the head of his cock voraciously, you wish you have the use of your hands to pump his shaft. Jin is making you work for it, having you run your tongue all over his length, then latching onto the head again, before bobbing your head on his cock while he softly massages your scalp, his hold keeping you steady.

You alternate between pumping his cock with your mouth and devouring him whole, all the time swallowing and humming, heightening the pleasure and he doesn’t hold back. Streams of praises between his moans boost your ego and keep you going until you feel his digits pulling on your hair, and you allow him to hold you still so he can face fuck you. Your eyes fill with tears as his tip rams against the back of your throat but you don’t stop him, trying to relax your jaw as much as you can until bursts of his hot cum explodes into your throat and floods your mouth. You swallow every drop like you haven’t had any liquid for weeks and he’s your oasis, making sure to lick every inch of his cock clean before you reluctantly release him.

“Open up,” he commands, and you obey, sticking your tongue out to show him. A possessive smile decorates his angelic face when he confirms that you have gulped down all of his cum. “Very good. Now get on the bed.”

You nearly buckle at your knees as you get up, the lower half of your body weakened by the prolonged contact with the ground and the dull ache between your legs. Jin quickly catches you before you fall, plants a chaste kiss on your lips and helps you onto the bed.

Laying sprawled on the bed makes you feel completely exposed to him, but you’ve learnt not to be shy in front of Jin. He has long since assured you that he loves your body just the way it is, that any imperfections in your looks makes you more special to him. The way he looks at you, touches you, kisses you and treats you, whether it is in bed or out, makes you feel as loved and protected as a queen. What you admire most about him is that he’s aware of his shortcomings and is always working to improve, yet he strives to see the positive side of things. Perhaps some of that has rubbed off on you and helped make you more sure of yourself and comfortable in your own skin.

However, it’s difficult to remain confident when he’s parting your legs to settle between them, his intense gaze focused on your flooding womanhood. “Look at you, dripping onto the mattress already and I haven’t even touched you yet,” he says with a smirk, and you fight the urge to close your legs off to him. He won’t be pleased if you do that. Although you can’t see it from your position, you can feel the dampness smeared all over your inner thighs, you’re that wet.

Jin slides the tip of his index finger up your slit, barely touching, but it’s enough to incite a shudder from you. He grins wickedly upon seeing your response and continues to tease you, running his digit up and down your folds, occasionally lightly brushing your clit. You’re quickly growing frustrated, squirming underneath him in an effort to withstand the torture, until it becomes so unbearable that without thinking, your hands move to reach for his wrist.

He stills immediately. “Did I say you can touch?” He asks menacingly. Duly chastised, you lower your arms back onto the bed. At least he decides that you’ve been tormented enough, and the finger finally slips into your needy pussy. A wanton moan from you follows the second finger and he begins to finger fuck you hard. Fortunately he doesn’t mind the mewls falling from your lips as your walls slowly tighten around him.

“Jin,” your warning is high-pitched, and he responds, “Go on. Come for me. I want to see you come all over my fingers.”

His words, coupled with the hook of his fingers to graze against your g-spot, are all you need to burst in ecstasy. From your hazy, half-lidded eyes you can see him continue to pump his fingers through your high, making clear liquid spurt out of you in bursts. You can’t seem to stop panting, your limbs are trembling and you’re not sure if you’ll ever regain your sanity but when he withdraws and shows you the aftermath, you still retain the decency to blush.

A mixture of arousal and embarrassment fills you as you watch the evidence of your orgasm trickle down Jin’s long, stately fingers. The palm of his hand is wet, and you can also see colourless spots glistening all over his forearm. “Such a dirty bunny. Squirting all over her master,” he growls and you bite your lower lip to keep from moaning in response, especially when his tongue darts out to lick it all up, commenting on how delicious you taste.

After he’s satisfied with his cleaning job, he surprises you by flopping down onto his stomach. His plump lips are dangerously close to your core and his warm breath hits your still tingling center, sending you into a panic. “Jin, what are you doing?!”

He looks up at you, eyebrow raised at the impertinent words but luckily for you, he lets it slide. “I’m doing what I want to do,” he answers right before he dives into your folds. Raspy tongue exploring your silken lower lips, flicking your oversensitive clit makes you yelp and scoot away, trying to escape but his reaction is lightning fast. A strong arm lands across your waist, keeping you in place and another shifts so he can shove two of his fingers back into your weeping pussy, leaving his mouth free to latch onto the small bundle of nerves crowning your womanhood.

The overstimulation that he’s unleashing on you is a little painful at first, but the discomfort blends into mind-numbing pleasure faster than you’re willing to admit. Before long, you know that he can feel your insides pressing down on his digits again. You call out his name but he stops, taking away his hand and releasing your throbbing clit with a pop. His irises have disappeared under the blown-out pupils and his voice has gone impossibly deep. “Not yet. Don’t you dare come.”

Gleefully taking in the look of alarm on your face, he goes back down on you, this time pushing his stiffened tongue into you as he pinches your nub between his fingers. You try your best to stave off your orgasm, but he has brought you too close to the edge. When his thumb presses hard into your clit, you lose all control. Your mind goes completely blank, unable to dictate your actions and your hands fly up to grab his soft hair, holding him in place as you scream his name in blinding release, bucking your hips into his sinful mouth and fingers uncontrollably.

You start apologising even before you can regain your bearings, but the damage is done. The dangerous gleam in his eyes cautions you to ignore the spike in your arousal at the sight of the lower half of his face covered in your juices. Without saying a word, he climbs off the bed to the drawers that he shares with you. You know better than to ask. That’s where the two of you keep the assortment of toys, and sure enough, when he returns, you can see the bottle of lubricant in his grip.

“Didn’t I tell you not to touch me?” His low volume makes his rhetorical question sound all the more threatening. “Didn’t I tell you not to come yet?”

You open your mouth to apologise again but he cuts you off. “You’ve been a bad girl. This calls for some punishment. Turn around.”

Without hesitation, you flip yourself around, lying on your stomach. A sharp slap on your ass cheeks prompts you to squeal and raise your ass up in the air, knees apart so your dripping sex is on display for him. The cool lube being spread around your asshole causes you to jolt, but you tell yourself to calm down and stay in place as he liberally applies the fluid around the rim. It’s hard not to fidget under his touch, as gentle as it is, ass play is something that is fairly new to you, and you’re still getting used to it.

A soft moan falls past your lips when you feel the pressure of his lubed pinky on your anus, slowly making its way inside you. The intrusion still feels a little alien to you, but the discomfort gradually lessens as he moves the small digit in and out of you, and when another joins it, you don’t find it to be painful.

The pressure increases when he bends over your body, but the kisses that he peppers all over the side of your face is soothing even as his hard cock pressing against your ass cheeks makes your heart race with anticipation. “Do you remember your safe word?” He whispers and you repeat it to reassure him that you do. You sigh in relief when he pulls his fingers out of you completely, but a part of you misses its presence more than you want him to know.

“You don’t think I’m done with you, do you, my pet?” He chortles ominously just before he elicits a loud gasp from you by pressing an unknown object into your ass. A butt plug. He must have brought it with the lube without you noticing. You’ve never seen one, so it’s probably new. It’s bigger than his fingers and you wiggle your hips, trying to adjust to its presence. After making sure that you can take the intrusion, he turns you around again so he can look into your eyes as he shoves his cock into your soaked pussy.

Groans, both yours and his, bounce off the walls of the room as he fills you to the brim. You’ve always half-jokingly told Jin that he’s too big for you, but with the butt plug inside you as well, you’re feeling particularly stuffed. Already your senses are going into overdrive, and another coil is forming in the depths of your stomach despite having cummed twice.

As if testing the waters, he slides in and out cautiously, almost leisurely, but as he builds the momentum, you know you don’t stand a chance. You hope that you can at least last long enough to get his permission to come, but with Jin pounding you into the mattress at such breakneck pace, it’s going to be next to impossible. Remembering that you’re not supposed to lay your hands on him, you grip the bedsheets in an effort to resist holding on to his broad shoulders to anchor yourself as you take on his powerful thrusts.

Even though Jin loves to have your firm grip on his body or your nails raking down his back while he fucks you to oblivion, he now finds that he also enjoys watching you struggle to refrain yourself from doing so upon his orders. The look in your eyes is pleading, your grasp on the bed covers desperate, but you know that this is your punishment for touching him before you are allowed to. The best thing is, he’s not even done with torturing you yet. No, he has one more surprise tucked up his sleeve.

Just as your voice grows in volume, he reduces his speed. Your moan is a mixture of relief and frustration at having your high taken away, but letting your guard down is a mistake. Leaning down, he captures your mouth in an intense kiss, moving and nipping with such force that your lips are sure to bruise, but you don’t care. Returning the kiss with equal fervour, you lose yourself so deeply in him that you don’t notice him reaching for the remote he has placed close by until he suddenly snaps his hips into yours the same time the plug inside your ass starts to vibrate.

Your startled cry causes him to smirk, but your subsequent moans are swallowed by his mouth. The vibration intensifies Jin’s pounding, which have accelerated into rapid fire, forceful thrusts. The knot in your belly has grown so taut that you’re afraid you may snap any second.

“Jin, Jin, please, I need to come, I can’t hold back any longer, Jin, please, please,” you beg, over and over, any sense of shame gone out the window, your body is already trembling with the force of your impending orgasm. He rests most of his weight on his forearms so he can watch the quivering mess he has reduced you to, his eyes almost black with lust and sadistic satisfaction.

Luckily for you, he can never withstand your tight channel for too long. “Does my little bunny want to come all over her Master’s dick?”

“Yes! Yes, Master, please, I’ll do anything,” you agree, not caring about how desperate you sound.

“Then come.” He accompanies his permission with an increase in speed, ramming into you so hard and deep, pressing against your cervix, pushing you off the edge. You scream as you finally let go, the force of your orgasm so powerful that you almost blacked out. Head thrown back against the pillows, back arched clear off the bed, your breasts shuddering in the air under his starving gaze, your hips bucking ferociously against his, feet shuffling against the mattress to fruitlessly attempt to find purchase.

Your already tight channel closes in on his cock even more so that he can hardly move and forces out his own high. With a loud roar he gives in to his needs, blowing up inside you, filling you up and letting you milk the last of his cum. He is so shaken by his release that he can hardly stop himself from collapsing on top of you.

With a Herculean effort, he turns to lie on his side, bringing you with him. He allows himself just a few seconds longer to enjoy the vibrations from the toy before he reaches for the remote to turn it off. Neither of you move, both perfectly content to lay in each other’s arms, even though his softening cock is still buried deep inside you.

“That was amazing,” Jin comments, and you laugh breathily in agreement. Silence falls, and you assume he has gone to sleep, but apparently he’s just lost in his thoughts. “Maybe next time I should tape a vibrator on your clit as well.”

The thought of him doing such a thing makes you shudder. You hit his chest playfully and his windshield wiper laugh alerts you to the return of happy, sweet Jin. You can’t wait for next time.

Hide and Seek (M)

Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Werewolf!Namjoon, smut

Warnings: Outdoor sex, a little predator/prey kink

Word count: 2,855 words

A/N: This is an accompanying piece to Temptation.


“Namjoon,” your call to your boyfriend was half amusement, half frustration. “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see,” his bark of laughter drifted back to you from somewhere ahead.

You huffed a little from his teasing but plodded on, almost wishing that he hadn’t taken the heavy picnic basket with him so you’d have more to complain about.

After marking you as his mate – after the first time he’d asked you out, actually – all you’d had were hurried lunch dates and the occasional dinners. Your working schedule had been tight for months with the big project that you were working on, leaving you too busy to spend much time with him. Namjoon never complained – he understood the importance of responsibilities better than anyone, and you loved him for that – but you still wished you could have an entire day with him without worrying about work. So as soon as you’d gotten the chance, you took a week off for a well-deserved rest.

Namjoon was ecstatic when you told him of your holiday, and made plans to go on a picnic the very next day. You’d agreed with his idea; frankly, you’d say yes to anything as long as you were with him. He had tried to help you with filling the picnic basket with food but his clumsiness meant more work for you, so before long you had asked him to check on the car instead and leave you to finish packing your lunch.

What you didn’t expect was the hike you’d had to take to get to the spot he’d had in mind. You’d thought that he’d bring you to someplace like the beach or a park, but no, of course he had to choose to lead you somewhere completely isolated and, if he was anyone else, make you wonder if he was going to kill you. Luckily for him, you trusted him with your life, even if you were not too happy with him at the moment. When he had parked the car at the entrance of the national park, you had no idea that he meant to venture in a lot further than that – into the part of the forest that was private property. As you looked up to see that he had disappeared from view again, you wished that their land wasn’t so far inside.

“Namjoon!” That had to be the fourth time that you’d called for him. He constantly forgot that his legs were a lot longer than yours, and therefore, his strides far wider, and you didn’t fancy getting lost in this place. You suspected that you’ve crossed into their land by now, but the whole trek had been challenging and you didn’t see any other hikers. Who knows how long it would take to find you if you got lost?

“Almost there!” He shouted from not very far ahead and you scrambled to follow the direction his voice came from. The trees thinned until you saw him standing in front of a river, waiting for you.

“Oh, wow,” you breathed at the magnificent sight. The water was clear, sparkling blue, scattering the light from the sun. Namjoon was already spreading the large blanket on the grassy river bank and setting the large basket to pin the cloth in place.

“What do you think?” He asked, but from his dimpled grin, he already knew from your expression that you loved it.

“Worth the effort to get here,” you answered, plopping on the blanket next to him. His smile widened at the confirmation and he dug around the basket to inspect the contents. The two of you dug in; the exercise had worked up your appetites and the meal was enjoyed mostly in silence, simply enjoying each other’s company and occasionally punctuated by discussion about life and friends.

“Have any of the boys been here?” You asked, referring to the other werewolves in his pack.

“Most of them,” Namjoon answered. “Jungkook hasn’t gone this far though.”

“How is he?” The mention of the youngest of the group prompted you to ask. “Isn’t he starting work soon?”

“On Monday, actually,” Namjoon confirmed. “Poor kid’s scared to death.”

“I’m sure he’ll do fine,” you slapped Namjoon’s arm for laughing at the thought of poor Jungkook being nervous about his first job.

“He will,” he said with conviction. “But maybe I should go see him tomorrow, soothe his nerves a bit.”

The statement tugged on the corners of your lips. Namjoon’s caring attitude for his family was one of the qualities that endeared him to you so much, especially since you came from a broken, problematic home. It had surprised you when the members of Namjoon’s pack had accepted you as their own so easily and readily, but they never failed to make you feel like you belonged.

The conversation trailed off into companionable silence until the beautiful, running water’s call became too hard for you to ignore. “Let’s go in for a swim!”

Namjoon was quick to nip that suggestion in the bud. “No. The current is too strong. I don’t want you to get swept away.”

You pouted, but didn’t argue. When it came to your safety, Namjoon would never budge on his standpoint. Whipping your head around to look at the woods, you threw another idea out. “How about we play hide and seek then?”

This new proposition clearly amused Namjoon, if the glint in his eye was any indication. “You want to play hide and seek?”

“Yeah!” You exclaimed, taking his attitude as agreement to your childish idea. “And since I suggested the game, you have to be It.”

“Okay, if you say so,” he said gamely. “Are we starting now?”

Nodding and standing up, you gestured for him to face the river and cover his eyes. “Count to a hundred before you start looking for me. And no peeking!”

His deep chortles accompanied you into the cluster of trees, but it slowly faded away, drowned by the other sounds of the forest as you looked for a good place to hide. There wasn’t much undergrowth that you felt confident hiding in, and the trees were too high for you to climb. Before you knew it, you’d spend a while traipsing all over the woods, losing track of time.

Until a swift movement out of the corner of your eye caused you to pause. Had he counted to a hundred already? Most probably. The rush of the running river could barely be heard from where you stood. You quickly made your way to press yourself against a thick tree trunk, looking around to try to determine the direction he was coming from.

However, try as you might, you couldn’t see him anywhere. You tried to listen to any sound that he might be making but nothing was louder than the crunch of the leaves underneath your sneakers and even when you stood still, you couldn’t hear anything out of the ordinary. “Namjoon?” You called for him quietly, fear overriding the point of the hiding game. No answer.

Another cry for him garnered no answer, and panic began to seep in. How far exactly did you wander off? Would Namjoon be able to find you? You looked around, but everything looked the same and you had no idea how to get back. What if there was someone or something else around? What if it meant to hurt you? A soft rustle of dried leaves that didn’t come from your feet sent you running towards an unknown direction.

As soon as you took your first running step, the footsteps pursuing you became more pronounced. You were definitely being chased. Too scared to look back, you ran with all your might, wishing that you’d never left Namjoon. The lighter, animal-like steps of your chaser was approaching you, and your heart sank to your feet. Whoever or whatever was running after you was too quick for you to outrun, and just as you thought of this, it caught up to you, pressing you face-first into a tree with a satisfied grunt.

“I thought we’re playing hide and seek?” Namjoon’s deep voice reassured you of your safety before you could scream in terror. “Why did you run from me?”

If he hadn’t been holding you up against the tree, you were sure you would have collapsed in relief. You were still panting from the frantic run but he wasn’t even out of breath. “I thought you were something else… I got scared. You were so quiet.”

He hummed his understanding. “Of course I was quiet. I’m a hunter by nature, and I can’t catch anything if I’m making a racket like you were,” he teased, but you were too busy calming down your frazzled nerves to admonish him for it. “You shouldn’t have run away from me though.”

“Why not?”

“Do you know what a rush it is for me to chase after you?” He whispered in the shell of your ear and ran a hand up your waist. That was when you noticed his huge hard-on pressing against your buttocks, and your heart rate tripled, for different reasons this time. “Seeing my gorgeous mate running away from me, challenging me to catch her, thinking about my reward when she’s in my arms again…” his sentence trailed off as his excitement upon catching you mounted, not-so-subtly humping himself against your ass, and it was affecting you.

“Namjoon…” you moan, the movement of your hips to rub against his erection was more out of reflex than anything. No one else could reduce you to a moaning, wanton mess within seconds. You wanted to see the look on his normally cute and friendly face, but he had you pressed against the tree so hard that you couldn’t even twist your head around to get a glimpse of him.

Even as he bent down to yank your shorts and panties down to your ankles, a strong palm remained on your back to keep you in place. A small gasp tore from your lips as you felt the cool air meet the damp surface of your inner thighs, making your center even wetter. At his insistence, you lifted your feet one by one so he could slip your shorts and panties around your sneakers, off of you and spread your legs apart.

Part of you thought he’d start fucking you immediately – hoped for it, even – but instead of tugging down his own trousers, he jerked your hips away from the wooden pillar you were holding on to and shuffled himself around so he could plant his face between your legs. Embarrassment rushed to your cheeks as you looked down to catch the sight of him smirking menacingly between your legs from behind you just before he latched onto your wet center.

Immediately your knees buckled and he had to hold you up so he could keep eating you out. He usually had more finesse but the exhilaration from the chase had brought out the more animalistic side of him. Opening his mouth wide, he was practically devouring your pussy, his rough tongue laving against your weeping slit, teeth grazing against your folds and nipping on your sensitive clit, but the aggressive way he was attacking you only turned you on more.

In no time he had brought you close to the edge, and you were moaning his name with abandon, not even caring that even though you were on private property, you were still outdoors. In your pleasure-filled haze, you started moving against him, but he wasn’t happy when you tried to ride his face. Tightening his grip on you, he sucked on your clit with renewed vigour and slammed two fingers inside your wet heat, making you squeal with pleasure. He spread his fingers as he fucked you with them in a scissoring motion, then crooked the digits to brush against the sensitive spot in your inner walls, and you came undone.

Namjoon refused to let you go, helping you ride your high until your violent shakes were reduced to slight tremors. Only then did he got up on his feet and grabbed you by the waist to turn you around and face him. Your legs weakened even more when you saw his face. None of his adorable features remained, the dangerous gleam in his dark, blown out eyes was a reminder of the beast in him and it sent arrows of arousal straight to your core.

No words were uttered, only a deep growl as he slid his pants down and hoisted you up so you could wrap your legs around his waist. Namjoon was not keen on waiting any longer; you felt the pressure of the tip of his cock for only a fraction of a second before he was pushing himself into you, drinking in the way you reared your head back, groaning loudly as your walls stretched to accommodate his large size.

You were so wet that he didn’t need to give you much time to adjust. When he started rocking his hips almost immediately, all you felt was a rush of endorphins into your system. Your moans encouraged him to slam into you without holding back, and soon you were crying out with every vicious pounding, each thrust hitting you deep inside and pushing you up the tree trunk. The coarse bark of the trunk was chafing and ruining the back of your shirt but you didn’t care in the least, not when Namjoon was filling you up to the brim relentlessly.

In this position there was not much you could do but grip onto his shoulders – tense with the effort of holding you up – for support as he rammed into you over and over again. His name escaped you in between pants and moans while your name was falling from his lips like a mantra as he brought you closer and closer to another high. Pushing you harder against the tree for balance, he shifted his hand to your clit. The rough pad of his thumb pressing down on your swollen bundle of nerves was more than you could bear.

You pulled him into a kiss that was almost desperate, smashing your lips against his just as your release hit you harder than the previous one. The exquisite sensation of your walls clamping down on his cock made him groan loudly and lose any semblance of control he had. Hitching you up more securely on his hips, he wrapped his arms around your lower back and pounded into you even harder and faster than before.

Each brutal thrust was now causing you to cry out in extreme pleasure and more than a little pain but you didn’t want him to stop. You dug your nails into his shoulders, a gesture that only egged him on, and soon his inconsistent pace clued you in on his impending high. With a loud grunt and a moan of your name, he thrust into your wet heat one last time before he released deep inside you.

The orgasm was a little too much for him, so he carefully lowered you down onto the ground with him so both of you could recover. As much as you’d love to bask in the post coital bliss in his arms forever, it wasn’t very comfortable sitting on the ground. Thus as soon as your heart rate was back to normal, you got dressed and he coaxed you onto his back so he could carry you back to your picnic spot. It turned out that you weren’t that far from it as you had thought.

“Still, how did you find me?” You asked Namjoon. “I could have gone in any direction.”

“Baby, I’m a werewolf, remember?” He teased you with a playful jump in his step that made you squeal as you bounced on his back. “I have a good sense of smell, and I could never stop hearing you. You were being so loud.”

Thinking back on the game that you suggested, you frowned and pouted. “Well, that’s not fair at all. Werewolves shouldn’t become It in hide and seek games!”

“Hey, you suggested it, not me,” he stated as he set you down on the blanket. Most of the utensils and leftovers were already packed inside the basket.

“Well, I guess if it led to such amazing sex, I don’t have anything to complain about,” you confessed a little bashfully, earning a smug smile from Namjoon.

“Well, I wouldn’t complain about getting another round,” he said lasciviously. You laughed at his request, but you could already see a tent forming in front of his pants, and suddenly it didn’t seem like such a bad idea after all.

“Maybe…” you toyed with the idea, plucking the front of his shirt between your fingers playfully. “But I won’t have any energy left to walk back to the car.”

His grin widened at your answer and he promptly got you onto your back on the blanket, his body covering yours completely. “I won’t mind giving you a piggy ride back.”

“Deal,” you said as you pulled him into another heated kiss.

House of Cards: Chapter 4 (M)

Taehyung x Reader, Jungkook

Genre: Smut, angst and a little fluff

Warning: Infidelity. Please avoid if this is not for you.

Word count: 4,002 words

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


A few hours after Taehyung left, you were still in the living room, sitting on the sofa mindlessly flipping through the channels. Your mind was on your relationship – if you could even call it that – with Taehyung, and the fast friendship you were developing with Jungkook, whom you liked immensely. The poor buttons of the remote were continuously being worn out until you heard Jungkook’s voice from behind.

“Where should we go for lunch?”

You looked up, resting the back of your head on the sofa so you could see him peering down at you. Through your bleary eyes you could see his crooked grin flashing your way. You were surprised; after the events that transpired that morning you didn’t think the two of you would talk again for a while. Perhaps you were the only one who felt the awkwardness of the whole situation. Jungkook acted like he always did, and the discomfort that you felt slowly dissipated over the course of lunch and the walk back to your apartment afterwards.

However, when he asked about your plans for the rest of the day, you frowned.

“Didn’t you say you have a party to go to this weekend?”

He cocked his head, as if trying to remember. After a moment, he shook his head confidently. “Nope, I’m free this weekend.”

You narrowed your eyes, but ultimately only said that if he was free, then he should watch a drama that you had been surprised to learn that he hadn’t watched; One Litre of Tears. He playfully groaned at the suggestion before he agreed, but while you were searching for the DVD you accidentally overheard his conversation on the phone.

“I won’t be able to make it tonight,” you heard him say, and you turned around to see that his bedroom door wasn’t quite closed.

The voice of the person he was talking to wasn’t audible but you could hear his reply to that person, “It’s just one party. I’m sure you’ll do fine on your own.”

So you were right; he did have plans, and apparently he blew someone off. But for what? Was it for your sake? Why? You didn’t need company, and he didn’t seem to have any problem with leaving you to your devices every other weekend. However, he was clearly reluctant to tell you why he wanted to spend time with you instead of having fun with his friends and you couldn’t confront him without revealing that you’d eavesdropped on his conversation. Since you couldn’t tell him that you had overheard his phone call, when he rejoined you on the couch, you only smiled, slid the disc in and pressed play.

A few episodes in when Jungkook had pulled you closer so you could snuggle against him underneath a blanket, you asked, with your eyes still glued to the screen, “So, what do you think of the story so far?”

Jungkook fidgeted with the tissue in his hand and answered, “I kind of hate you for introducing this drama to me.” You cackled at his response; it was morbidly satisfying to see him cry at the drama you’d recommended, even if it meant that you had to shed a few tears yourself, despite the fact that it was your third time watching it.

“Have you ever cried this much in your life?”

His sudden unexpected question gave you pause. The only time you could think of when you’d cried this hard was when Taehyung had broken the news of his impending engagement. Intentional or not, he had broken your heart and you didn’t think you would ever recover. Hell, it was obvious that you were still unable to completely let him go. As if on cue, your phone rang, saving you from having to answer Jungkook’s question. You jumped in surprise, scattering used tissues all over the floor. Jungkook gently pushed you up so he could lean forwards to grab the phone, which sat next to a half-empty box of tissues. He stared at the illuminated screen just a fraction longer than was necessary to read the name on display, then handed the device to you. “It’s your boyfriend.”

Sure enough, when you looked at the phone, Taehyung’s name flashed across the screen. You got off the couch and walked into your room before swiping right to answer the call. The sound coming from the TV stopped before the door closed behind you, telling you that Jungkook had paused the drama, but you missed the odd look that he shot at you. Most of your attention was on that dreaded call.

“Hey Tae.”

“Hey. Where are you?”

“I’m at home,” you said, and when he asked where Jungkook was, you answered, “He’s in the other room.”

“How come you never told me that you got a roommate? Why did you even get one?” Taehyung tried to sound neutral, but you knew him well enough to notice a strain in his voice. You had suspected that he would be hurt. After all, there had been no secrets between you and him when you were a couple. He had told you everything, and so had you. That was then. Now, you weren’t together. Although Taehyung was still one of the most important people in your life, there was no denying that you had grown apart. Most of his concerns no longer involved you, and so were yours. Even if either of you wanted to share the myriad details of your life with each other, between work and his wife, it just wasn’t possible anymore.

However, Taehyung had always been upfront with you, so you decided to tell him the truth as well. “I had to get a roommate because I need the money.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” At your silence, he continued, “Don’t you think it’s… dangerous? It sounds like a bad idea.” You knew that this was the real reason to his problem with your having a roommate. He was reacting exactly the way you thought he would. Although you were all for being honest with him, you were not in the mood for an argument. Not when Jungkook was waiting for you, and especially not over the phone. You cut off his indignant questions and comments by saying, “It’s not like Jungkook knows about… us.” Somehow using the word ‘affair’ was repugnant, although that was exactly what it was. “Let’s talk about it some other time, okay? I’m not in the mood to discuss this right now. I have to go, Jungkook will wonder what’s taking so long.”

Taehyung wasn’t happy, but he allowed you to hang up on him and resume your spot beside Jungkook. “Is everything okay?” He asked offhandedly. When you answered the affirmative, he pressed the remote to continue the story, his actions reassuring you that he didn’t find anything suspicious, and that it was all in your head.

Thankfully when the new week rolled in, work distracted you from your financial troubles, living situation and the Taehyung of it all. His silence after that phone call indicated that he was just as busy as you were, probably even more so. It seemed like things were slowly going back to normal – as normal as it could be for you – but it was extremely short-lived. For as soon as Saturday evening came around, you received another call from Taehyung.

“Tae,” you couldn’t keep the surprise out of your voice as you answered, gently setting down the glass of water on the kitchen counter. Having an attentive roommate reminded you of the times when Taehyung was your boyfriend. You would be the first one to admit that sometimes you don’t take care of yourself very well, and Jungkook had been getting on your case for not drinking nearly enough water as you should. It was nice to have someone looking out for you.

“Hey. Are you at home?”

“Yeah.” You pulled the phone away from your ear to look at the time. You couldn’t remember the last time he’d called you this early. It wasn’t even dinnertime yet. “Are you coming over? Now?”

“Yeah, is that okay?” He sounded hopeful, and it was hard for you to contain your smile.

“Sure, but… Jungkook’s here. Why don’t you come a little later?” The suggestion came from you although you were the one who’d assured him that he had nothing to worry about and you weren’t sure how late it would be before Jungkook retired to his room.

“Weren’t you the one who said that he doesn’t know about us? So what’s there to worry about?” It was hard to argue with him when he was throwing your words right back at you, but you knew that it wasn’t a good idea and Taehyung should know better. Being the weak person that you always cursed yourself to be, you agreed, his obvious happiness at your permission making it hard for you to listen to the nagging voice in your head too much.

“Jungkook,” you poked your head out of the kitchen to see him furiously punching on the buttons of his game controller, “Taehyung is coming over in a bit. Is that okay with you?”

At your words, he immediately paused the game to look at you with large, surprised eyes. Smothering a laugh at his expression was difficult; he looked almost as shocked as you felt. He had only learnt of Taehyung’s existence after a few months of living with you, and now he was about to see Taehyung for the second time in just a little over a week. Recovering himself quickly, he shrugged and said, “Why not? It’s your house. You don’t have to ask my permission,” and with that, he returned his attention to his game.

Less than an hour later, the three of you were sitting awkwardly in the living room, until you suggested a pizza delivery for dinner. The two men agreed, and the discomfort dissipated over an intense debate over pizza toppings. While waiting for the food to arrive, Jungkook suggested finishing the rest of the drama that he and you watched the previous weekend. Taehyung’s response was eerily familiar; he groaned upon finding out that you were watching it yet again, but gamely joined in to watch without complaints.

Hanging out with Taehyung and Jungkook while watching and eating didn’t leave much room for conversation, so time passed pretty comfortably. However, when an episode ended after the pizzas had been demolished, Jungkook quickly excused himself. Sure, he was perfectly amicable as he did so, thanking Taehyung for the food and giving your ‘boyfriend’ a pat on the shoulder that Taehyung returned with a friendly grin, but you felt awful, wondering if he’d gone in early for your and Taehyung’s sakes.

“Maybe we should turn in too,” you proposed. This way, if Jungkook wanted to he could go out into the shared space without feeling uncomfortable. Taehyung murmured his assent, helping you clear up before following you into your room.

Once again he was dressed casually in a pair of bermuda shorts and loose shirt. It reminded you of the old days, of simpler times when the two of you were students, together without a care in the world past your grades. That was all you wanted to think about tonight, so before he could say anything, you tugged on his arm. It caught his attention at once, and when he turned to look at you, you slid your hand sensually over his chest covered by his thin shirt and pulled him into a kiss.

If Taehyung was surprised by your sudden gesture, he did a great job of hiding it. His response to your kiss was seamless, his large hand threading through the strands of your hair, pulling them out of the loose bun and the other pressing against the small of your back to push you closer to him. You hummed contently, letting yourself melt into the kiss that you’d always found impossible to resist. The clothes covering your bodies weren’t enough to protect you from the delicious friction between his toned pecs and your nipples, which were growing harder by the second.

As he tilted his head to deepen the kiss, you reached for the hem of his shirt, bunching it up to reveal his toned stomach. When you had hiked it up to his armpits, he slid his tongue into your mouth, twirling it with yours while your fingers traced the lines defining his upper body. He finally got frustrated enough to break the kiss so he could tug his shirt over his head, then looked down to see you staring at him with dark, lustful eyes as your thumb flicked his nipple. Your other hand slid down to palm his erection straining against his pants, causing him to moan your name.

You kept your eyes on his even as you slowly got on your knees, pulling his shorts and boxers to the floor with you. He wasn’t fully hard yet, but you’d soon fix that. You had seen Taehyung many times before, and although you could never get enough of him, this time you were determined not to break eye contact. It was a testament to how well you knew him that your hand could brush up his thigh and grip the base of his cock without looking away from his face.

Gentle strokes along his length soon coaxed him to his full size, and you smirked at him as your tongue flicked out to taste the precum you knew was leaking from the tip. He tasted just as he always did; slightly salty but not unpleasant, or perhaps you had gotten so used to his taste that you were addicted to it. You swirled your tongue around his head, teasing him, enjoying the way his brows furrowed in frustration. His hands touched the top of your head, but he didn’t move them. You knew he never would. So when you leaned down to take him in your mouth, it was of your own will.

Maintaining eye contact was next to impossible while you bobbed your head up and down his cock, thus you decided to focus on pleasuring him for a while. His low groans spurred you on, and when the pressure of his hands on your head increased just a fraction, you pulled back until only the head remained in your mouth. Your own hand pumped his shaft, making twisting motions as you sucked hard, locking eyes with him once again.

As you’d expected, Taehyung couldn’t last long this way. A breathy whisper of your name coupled with a “Damn it, you drive me crazy,” was followed by him pulling you to your feet. He made quick work of ridding you of your oversized tee and shorts before urging you to get on the bed. You obliged readily, and he trailed behind you, his body hovering over yours as you settled in the middle of the bed.

With his knee he spread your legs apart, exposing your core to him. As if taking revenge on you, he kept his blown-out eyes on yours when his fingers made contact with your wet pussy. The long, elegant digits explored your folds, sliding up and down your slit but never entering you, never touching you where you needed him most, taunting you. It was his turn to tuck his smile up cockily when you let out a groan of frustration.

When you started lifting your hips to chase his fingers, he decided that you’d had enough torture. He held you down by the hips but finally pushed a finger inside you. After a few thrusts another finger joined the first as he increased his speed. His thumb found your clit and he wasted no time assaulting the bundle of nerves, drawing figure eights over the nub until you warned him of your oncoming orgasm in between short, desperate breaths.

“Go ahead, I want to see you come all over my fingers,” he urged, and with an extra push on your clit you became undone, biting your lower lip as your toes curled into the mattress, allowing the sweet release to take over your body.

You were so wrapped around your high that you didn’t realise that Taehyung had withdrawn his hand and repositioned himself between your legs. You only snapped back to reality when you felt the tip of his heavy erection pressing insistently against your center. Lifting your shaky legs up, you locked them by your ankles behind his back, pushing him into you. Your moan at his entry almost masked the sigh of relief he released when he finally sunk into your wet heat.

Taehyung moved further inside you, filling you to the brim, then pulled back, building a steady rhythm that accelerated with every thrust. The fire burning inside you burned higher and higher, but at the back of your mind you just couldn’t forget the fact that Jungkook was just on the other side of the wall. For all your talk of him understanding that you had every right to have sex, the thought of him hearing you actually doing it was not a comforting one. The worry plaguing your mind kept your orgasm at bay, irritating you to no end.

Sensing that you needed more stimulation to reach your high, Taehyung slipped his hand between your bodies, circling your clit once again. His movements were becoming more erratic, a sure sign that he was close. Thankfully, the extra push was enough to make you explode. Your back arched off the mattress as your whole body was wracked with tremors from your orgasm, but you bit on your bottom lip hard enough to draw blood and succeeded in keeping your sounds of pleasure to a minimum.

While your vocal response might not be what he was used to, the tightening of your walls around his member was more than enough to bring him to his own release. He leaned down against you, grunting into the crook of your neck as he pumped with the remnants of his energy, allowing your clenching walls to milk him of every drop that he had.

Not wanting to crush you under his weight, Taehyung pushed himself off and out of you. He dropped next to you and took your hand in his as both of you struggle to catch your breaths.

“Are you staying the night?” You asked once you’d replenished your lungs with enough air to speak.

“Yeah, I brought a change of clothes with me,” he confirmed. With that, he pulled you into the shower with him. Giggles and snickers filled the shower as you washed each other, then wiped yourselves dry before getting ready for bed.

“Tae?” You asked tentatively, unsure whether he was still awake or not.

“Mmm?” He answered groggily, shifting a little beside you on the bed, quickly falling asleep after the shower.

“So… what do you think of Jungkook?” Despite knowing that bringing Jungkook up was a bad idea, you’d been dying to know what Taehyung thought of your roommate. Perhaps you wanted his approval, strange as that sounded.

You immediately knew it was the wrong move when he sat up and frowned at you. “He seems okay, but do you mind telling me what made you look for a roommate in the first place? I would much rather not let anyone know about us.”

“I told you, I need the money,” you repeated, but even when you explained the situation with your brother, it didn’t make Taehyung any happier.

“You still should have told me, y/n,” he argued. “I would have given you the money you need. I can still give it to you now so you don’t have to put up with him.”

You shook your head, partly because you disagreed but mostly because his words addressed some of your many fears. The main reason you didn’t tell Taehyung of your financial problems in the first place was because you knew that he’d offer to pay for it. However, if you’d accepted his money, what did that make you? Being his mistress – because that was what you were, no matter how much you tried not to think about it – was horrible enough, but at least you could still tell yourself you did it because you loved him, he loved you in return, and you were doing this on your own free will. If money changed hands, added to the fact that had been plaguing you for a while now; that all you and Taehyung did now was have sex, were you anything more than a prostitute?

So you said determinedly, “I don’t need your money. I can take care of myself.”

“I know you can, but I should be taking care of you,” he tried to placate you, reaching out to touch your arm, but his words had the opposite effect on you and you jerked yourself away from him, moving to sit further away from him on the bed.

“Why should you take care of me?” You asked in a low, dangerous voice. “I’m nothing to you. I’m not your wife. I’m not even your girlfriend anymore.”

Taehyung’s eyes dimmed with hurt at your words, but you were too upset to care. “That’s not fair. This is not the way I want things to be, but I have no choice. You mean the world to me, you know that.”

“Do I?” Your snort was derisive. “Because lately the only thing you want from me is sex.”

He reeled back, as if struck by a physical blow. “It’s not like that. No one cares about you more than I do.”

“Jungkook does,” you whispered. It was a thought that just blurted out of your mouth, born from pent-up frustration and self-loathing. You didn’t even know if you meant for Taehyung to hear it, but he did.

“I should go,” he said, and you didn’t stop him. He quickly gathered his things while you watched him in silence, your arms wrapped protectively around yourself as you tried to hold back tears. It was only after he saw himself out that you let the pain and sadness consume you.

The next morning, as you’d expected, Jungkook asked where Taehyung was. You truthfully told him that Taehyung had left in the middle of the night and thankfully after seeing your red-rimmed eyes, his questions ceased. A few days later Taehyung messaged you, apologising for his behaviour and promising to be there for you more often. You said sorry for your outburst as well and told him not to worry about it. Ultimately you had no right to ask anything of him anyway. Two whole months passed by without another visit from him, but he did make an effort to call or send messages to you more often. You hated that a jolt of happiness sparked every time the phone screen lit with his name, but you couldn’t help yourself. At least you could tell Jungkook that the two of you had made up. Jungkook was happy for your sake, but you didn’t tell him more than you needed to. The less he knew about your relationship with Taehyung, the better.

That was the plan anyway. You should have known that you couldn’t keep your secret forever. It was a Wednesday and you were so busy with work that you almost missed the phone buzzing with a call from Jungkook. A moment of confusion followed; this was the first time that he had called you in the middle of the day when you were at work. Sliding your thumb across the screen, you answered the call.

“Y/n!” Jungkook sounded panicky and louder than he usually was when you pressed the phone to your ear. “You have to come to Sunshine Mall right now!”

“I can’t, Jungkook, I’m at work,” you were stating the obvious, but it needed to be said. “What’s the matter?”

“I just saw Taehyung – with another woman!”

The Price to Rise: Part 1 [Jimin | Prince Eric]

The Price to Rise [Jimin | Prince Eric]

Word count: 6,362 words

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Disney AU, fluff, angst

Prologue | Jimin | Jungkook | Seokjin | Yoongi | Taehyung | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin (The choice: Part 2) | Epilogue


It only takes a blink of your eyes.

Just one second, and you are here. Although to be honest, you’re not sure where here is. It looks nothing like the office building you were standing in just a few seconds ago. All you know is that you’re sitting at a long dining table all by yourself, and your head is feeling heavy. Not quite a headache, but enough to make you feel a little lightheaded. Thankfully, the feeling soon disappears.

However, before you can regain your bearings, a melodious, female voice calls your name. Your head swivels around to the right to see a beautiful woman with dark brown hair peeking over a corner into the spacious room.

“What are you still doing here? Jason is waiting for you.”

Rolling your eyes, you answer, “I’m coming, Adella.”

You have no idea how you know her name, or why you rolled your eyes. It’s like an involuntary reaction. The internal panic within you intensifies when Adella comes out of her corner, revealing herself from the top of her hair to the tips of her toes. Which is what you would have said normally, except she has no toes. Adella’s top half is all gorgeous – if narrow-eyed from irritation – woman, but from the waist down, she is a fish, covered in shiny, murky yellow scales.

Before you can freak out, you look down to see that the only difference between you and Adella is that your own tail is green in colour. A tut-tut comes from her direction and forces you out of your shocked musings. Pushing yourself out of the chair, you follow her out of the dining room, still absorbed in the sudden revelation. With the realisation that you’re a mermaid comes the fact that you’re underwater, yet you’re breathing with no difficulty. Swimming along the hallways feels as natural as breathing, although you’re sure that the way you’re breathing now is anything but normal.

Your sister enters one of the doorways but you keep on going; somehow you know that this Jason is waiting at the entrance of the palace, and Adella is heading to her bedroom. Gliding towards your direction in a trance, you slowly piece the situation together. This has to be the work of the man you met earlier; the one who claims to be your fairy godmother and promises you romantic adventures. Part of you thought it was a joke, but there are only three possibilities that can explain why you’re in this state: you’re either dreaming, or he was actually telling you the truth, or you’ve gone crazy. You have no recollection of going to sleep and the prospect of losing your marbles isn’t exactly thrilling, so you’re inclined to believe that some magic is at work.

Apparently this magic has turned you into a mythical creature, complete with a new identity and memories to go with it. You suppose that you should be thankful that you get to keep your name, at least. Then you wonder if your new sea-dwelling family and friends’ memories have been altered to integrate you into their lives. If you are now inhabiting someone else’s body, and if so, where has the owner gone. If this is going to be permanent. The man who landed you in this predicament is nowhere to be seen though, so you have no one to ask. Plus, he did promise you romantic adventures, so you decide to go with the flow.

A feeling of resignation mixed with frustration fills you when you exit the palace and spot a young merman waiting just outside. He is persistent, having begged you to give him a chance even after being turned down in the past as your new recollections tell you. Considering that he is a good guy, and someone your father, the King approves of, you have reluctantly decided to give him the opportunity to change your mind.

As you let him steer you around the city, you experience first hand the reason you’re not enamoured with Jason, good-looking and nice as he is. There’s just no spark between you and him, his conversation bores you and most of the date is very awkward. If someone had asked you before you’re thrown into this life what you would do if you’re experiencing an adventure surrounded by merpeople in a city underwater, you would have answered that you’d explore and enjoy the journey. Now, equipped with the identity of the mermaid you’re embodying, you find that this life is something that you’re tired of. The activities in the marketplace, the colourful fishes swimming all around you, the architectural structures that make up the city don’t impress you. You long for something else.

The funny thing is, now that you’re submerged deep inside the sea, all you want is to return to land. It isn’t something that your mermaid body has ever experienced, which may be the reason the idea attracts and excites you so much. You don’t see any sense in waiting, so right after the tedious date is over, instead of entering the palace where Jason has left you, you wait until he’s out of sight before making a beeline for the surface.

As you rise higher and higher, you realise that it’s nighttime. Even through the darkness of the night, you can make out a large shadow looming into the water, silhouetted by bursts of bright lights that sparkle and fade, then explode again. Breaking the surface of the water amplifies your hearing and sight of the happenings that are going on above the water. You realise that the glittering lights are actually fireworks being launched into the sky from a massive ship. Sounds of cheering and merry celebration drift from the vessel into your ears. Out of curiosity you swim towards the ship and haul yourself aboard, taking care to stay in the shadows so you won’t be seen. You’re dying to know what’s going on but you’re strangely wary of these humans as you have no idea how they will react if they see you.

From your dark corner you can see a crowd made of mostly men laughing with their tall, thin glasses raised in the air. The reason for their celebration becomes apparent to you when they break into a Happy Birthday song. No wonder the occasion is marked so extravagantly; the people on the ship are commemorating the Prince’s birthday. You lean forwards from your perch, straining to see the subject of the celebration among the men and women. Then the crowd disperses, and your heart stops beating.

Standing in the middle of the throng is the most beautiful man you have ever seen. His midnight black hair is a stark contrast against his fair skin, his face adorning charming eyes that are squeezed into crescents from his smile. The smile that pulls your attention to his plump lips, breathtaking in itself yet contradictory from the sin that is his body. His white shirt is unbuttoned just enough to give a tantalising view of the top of his hard chest, and tucked into black pants that fits snugly around his thick thighs, ending with polished black shoes. There is no denying that you’re instantly attracted to him, yet it’s something else that causes your soul to call to him. It’s not just a physical attribute, but something deeper, yet you can’t quite put a finger on it.

Your musings are interrupted by an older man who is leaning against the railing as he addresses the subject of your infatuation. “I wish you’d invited the princess along.”

“Really? I was glad to see her leave,” the young man chuckles, but you notice that his eyes have lost some of their warmth. “I’d rather celebrate my birthday with the people that I actually enjoy having around.”

His response causes the other man to sigh. “Everyone is anticipating you to take a bride, Prince Jimin.”

So this is the prince. Prince Jimin, you mutter softly to yourself, testing his name on your tongue. You like it. The name suits him, and knowing it makes you feel a little closer to him.

“I’m not going to marry someone just because everyone is expecting me to do so,” Jimin says. There’s no mistaking the annoyance that fills his voice now. “I’m waiting for the right girl.” Before his companion can interject, he continues, “When I find her, I’ll know. And I don’t care how long it takes for me to find her.” His tired note of finality tells you that this is not the first time the topic has been discussed. You agree with his sentiments wholeheartedly. You’ve always thought that if you settle down, it will be with someone you love. Of course, given that you hardly go out to meet anyone new due to your dedication to your job, the chances of finding that someone is close to nil.

Suddenly, your elation dissolves into panic when loud barks accompany the entrance of a large sheepdog. The dog prances around, much to some of the guests’ chagrin before bouncing on Jimin, who laughs and gets on his knees to give the dog a rub. The scene floods you with even more affection for him, your concern forgotten until the dog sniffs the air in curiosity. You shrink further into the shadows as the creature bounds towards you, ignoring Jimin’s calls from behind him. Before he can follow your scent to your hiding place, you turn and jump back into the water, hoping that no one will take it upon themselves to investigate the sound of the resulting splash.

A series of loud barks follows your exit, but before anyone can pay much attention to it, it’s cut off by the sound of ominous thunder in the distance. The moment you hit the water, you can feel the change in pressure and temperature of the current, but the humans on board are only warned by the loud shout of one of the sailors; “Hurricane a’comin’!” Fear strikes your heart, not for yourself but out of concern for the people on the ship, especially the prince. The next rumble of thunder is much closer to you, and none of them gets much time to prepare before the storm hits.

Violent waves lap against you, attempting to push you away but you are determined to remain near the vessel in case something happens. It’s hard to tell what’s going on when the only sense left to you is your hearing, and you strain to hear for any clues as to everything that is happening. The sudden lightning that strikes the boat is akin to a sword plunging through your chest. Your eyes widen as angry red flames erupt, shifting the activity from the ship to the ocean.

A strong, authoritative voice yells out orders amidst panicked shouts, and several smaller lifeboats hit the water, holding passengers while the fire continues to engulf the enormous ship. The hurricane is generating brutal waves, causing the boundary between the water and the air to become nebulous, obstructing your sight, but you swim around the smaller lifeboats, all thoughts of keeping yourself hidden forgotten as you try to determine if Jimin is among them.

Dread courses through you when you realise that the person giving orders to evacuate is none other than Jimin himself, as his commanding voice is still heard on the burning transportation. He has managed to get his people to safety, but is searching for the dog. A pitiful whine tears at your insides. The poor thing must be terrified, and you wish you can do something, anything, but you are powerless. The chaos escalate when an explosion blasts through the ship, hurling Jimin and the dog into the raging sea.

Immediately you spring into action, ignoring the ringing in your ears that resulted from the eruption, drowning the gasps and screams of the people safe on the lifeboats. Once again you are reminded of the being you have turned into when you dive into the water and find that your vision is better submerged in its depth than it is in the air. Through the wreckage sinking into the darkness, you can see the hind legs of Max the dog being hauled into one of the lifeboats, but Jimin has been flung away farther than his pet.

It’s too dark for the humans to find the prince through the pandemonium, but you can clearly see him descending deeper and deeper into the sea. You propel yourself towards him, looping your arms under his shoulders so you can pull him upwards. Hoping that he’s still breathing, you decide against returning him to the other guests; opting to bring him towards the shore instead. Quietly you thank your lucky stars that you’re now a mermaid, because there is no way you could have managed to pull this mass of muscles to the beach if you’re in your old body.

By the time you drag Jimin’s prone form onto the damp sand, you’re completely exhausted. Your lungs are crying for oxygen and your muscles are aching from exertion, but you put your needs aside, concentrating on him. Once you’ve confirmed that he’s still breathing, you pull yourself back, leaning on your right forearm as you admire the man before you. Dawn is encroaching upon you, the rising sun illuminating his beauty. He looks even more handsome up close. As you tenderly brush a lock of wet hair away from his face, laughter threatens to escape your mouth.

For you have finally managed to put two and two together. You really are in some unbelievable version of The Little Mermaid, and it seems that you are the titular character. Even though you love watching Disney movies and are now in the little mermaid’s body, you cannot remember the exact words she sang in the movie, and you like to think that it’s out of your own volition that you let the words fall from your lips in a sweet melody.

“Thrown into this world, I was lost and confused,

Resigned to play out the adventure planned for me,

But when I laid eyes on you, I realise I’ve been obtuse,

To this opportunity to escape from the only life I’ve known to be,

How can it compare? How can I bear?

The thought of living without you there,

As I look at you, as I sing this song,

I know this is where I belong.”

You’re unsure if it’s your singing or the voices accompanied by excited barks approaching you that causes Jimin to stir, but you know that you can’t risk staying with him. With great regret you turn your back to him and make your way towards a cluster of rocks to hide behind so you can observe the scene unfolding in front of you. You manage to conceal yourself just in time before a small group of people, led by the man talking to Jimin last night turn around the corner, following an enthusiastic Max. Apparently they’ve been using the dog in the hopes of finding his owner, a tactic that has proven to be successful.

Despite being obviously dazed and unsteady as he’s helped onto his feet, Jimin’s eyes are searching the blue expanse of the sea, telling you that he had heard, possibly even seen you. The thought makes you excited and nervous at the same time. As you watch him being led away from the shore, your resolve hardens. You know what you must do. The next step you have to take.

Without hesitation, you plunge yourself back inside the water, made murky from the storm. The temperature gradually dips as you swim towards the ocean floor, so intent on getting to your destination that you’re surprised when Adella suddenly appears in front of you, halting your movement.

“Where have you been?” She demands.

You ignore her question. “I have to go to see Father.”

“You’re not going to ask him to let you walk among the humans, are you?” She presses, dropping all pretense. “I know what you did last night.”

Her correct assumption gives you pause, but you find yourself without words. Luckily, she addresses your fears without you having to voice them out.

“You know Father will never allow you to interact with them,” she continues. “He won’t allow contact with humans. You know that.”

“I have to try,” you say, trying to convince her and yourself as you pass her.

“You’ll only make him mad,” she warns. “Why don’t you ask the Sea Witch instead?”

Again, her words make you stop and reconsider. You know deep inside that there is no way that the king will accede to your wish to become a human. He will probably say that you’re too young to understand, but your feelings have nothing to do with age. There is no mistaking the connection that you feel between you and Jimin. Despite being born here, you don’t belong in the ocean but on land. Meeting Jimin only solidifies your belief in that fact. However, you do not wish to get into a row with your father, especially when you know that it will not end in your favour.

Satisfied that she has made her point, Adella leaves you to sit and ponder your options. If you’re really in the Little Mermaid’s world, meeting the Sea Witch will result in nothing short of disastrous for you, but it’s becoming apparent that you have no other choice. Moreover, although you may be in her body, you are not the little mermaid. Ultimately you are still yourself. You’re still free to make your own decisions, and perhaps you can change the course of the story. With your mind decided, you turn around and head towards a different location.

You fancy yourself an adventurer, yet the outskirts of Atlantica is not somewhere you venture into often. In fact, you’ve never gotten this close to the Sea Witch’s lair before. The atmosphere of this place seems different; foreboding. Even the water feels significantly colder the further away you get from the center of the city. It does not deter you in the slightest, even when you see her home, which has to be the remains of a giant sea creature. You gulp at the sight and the thought of what you’re about to do, but the moment of weakness goes by unheard by anyone but you.

Part of you expect to find polyps to litter the floor of the Witch’s home, but thankfully the place remains empty of growth. The long hallway opens to a cavernous room, dark and mysterious, the ends of the space not visible to you, making you wary of unsavoury beings lurking in the shadows. Then someone does make an appearance, nearly making you jump out of your skin, but she doesn’t look scary at all. Far from it, actually. The Sea Witch is nothing like you imagine her to be. Her long, platinum white hair swirls about her fair face, lending her a delicate aura, and her slim body ends in a graceful tail that matches the blue hue of her eyes.

You find yourself mesmerised by her beauty until she clears her throat. “What brings you here, my dear?” Her voice does not quite match her appearance; it’s raspy and breathy, giving you the impression that she has not had the chance to use it for a very long time.

“I… I…” At first you feel foolish, but you push past your embarrassment to explain to her your predicament, ending with your wish to become human so you can find your prince.

“Can you do that?” You ask tentatively after you’ve finished.

“Easily,” she replies with a dismissive wave of her hand. “You have to pay for it though. I don’t grant favours for nothing, you know.” Her lips curl into a smile that doesn’t quite reach her eyes at that statement.

You nod your understanding. You suspect as much, and you’re willing to pay the price to rise out of the ocean onto the land above. Jimin’s land. That is your driving force, but it doesn’t make this any easier.

“I can make you a potion that will turn you from a mermaid into a human for three days. Before the sun sets on the third day, this prince has to give you a kiss. A true love’s kiss. If he does, you’ll remain a human forever,” she explains. “All I ask in return is your voice.”

“Just three days?” Even though you’ve expected this, you still wish that she can cut you a better deal. “What happens if he doesn’t kiss me within that time?”

“You’ll just dissolve into sea foam,” she answers almost cheerfully. “The payment is more than fair,” she reasons. “Unless you can get what you want without me, in which case, be my guest,” she gestures you to the door, a clear sign that you can take it or leave it. Now that it’s time to make a decision, you find yourself having an internal battle of wills.

You’re painfully aware that your voice is not the only thing you’re potentially giving up. If Jimin doesn’t kiss you within these three days, you will lose your life. It’s not a pleasant thought, and not one that you would ever have considered before now.

Do you really want to put your life on the line for a guy you’ve just met, and never even talked to? The little voice in your head argues.

I’ve never felt that way about anyone before, you counter to yourself. Maybe this whole thing has driven me crazy, but this must be how true love feels like.

But are you willing to die?

What do I have to lose? Family and friends I’ve just met today? A life in the sea that suffocates me? My life back in the real world that is a monotonous nightmare that I’ve longed to escape from?

These questions make you realise that a chance at happiness is worth the possibility of dying. Seeing Jimin again, even for a few days seems like a more attractive prospect than going back to either your life now or your work-laden existence before this. Finally you agree, signing your name on a parchment produced by the Witch with a flourish. She gets to work immediately, pouring liquids from vials and minuscule creatures into a cauldron that hisses and smokes at random intervals. You watch her work in awed silence, remaining on your spot in the middle of the room until she produces a small bottle containing silver-coloured liquid.

“Now, the payment,” she says, picking out a brown and white conch shell out of nowhere. You resist the urge to back away when she approaches you, forcing yourself to stay still as her long, spindly fingers gently massage your neck, coaxing your voice out of your throat. She releases it out of your open mouth, a wisp of golden smoke that drifts into the seashell, causing it to glow for a few moments before returning to its mute, unimpressive shades.

Taking the bottle that the Witch offers you, you convey your gratitude with a nod before racing towards the surface. In your hurry, you miss the figure hiding in the corner of the room, watching the entire deal being made with intense interest. As soon as you exit the chamber, she makes her way towards the Witch.

“So if the prince doesn’t kiss her within three days, she dies?” Adella’s shriek of worry would have touched you if she is not in cohorts with the Witch in the first place.

The Witch avoids her gaze, busying herself with putting all her potion-making ingredients away. “Don’t worry. We mermaids turn into foam when we die, so what’s the difference really? Either way, you’ll get what you want, won’t you?”

It’s hardly reassuring, but there is nothing Adella can do to rectify the situation, so she too departs, leaving the Witch to muse the situation by her lonesome.

“It’s never a bad idea to have one or two members of the royal family under your thumb,” she cackles to herself.

You’re blissfully unaware of the intentions of the two mermaids you have just left in the depths of the sea, only one thing in your mind as you break the surface of the water just shy of the seashore. The sun is blazing almost directly above your head, causing the potion in your hand to glitter like tiny diamonds. Taking a deep breath, you uncork the vial and drink all of the concoction in one gulp.

The mixture may look magical, but its effects feel extremely unpleasant. Torturing, actually. Pain shoots through your tail as it splits into two, turning into legs, but your screams are muted by your lack of voice, which is fortunate. The transformation can’t have taken more than a few seconds but the agony it puts you through gives you the impression that you’re being tormented for hours. Thankfully once the change is complete, the pain fades away so that when your newly-formed feet hits the shallow sand beneath the water, all you can feel is the coarse grains underneath them.

It’s not just the recent transformation that leaves you feeling vulnerable and unprotected, prompting you to wrap your arms around your body, but the fact that you’re now completely naked. You lower yourself into the water to hide your exposed body, your eyes scanning the beach for something, anything to cover yourself with. The only option available to you is a bundle of sails bunched up against the beach, washed ashore by the waves.

You rush out of the water to wrap the fabric around you and not a second too soon, for just as you cover yourself, a volley of deep yaps greets you just before Max appears from the side of the cliff and knocks you off your feet. The sail is large enough that the tussle between you and the dog doesn’t expose your nude form, which is a blessing because his yelps are soon followed by a rush of apologies. Tilting your head sideways to get away from Max’s lapping tongue, you lay your eyes upon the person you’ve been dying to meet – Prince Jimin.

His own eyes narrow as he tries to place your face. “You look familiar. Have we met?”

Nodding eagerly, you push Max off of you with Jimin’s help, opening your mouth to explain yourself. The full force of the price you have paid hits home when not a syllable comes out, no matter how much strain you put on your throat. Heart sinking into your stomach but unwilling to give up, you quickly locate a stick so you can write your story down. Jimin’s face falls when he realises you can’t speak, but he indulgently follows your every move, full of anticipation. However, when the end of the stick touches the sand, you pause.

Alarm bells ring in your head when you realise that you don’t know how to write. Unbeknownst to you, with the form and capabilities that you have inherited from your new body, you have also gotten her illiteracy. You look up at Jimin’s confused face, dismay etched on your own as your plan crashes before you can even act on it. As he cannot understand your plight without an explanation, his only source of information is your expressions. Luckily, he takes pity on your obvious distress.

“You must have gone through something horrible,” he concludes. “Come on, let’s get you back to the castle.”

Although your scheme has been cut short, you can’t help but let yourself lean against his side as he leads you up the narrow staircase from the beach into the castle’s keep. The castle rests on the edge of a cliff that cuts off sharply into the open sea below. Normally you would look around the building with a lot more interest than you’re showing now, but Jimin’s warmth radiating directly by your side keeps your attention focused solely on him. Every moment that passes sets your belief even more firmly that he is meant for you. There’s an innate bond connecting you and him, a link that is ineffable, too complicated to describe with words. You make your way through the castle in silence, and from the intense way he’s looking at you it’s obvious that he feels it, too.

Jimin is reluctant to let you go to the maids, but he’s forced to do so as it would be inappropriate for him to do their job. After Jimin leaves, they set about their work to help you get out of your makeshift clothing, bathe and dress you in proper clothes. Their whispers and gossip regarding your sudden appearance do not go by unnoticed by you, but you ignore them. Their words do have some truth in them, after all. You are not a princess in your real life, and even though you’re the daughter of the sea king now, who would believe you, even if you can explain it?

So you spend most of the time letting your mind wander where it wants to, and of course it goes to the only person you can think about since you’ve been here – Jimin. The thoughts of him and worrying about the next few days keep you occupied until you’re done, by which time the sun is already setting. A maid directs you to join Jimin and the older man you’ve seen in his company before, and you learn that his name is Grimsby.

There are only the three of you at a long table meant to hold more guests, and the two men have decided to utilise only one end of the table, with Jimin sitting at the head and Grimsby on his right. Jimin gestures for you to take a seat on his left with a sweet smile, and you oblige with a grin of your own. Although the looks that Grimsby is shooting you are far from hostile, awkward silence fills the air as the three of you stare at one another. You’re not saying anything because of obvious reasons, but it seems they are at a loss as to what to say as well.

Then the absurdity of the situation dawns on you, and amusement wells up inside. Figuring you have nothing to lose, you allow the mirth to bubble over the surface, resulting in a mute giggle. Even though you cover your mouth, your chortles are obvious and it causes Jimin and Grimsby to burst into laughter themselves, breaking the tension.

“Where do you hail from, dear?” Grimsby asks, wiping a tear of mirth from the corner of his eye.

Your laughter dies upon hearing the question. Where do you even begin? Essentially you are a visitor from a completely different world, in a different time. Perhaps you should introduce yourself with your current identity as a mermaid, which is laughable in itself, since humans have no idea of their existence. It doesn’t matter either way, because you can’t voice out anything. Maybe I can try mining it?

Before you can attempt to mime your answer and possibly make a fool of yourself, Jimin comes to your rescue. “Are you from around here?”

You shake your head, grateful to him for giving you a way out. Grimsby suggests that Jimin take you out to show you the town, and Jimin perks up at the idea. “It sounds like fun. Don’t you agree?”

Your enthusiastic nod is all that is needed for Jimin to decide that he will bring you with him the very next day. The conversation picks up naturally after that. Jimin effortlessly makes you feel included in the conversation, despite your inability to contribute to it, and tactfully asks you yes or no questions that you can easily answer, and Grimsby follows suit. Weirdly enough, you feel welcome, not out of place at all, and you thoroughly enjoy yourself as the chat goes on for hours. The food has come and gone, and it’s already time for bed when Jimin calls it a night.

To your delight, Jimin walks you all the way to your room. He sometimes breaks the silence to comment on paintings that hang on the walls or the random vase and trinkets, but most of the time both of you remain quiet. Neither of you feel uncomfortable or unnerved by the lack of words though; Jimin’s presence calms you like a person you’ve known forever. It’s only upon reaching your door that you start getting nervous, wondering if you should chance kissing him, or if such a move is too soon.

Just as Jimin is about to turn away, you reach out for his hand, but ultimately your nerve fails you and you start to pull away. You’re sure that he doesn’t see your movement, yet out of his own volition, he whirls back to face you, grabbing your outstretched hand. Before you can register what has just happened, Jimin kisses your cheek quickly, as if trying to overcome his own anxiety so he can pull it off.

“Good night,” he wishes you in the softest of whispers before pulling away, his cheeks pink with embarrassment. You’re not much better off yourself. You can’t remember when was the last time such a chaste peck on the cheek has left you blushing to the roots of your hair and so excited you can hardly wait to enter your room so you can jump in happiness. His wish comes true; as your dreams are filled with happy endings with him.

After breakfast the next day, Jimin spends the morning giving you a tour of the castle. Compared to your merman father’s sprawling palace in Atlantica, it is quite cramped. Other than the staircase that leads to the castle keep that Jimin and you entered through the day before, another one opens to a dock on the eastern side of the castle. Even with your limited knowledge, you can appreciate the design that makes it difficult for the castle to be breached. Near the dock is a hall, where Jimin says most of the public activities are held. He then shows you an area north of the hall, impressing you with lines of cherry trees that decorate the walkway. It may be your second favourite part of the castle, the first being Jimin’s private garden that he made for himself. He invites you to sit at the gazebo so you can admire the garden while he talks about the work he has put into it. You’re touched by the fact that he’s sharing something so personal with you, a space that is only used by himself and Max. The other parts of the castle are not as impressive, but you cherish the look on Jimin’s face as he happily shows you around every part of his home.

After the bizarre date in the underwater city, the town Jimin takes you to in the afternoon isn’t impressive by any means, but it’s still peaceful and lovely. Most of all, you enjoy being by his side, a date you’d never dream of having in your drab, work-oriented previous life. Your voice is a small price to pay for the joy that comes with Jimin but it saddens you that he doesn’t even know your name. As if he read your mind, he comments with a sigh, “I wish I knew your name. I don’t even know what to call you.”

In a stroke of brilliance, you clap your hands in excitement as an idea strikes you, capturing Jimin’s attention. You look around the town square, then points at an object that shares the same first syllable of your name. It takes some time for Jimin to figure out what you’re up to and for you to find suitable items around you to use, finally ending with him persuading you to sit as the two of you play this impromptu game, but in the end he manages to learn your name.

“Y/n,” he confirms. “I love your name.”

You beam, metaphorical flowers blooming inside every time your name rolls off Jimin’s tongue in his sweet, melodious voice. He repeats your name several times just so he can see your smile grow wider and wider until you both dissolve into laughter and he leads you through his castle to get to his private shoreline.

Jimin laces his fingers with yours as you stroll along the beach, his face reddening as he does so, but when you squeeze his palm in encouragement, he slowly relaxes and keeps his hold on you. The breeze pulls your hair out of the style one of the maids has tugged it into this morning but you don’t mind, especially when Jimin wordlessly uses his other hand to tuck a stray strand of hair behind your ear. He sits you down on the sand next to him facing the open sea, so the wind blows gently against your face and gives you the courage to rest your head against his shoulder. His thumb rubs against your hand idly as you enjoy each other’s company.

Nothing has ever felt so right, so natural, as being with Jimin. Nothing has to be done, no words have to be said, just his presence gives you a sense of completion. Suddenly he breaks the silence by murmuring your name. You lift your head up to look at him already staring at you with his dreamy eyes, but he doesn’t say anything. Instead he leans closer, his grip on your hand getting tighter as his full lips hover mere millimetres away from yours, and you let your eyes close. The sounds of the waves lapping the shore are drowned by the beat of your heart thumping loudly in your ears as you await his kiss, but it never comes.

Confused and disappointed, you open your eyes. Once again you feel as if you’ve hurtled into another dimension. Jimin is no longer in front of you. In fact, you’re quite alone.

Where am I?


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Temptation: Chapter 2 (M)

This was intended to be a one-shot, but after receiving a few requests for a sequel, I’ve decided to turn this into a six-chaptered series. Enjoy!

Jungkook and Reader

Genre: Werewolf Jungkook, smut

Warnings: Dom! Jungkook, rough sex

Word count: 4,067 words


You tapped the butt of a pen against your desk, resisting the urge to look into Jungkook’s office for the umpteenth time. His week of leave had come and gone, but for a few days after he’d returned to work he’d been so busy that he’d had no time to spare any more than two words for you. It wasn’t entirely his fault that he hadn’t gotten much time for you, you knew that, but he’d been treating you so much like he normally would that you were starting to wonder if the intimacy you shared meant anything to him. If the words he’d said to you were sincere or just a ploy to get into your pants to sate his heat.

“Y/n! Your knight in shining armour has arrived!”

You twisted in your chair to look at Jin, grinning as he stood behind you.  Between his thumb and forefinger was a pendrive that he explained contained the data you were waiting for him to collect. He could have simply uploaded the file to your shared folder but you didn’t comment on his choice of coming over to give it to you directly instead. It was no secret that Jin harboured a crush on you.

Normally you’d remain friendly while keeping a distance, because even though you liked Jin you didn’t want to hurt his feelings, and your heart had gone out to Jungkook almost immediately after you started working here. However, today instead of smiling and sending him off at the first opportunity, you laughed and engaged in conversation with him. Jin was pleasantly surprised by your sudden enthusiasm to his visit to your desk, but didn’t question it.

What your poor coworker didn’t know was that you were keeping an eye on the office facing your desk. The door to Jungkook’s office was closed, so he wouldn’t be able to hear your conversation, but he could see through the glass panes of the room. When he lifted his gaze from the document that had held his attention for the past hour, you quickly found an excuse to giggle and slap Jin’s arm, lingering on the muscled limb for a little longer than necessary. Jin reddened comically from the unexpected contact, flushing to the tips of his ears and immediately stumbling on his words.

To your chagrin, when you flicked your eyes towards the office just moments after your attempt at flirting, you saw Jungkook staring intently at the screen of his computer monitor. Nothing in his expression or body language showed that he saw the exchange between you and Jin. After several more tries that ended in failure to get Jungkook’s attention, you felt badly enough for using Jin to give up on the endeavour and get him to leave so you could focus on your work.

You spent the next hour organising the data that Jin had given you. You finished it faster than you’d expected, and you leaned back in your chair, relieved and figured that you deserved a cookie for your hard work. So you got up and headed to the pantry, glad to be able to stretch your legs after sitting for a long time. The pantry was devoid of people, your coworkers too busy attacking their own workload to get a snack at such a random time. Having no one to chat with, you grabbed a cookie and walked through the hallway to get back to your desk straightaway.

Before you can make it there, however, someone hiding in a corner you’d just passed pulled you by the arm and whisked you through a door. You heard the wood slam shut and the lock click it in place. A quick glance at the large, spotless room told you that you were in the handicapped restroom that owed its state of unuse due to none of the people on your floor having the need to use it. Your anger at having your arm almost pulled out of its socket changed into shock, then dissolved into excitement mixed with fear when your eyes met the ones of the person who had you trapped against the wall.

At first you didn’t recognise them at all. The orbs that stared back at you shone bright golden, wild in contrast with the crisp white shirt and perfectly ironed slacks that he was sporting. Jungkook loomed over you, his forearms resting on the wall on either side of your head, forming a cage that you couldn’t – not that you wanted to – escape from. Your heartbeat drummed in your ears as you registered the dangerous gleam of his normally-brown irises, but exhilaration rushed through your veins upon being alone with him again. Not as coworkers, but as man and woman.

“What are you doing?” You whispered, a little indignant from the way he manhandled you.

“What were you doing?” He hissed softly, brows furrowed in anger but his breath blew hot against your lips, forcing mixed feelings to creep up within you.

“I was getting a cookie from the pantry. Is that a crime?” Trying to keep your tone nonchalant, you defended yourself, although you knew that was not what he meant, you feigned ignorance. Unfortunately for you, Jungkook was having none of it.

“You know what I mean,” he gritted through his teeth. “Why were you flirting with Jin? You said you don’t care about him. Were you lying?”

“What if I was?” You tested, wanting to gauge his sincerity, but at the crumpled look upon his face, pain shot through you and you regretted having done such a thing in the first place.

“Then I’ll respect your decision and let you be,” he answered, the fire in his eyes dimmed to an almost emotionless muddy colour. The fingers that had curled into a tight fist next to your head loosened before he made to push himself off the wall and away from you.

“No!” You shrieked, grabbing the front of his shirt. The magnitude of your panic caused you to yank so hard that he almost tumbled against you, having to reposition his hands in the previous position to retain his balance. He wore an expression of confusion, hurt and hope as he scanned your face, trying to figure out what you were on about. “I wasn’t lying,” you clarified, not wanting him to feel pain for a second longer. “I don’t care about him. I… I flirted with him to test you. I was afraid that you were just playing with my feelings. That I’m not special and it didn’t mean anything to you.”

“What,” the word came out more like a statement than a question, filled with incredulity as he carded his fingers through his hair. “That’s what you were worried about? Y/n, you have no idea how much that day meant to me. And I can’t even begin to describe how important you are to me.”

“So you weren’t just attracted to me because you were in heat?” Your voice was small with guilt and insecurity, but his chuckle put you at ease.

“You know, I actually had no idea that I can be this horny when I’m not in heat. Especially over any particular person.” During the exchange his gaze had slipped from dull to warm chocolate then becoming almost onyx, so dark they had grown with lust over you. “You drive me insane.”

His calloused hand cupped the side of your face, an unspoken request clear in the air. You immediately granted him permission by shifting your weight to the balls of your feet so your lips could touch his. The contact was tender, both of you savouring the sweetness for a few moments before he took over. Just as your kiss was sudden, he changed the pace abruptly, his other hand snaking to the nape of your neck so you couldn’t escape the increasing pressure behind his lips. Pulling your plush bottom lip between his teeth, he wrangled a moan from you, giving him the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth.

As the kiss grew more heated, you slipped your hand between your bodies to cup the bulge that was pressing against your belly. He groaned into your mouth as you rubbed your palm against his erection brashly, the clothes separating him and you providing friction that was both satisfying and infuriating. After giving your lower lip a sharp nip, he broke the kiss to whisper hoarsely, “God, y/n, what are you doing to me.”

You weren’t sure if it was rhetorical or an actual question, so you giggled quietly and answered anyway, “I’m trying to pleasure you.”

In true Jungkook fashion, he managed to give you an order even when he looked like he was about to swallow you whole. “Don’t just try. Do it.”

The authoritative tone got you down on your knees promptly, your skirt riding up to your mid-thigh as you hit the cool white tiles. You tilted your head to see him peering at you, his pupils completely dilated with lust and he nodded, signaling for you to continue. So you turned your gaze to the sight in front of you; his loose pants now taut, straining to contain his raging boner that demanded your attention.

Hands shaking, you fumbled with the leather belt that held up his trousers. With some difficulty you undid the buckle and whipped it open, then unbuttoned his pants. A grunt of frustration sounded in your throat as you struggle to pull his zipper down, the teeth snagging in your haste. You heard him chortle from above. “Relax, my love. I’m not going anywhere.”

You struggle for air at his words, wondering if it was just a casual nickname or if it meant something more. However, you didn’t get a chance to dwell on it as he unzipped his pants himself, and you became focused on the task at hand once more. Impatient, you pulled down his boxers along with his trousers and immediately leaned back to avoid being hit by his hard length that sprung out of its confines to slap against his stomach.

The last time you were together, you didn’t see so much of his cock as you mostly had it pounding you into his mattress. However it looked just as intimidating up close than it did from behind you, the vein running along the underside prominent, the size daunting and its tip dark, angry red. The amount of greedy saliva that flooded your mouth was second only to the moisture pooling between your thighs, and you gulped it down as you reached for him.

The hiss that escaped his lips when you held him at the base encouraged you to pump his length several times before you leaned in to give kittenish licks on the very tip of his cock, coaxing drops of precum that you swiped into your mouth as it beaded out. You could hear his breathing grow louder with impatience so you bent forward just a little more so you could take his head inside your mouth and suck hard. Your hand kept pumping his shaft as your tongue swirled around the engorged crown, and your free hand moved towards the hem of your skirt, but he stopped you before you could slip underneath it.

“Don’t you dare touch yourself while you’re teasing me like a vixen,” he warned, and you jerked your hand away as if it had been slapped. Moaning in frustration, you channelled all your concentration on him, releasing what was in your mouth so you could run your tongue all over him, licking stripes from the base all the way to the tip repeatedly, pausing to tease the sensitive slit every time.

But that wasn’t enough. You wanted to make him feel even better so you took him in your mouth again, this time swallowing more and more until your hand had to let go so you could engulf every inch of his length. Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes as you fought your gag reflex.

“I can’t believe this. You look incredible with your lips wrapped around my cock,” he breathed when you looked up at him, causing you to moan around him, the vibrations resulting from the sound heightening the pleasure for him. Just before you reached your limit, you pulled back to catch several gulps of air before you fell back against him, bobbing your head up and down his shaft, unable to take his full length this way but it allowed you to move at a rapid pace.  In between the quick movements you slowed down to devour his entire cock, swallowing as you did so, driving him out of his mind when it tightened your warm mouth around him, until his hands, that you hadn’t noticed had been placed upon your head; so gentle was his touch, began to shake as his self-control waned.

You knew what he was restraining himself from. Retracting yourself until you were left sucking hungrily on the head of his cock, you gazed up at him imploringly. Your hands searched for his, pressing them harder against the top of your head then gripped his muscular thighs, tugging the thick limbs forward in an urge to give into his desires. He took your cue, his fingers threading your hair and he bucked his hips forwards. Once he started he seemed to lose all control, a guttural moan sounding at the back of his throat as he face fucked you earnestly.

Drool trickled from the corners of your mouth as you relaxed your jaw, strangled groans muffled while you felt him hit the back of your throat rapidly. The palms resting on his thighs trembled from the combination of your discomfort and his movements, ready to signal him to pause when you couldn’t take it anymore, but he stopped before you could dig your nails in. Confusion and just a hint of disappointment were evident on your face when he pulled out abruptly.

“Oh no, no, no. You’re not getting off that easily,” he chuckled ominously. Bending down, he wrapped his arms around you to help you up, then slammed you against the wall to kiss you again. His tongue delved into you right away, tasting himself upon your mouth. This kiss was more intense than the last, one palm pressed against the small of your back, pressing your body flush against his, and the other on the back of your neck, his fingers tugging at the roots of your hair to angle your head up so he could better devour your mouth.

The hand on your back brushed lower along your ass to your thigh, hitching your leg up around his waist before he bunched your skirt up around your waist. His fingers were quick to find your panties, which was soaked through despite the fact that you hadn’t even been touched. You could feel the corner of his lips cock into a satisfied smirk against your own just before he sadistically pressed the fabric against your core. The lace of your panties felt abrasive against your sensitive center, making you whimper as he rubbed the cloth back and forth against you forcefully, pressing just a little inside you but nowhere near enough to give you the satisfaction you craved.

Very soon your poor underwear proved unable to act as protection from Jungkook’s wicked fingers, your juices overflowing through the material so that evidence of your arousal flooded his hand and dripped onto the floor. At some point your unhampered mewls alerted you to the absence of his lips upon yours, and you opened your hazy eyes to see him staring down at you hungrily. The predatory gleam in his eyes aroused you even more. You gripped his stiff shoulders tightly as you made your plea. “Jungkook… I need you. Please.”

“Far be it for me to deny anything my love desires.” This time the term didn’t register in your mind, the only thing that mattered to you right now was keeping your balance as he pulled your ruined panties down your thighs so you could get them off and step out of them. A sense of deja vu nudged at the back of your mind when he hoisted you up so that your legs could circle his waist, your pussy dangerously close to his throbbing cock.

He held your gaze for a few intense seconds before latching onto your swollen bottom lip, propping you against the wall for balance. He sucked harshly on the tender flesh, causing you to whine as a dull ache throbbed with the pleasure from his attention. You savoured the sensations, losing yourself so completely in the moment that you didn’t notice him align himself with your entrance until he pushed into you, slamming himself in all the way in one powerful stroke.

Having had no preparation beforehand, the stretch burned even though you were soaking wet. Your scream of shock and pain interlaced with pleasure echoed off the walls, your nails clawing into his back as you desperately sought an anchor to keep you grounded. Thankfully Jungkook paused to gauge your reaction to his intrusion, making soft, comforting noises as your walls hurriedly adjusted to his girth. You regained your wits faster than you’d expect, and although the pain was still there, you found that you were already craving for more.

Experimentally you rolled your hips as much as you could in your position, encouraging Jungkook to continue, and he responded without hesitating. Pulling himself all the way back until only the tip remained, he rammed himself back inside you, pushing your body up and knocking your head against the wall with his force. He kept up the brutal strength, and coupled with his rapid thrusts, you were fast reduced into a moaning mess, so entranced by his rough pounding that you barely registered his hand on your neck moving to cup the back of your head, holding you in place while simultaneously protecting your skull from banging against the wall as he pounded into you.

You longed to reciprocate his movements, but you were helpless against the cage he had trapped you in, between the wall and himself plowing into you, each thrust pushing you up against the rigid surface. You were doing your best to keep your moans down, the reminder of where you were right now managing to linger at the back of your mind, your whimpers only a fraction louder than the deep grunts Jungkook was emitting as he ploughed into you. It was an almost impossible feat, especially as the knot in your lower belly grew tighter and tighter with each mind blowing thrust.

Still, you did your best to keep the chanting of his name to the lowest volume you could manage as he shoved you closer and closer towards the edge. You could sense that he was nearing his own high. Although the eye contact that he retained with you the entire time was unfaltering and unrelenting in its intensity, his movement was stuttering.

“Jungkook,” you begged in between rushed breaths, your legs trembling from the impending orgasm, “please let me come.”

He flashed a dazzling smile before pecking your lips. Pulling back, he kept his eyes on yours, but his brows knitted with concentration as he mustered his strength for a last sprint. In a sudden burst of energy, he rammed into your heat repeatedly, each push fast, hard and so deep it hit your cervix. Tears of agony and exquisite pleasure burst forth from his vicious thrusts and the force of your blinding orgasm.

“Jungkook, I lo-” you were cut off by your ferocious high, burying yourself in the crook of his neck. Your impromptu confession was lost in the flurry of moans and pants, but he stiffened for a fraction of a second when you sunk your teeth into his neck in an effort to muffle your broken howls, then reacted to the bite by letting out an animalistic snarl. The hand that had been holding you up by your ass squeezed the plump flesh in a bruising grip, holding himself back from imitating your move, although he let himself loose, allowing your tight, spasming walls to milk him of every drop even as you shook violently around him, still riding your high.

Exhausted pants filled the room as both of you struggled to regain your breaths. As soon as he could move, Jungkook carefully peeled you off of the wall, settling you down in his lap. The powerful, fierce lovemaking had torn you into shreds in the best way possible. Even though it was over, you were still overwhelmed, and he enveloped you in a warm embrace as you sobbed quietly into the front of his shirt. “Are you okay?” He asked gently, his fingers brushing and petting your hair soothingly as he kissed the tears wetting your cheeks.

You nodded, not trusting your voice, especially when your throat had been torn to shreds by his cock but not wanting to worry him. You thought the first time with him was the best sex you’d had in your life, but this time he proved you wrong, and you allowed yourself a little time to recover from it. Once the tremors wracking your body stopped, you tilted your head to look at his warm brown eyes that illuminated his entire face. Your hand drifted to his jaw so he could lean down to kiss you, slow and sweet in contrast with the savage sex you had just engaged in.

Once you’ve assured him that you were fine in a steady voice, he helped you to your feet, capable hands holding you until he was convinced that you could stand on your own. “If you can manage it, you should go back first. People may have already noticed your absence.”

You nodded weakly, finding strength in his encouraging grin. Using the mirror, you tried to straighten your appearance as best as you could, hoping no one would notice that your hair was a little tousled, or that your skirt and the back of your shirt were hopelessly wrinkled. Satisfied that you’d fixed yourself as much as possible, you looked around for your panties, only to find them in Jungkook’s hand. He held it up like a trophy, his lips quirked into a teasing smirk.

“I’m keeping this,” he said, shoving it into his back pocket. “You’re not the only one that needs reminding.”

Before you could ask what he meant, he had gently pushed you out of the restroom, so you had no choice but to walk back to your desk without your underwear.

Less than five minutes later, Jungkook strutted back into his office. To your annoyance, he looked more composed than you felt. Resolving to try to get back to your work, you reached for your mouse, but just as you deactivated the computer’s screen saver, your phone rang. You pressed the receiver against your ear to hear a rich, satisfied voice on the other end.

“You’d better keep every drop in you. Don’t want to stain your skirt and give it away, do we?”

Jungkook hung up before you could respond, just in time for a large hand to pat your shoulder, making you jump in surprise.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you,” Jin apologised. “Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you for like an hour. Do you need help with that data?”

“No, I’ve finished it. I just went out for a walk to clear my head.” As you mentally scolded yourself for giving such a lame excuse, you felt a trickle of warm fluid threatening to escape, and you tightened your walls. You squeezed your weakened legs, hoping that your sore pussy would be able to keep it all in, at least until you got home. Jin’s face fell, disappointed that your flirtatious attitude towards him earlier had disappeared, but he knew that it was probably too good to last. Squirming in your seat, your sore ass reminded you of the person who had groped it so roughly not too long ago and you flicked your eyes away from a puzzled Jin to the office facing your desk. Jungkook was typing intently against the keyboard, but there was no mistaking the cocky smirk that was plastered on his face.

Damn that werewolf.


What You Never Had: Chapter 4

Seokjin x Reader with Namjoon and Jimin

Genres: Royalty AU, fluff, angst

Word count: 4,151 words

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


Kissing Jin was the most blissful act you could ever have imagined. Of that you had absolutely no doubt. Not that you had another man’s kiss to use as a frame of reference. Jin was the only person you had kissed, but this kiss was unlike the kisses you’d shared with him before. His hand cradled the back of your neck as he pressed his lips to yours. The palm placed on your back kept you in place; in fact, it made it impossible for there to be any space between you. Your fists were bunched into his uniform, enjoying the way every part of you was crushed against him, and a soft moan sounded in the back of your throat. The signs of reciprocation spurred him on, making him angle his head to kiss you even more deeply, as if he intended to suck your soul out so he could place it next to your heart that he’d already claimed as his.

Finally he was forced to release you as his lungs screamed for air. “Wow,” he panted, still holding on to you.

“Mmm,” was your only response before you dragged him into another passionate kiss.

There was no doubt that you could have spent an eternity kissing Jin if it was not for the sound of footsteps approaching the door, causing both of you to jump apart. One of your royal escorts entered and you tried to breathe normally. Biting on your lower lip that you were sure was slightly swollen from the force of Jin’s kisses, you acknowledged the new entry with a nod.

If he had noticed that both you and Jin were chasing your breaths, he didn’t show it. “Everything is ready, Your Highness. Shall we return to the castle?”

Your heart rate was slowing down to a normal pace as you realised that he was none the wiser to what had gone on in the room just before he entered, but you still cleared your throat before you answered in the affirmative. Following him out the door, you caught Jin’s eye and smiled and you were actually excited when he returned it. Perhaps everything would turn out all right after all.

Even though you didn’t get another moment in private with him after that incident, you found that it didn’t bother you very much. Just the fleeting looks and secret smiles you exchanged with him were enough to keep you on cloud nine. Perhaps it was just your imagination, but you thought that his face positively lit up every time he caught your eyes, and you were pretty sure that you were reacting the exact same way when you looked at him.

There was no doubt that the return of the warm Jin that you loved had you feeling better in weeks, the complete turnabout from his detached attitude since he discovered your identity relieving you from worry and stress. The first one to comment upon the improvement in your mood was Jimin. Having lost to Namjoon in a sword fight, he walked towards the table where you sat while your eldest brother started sparring with the master of swords behind him.

“What is going on with you lately, little mouse?” He asked, taking a seat across the table from you.

You placed your needlework down to narrow your eyes at him. Dealing with Jimin would require all of your concentration and truthfully it wasn’t like you were paying the project much attention anyway. Watching your brothers move gracefully, brandishing their weapons in their hands in intricate, dangerous dances had always been more intriguing than any feminine pastimes that you sometimes took up. “Whatever do you mean?” You asked innocently.

“You know what I mean,” he commented without looking at you, his eyes on the fight playing out before him. “You’ve been really chipper lately.”

Letting out a fake gasp of indignation, you answered, “Is it wrong for me to be happy?”

“No, I

“Would you rather have me miserable?”

“No, of course n

“What kind of brother are you, to wish such a horrible fate on his only sister

Jimin made an exasperated noise and you giggled, amused that you had managed to annoy him and relieved to dodge his question at the same time. “Of course I want you to be happy, but do you have to be so irritating?”

Before you could point out that he was more irritating than you could ever be without even trying, Namjoon cut you off, having finished his bout with the older warrior. “Speaking of being happy, I’ve got good news for you.”

“What is it?” Namjoon’s words were quick to pique your interest and a welcome distraction from Jimin’s dangerous questions.

“Do you know about a local celebration taking place in the next town in a few days?”

“Mm-hmm,” you said distractedly, your attention once again stolen, this time by the navy-clad figure walking towards you. As your home was heavily protected by the castle guards, Jin was sometimes sent off on other duties while you were under its protection. He must have settled the matter he had to attend to. However, Namjoon’s next words had you giving him your full attention.

“I talked Father into letting you come with us.”

“Really?” You gushed, gripping his calloused, sweaty hand in excitement. It wasn’t very far from the capital, but that was further than you had ever been, and you were dying to venture away from the small world your life had been centered upon. It didn’t matter that you would only spend a day there, or would not be able to offer much help. Your joy was contagious, making your brothers grin, and even Jin smiled at your enthusiasm.

Time always had a habit of slowing down when you were looking forward to something, and it did not fail to behave just as you suspected this time. The next few days passed by at a snail’s pace, but eventually you were in the courtyard surrounded by people getting ready to depart for the town, arguing with Crown Prince after you saw that a carriage had been prepared for you.

“Why can’t I ride on horseback like everyone else?” You demanded of a beleaguered Namjoon.

“It’s not very far, but it’s still a few hours’ ride,” he reasoned. “Sitting in the carriage is a lot more comfortable than riding sidesaddle the whole way.”

“You aren’t thinking of sitting astride the horse, are you?” Jimin interjected, hooking his chin on your shoulder as he smirked. “Please spare our good people the heart attack from seeing their lovely princess dressed like a man galloping about on a horse.”

Your face turned red, because that was exactly what you had in mind. You jerked your shoulder to get away from Jimin, trying to hide your embarrassment. The king was liberal enough to let you attend classes and learn how to ride a horse just as your brothers did but such behaviour would unfortunately not be accepted by others.

“If you ride with us, Ji Eun will be left by her lonesome,” Namjoon persuaded you gently, and you agreed. You knew that he was of the opinion that some of the expectations held by society when it came to women were ludicrous, but he also thought that some scandals were best avoided. Battles had to be chosen carefully. However, it didn’t stop you from huffing at Jimin as you climbed inside, Ji Eun following behind you.

Since the small group that you were going with had set out not long before dawn to make good time, there was not much activity going on as you passed through the capital. It made for a very dull ride. Ji Eun was dying to hear more about Jin, but neither of you dared discuss such a topic where so many people could overhear your conversation. To your chagrin, Jin was riding in front of the carriage and you were deprived of seeing him in that position. Halfway through the journey you were joined by Jimin, who provided a welcome breath of air as he told tales of his past journeys and joked about, even though many of them were at your expense.

Buildings rolled past with Jimin providing the occasional commentary about parts of the capital you hadn’t visited and about the town you were heading to, but he soon ran out of things to say. The houses and buildings that you’d seen had been interesting to look at in the beginning, slowly declining in size and majesty as you moved away from the castle, but gradually became constant in grandeur, the lack of change making things monotonous. You fought the urge to ask Jimin how much longer it would take to get there, knowing that he would never let you hear the end of it if you’d say anything remotely childish.

The journey must have felt longer than it really was because it was only late morning when you arrived. People were already busy preparing for the celebration, and a small group was ready to welcome your party. Jin managed to flash you a quick smile before he joined the rest of the men who went off in different directions to help with the preparations, most of them already used to these sort of visits. Another man, slightly shorter than Jin also grinned at you as he passed by. You were surprised at his forwardness, but gave him a polite smile in return. Ji Eun, on the other hand, was promptly herded off to one of the kitchens to lend a hand with the upcoming feast.

At first you felt lost, clueless as to what you can do to contribute, but a young woman quickly stepped next to you and suggested that you help her with the flower arrangements. You followed her into the town hall, glad to receive a task that you were confident in performing. There was another matronly lady bunching the flowers artfully into vases but it turned out that the girl who brought you was a novice at the task. It was fulfilling to get an opportunity to impart your knowledge to her while producing beautiful bouquets of blossoms yourself.

Being in the town hall allowed you to observe many people as they bustled in and out of the building, going about their duties for the day. The older woman, Young Ae, provided a running commentary on her friends and neighbours which kept you entertained, and you returned the favour by talking about the princes, a subject that the two women listened to with rapt attention. You fervently hoped that neither of them noticed the blush that crept to your cheeks every time you caught glimpses of Jin, sometimes in the company of one of your brothers. He was too absorbed in his task to dawdle, but another man wasn’t.

When the young man with dark hair lingered long enough to get your attention, you remembered him immediately. You were still getting used to people staring at you you were royalty, after all so again, you let your lips curl upward slightly, but after the fifth time he sauntered in, obviously only intending to see you, you started to feel uncomfortable. In the end, you decided that he was just a little more starstruck than others and tried to ignore him by pretending that you were concentrating too hard on your arrangements to notice him.

It was still too early for the feast when you finished. Young Ae commented that this was your first time in the town but you hadn’t seen any part of it except for the town hall. Both women offered to accompany you but as you knew that they were expected to help with other things, you reassured them that you would be fine on your own. You headed out, looking around in the hopes of finding Jin, but you didn’t see him. Keeping in mind that you shouldn’t wander around too far by yourself, you ventured around the buildings nearby. The houses were similar to one another, but the small details that set them apart pulled you in; whether it was a cute door sign, an intricate knocker or beautiful plants in pots that were lined up on the windowsills.

The cluster of houses that surrounded you was quiet, probably because most people were concentrated on the activities that were taking place in the heart of the town. Judging that being alone without company was probably not a good idea, you started to head back towards the town hall, but suddenly someone fell against you from behind, nearly knocking you over. You planted your feet firmly into the ground to avoid being face-planted into it. Cross and confused, you turned around to see the man who had been vying for your regard earlier leering at you.

“Forgive me, Your Highness. I tripped,” he said, but he didn’t look sorry at all. Your instincts were telling you to run, but the last thing you wanted to do was appear rude during your first visit out of the capital, so you decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“That’s all right,” you replied in a voice that you hoped came out sounding more calm than you actually felt. Nodding awkwardly in acknowledgement of his apology, you turned around to leave, but his hand shot out to grab your wrist, keeping you in place. You glanced down to where your limbs were connected then looked up at him, disbelief flooding you at his daring to even touch you, much less stopping you in your tracks.

“Don’t you feel this connection between us?” You weren’t sure if he was being cocky or hopeful but either way, he was dead wrong. Perhaps bolstered by his good looks, he thought you would be enamoured of him. There was no doubt that he was a handsome man, but he couldn’t hold a candle to Jin, who was, in your opinion, the most gorgeous person alive, equipped with the all important attribute of being an absolute gentleman. Something that this young man could clearly work on.

“Excuse me?” This time you couldn’t help the derision that laced your answer.

Oblivious to the less than friendly tone that you were using, he pressed on. “We just met today, but I found that I like you very much. From the way you were looking at me, I’m pretty sure that you’re feeling something for me too.”

Is he serious? You couldn’t believe that he had somehow misconstrued you avoiding his pointed looks to be a reciprocation to his interest. “You don’t even know me. How can you say you like me?”

His smirk faltered a little when you didn’t respond the way he expected you to, but it did not deter him. “I may not know you, but I know real beauty when I see one. We can always get to know each other later.”

You scoffed in incredulity, trying to tug your hand out of his hold so you could walk away and put as much distance as you could between the two of you, but he wouldn’t relent. Instead of letting you go, he pulled you even closer to him. Immediately your free hand flew up to defend yourself from his attempt to kiss you, but before you could scream for help, a cold, loud voice cut through the sordid scene.

“Your Highness, the Crown Prince is calling for you.”

Relief washed over you upon hearing Jin’s melodious timbre that managed to force the lecherous man off of you without causing a scene. However, your Royal Guard looked murderous. It was apparent to your molester as well because he retracted from you like you’d grown tentacles and fled the scene. After mutely checking that you were not harmed, Jin marched away and you quickly walked behind him.

He seemed angry, taking big steps that you couldn’t match without almost breaking into a run. You had no idea if you’d done anything wrong. The closest to it was that you had taken a stroll without an escort. To be fair, you reasoned with yourself, no one expressly told me not to. However, Jin’s silence was unnerving. “Jin?” You called, your voice sounding embarrassingly small even to your own ears.

From the way he stiffened, you were sure that he had heard you, but he kept on walking without an answer. His tall, sturdy figure before you had never seemed so intimidating. Despite feeling unsure of yourself, you gave it another try. “Did Namjoon really call for me?”

“No,” he answered into the air without turning around.

You sighed inwardly, but acknowledged that he had a right to be angry. Even though everyone seemed to think that you were safe enough in this town that having a guard to watch over you constantly wasn’t necessary, it was still unwise for you to go off alone without someone you could trust. You were very lucky that Jin had found you before anything horrible happened. “Thank you for saving me,” you poured your regret and gratitude as well as the hope that it would cool him down in these five words.

At this he softened. You could visibly see his shoulders sag a little with your appreciation for what he had done for you before he swiveled on his feet. The smile that he gave you assuaged your fears, even though it was just a tiny one, and he reached out to give your hand a quick squeeze before letting go in case someone saw the two of you. His strides grew smaller and more forgiving, so you didn’t have to rush to keep up with him. The path that he was leading you on was different from the one you took but the general direction told you that you were heading back towards the center of the town.

Before you could reach your destination, however, you stumble across a group of girls playing in a field. Unable to stop yourself, you made your way towards them immediately, ignoring Jin’s chuckle as he followed behind you. The young children welcomed both you and Jin into their midst. You were quickly roped into a game of Ring Around the Rosie, and from the corner of your eye you spot the rest of the girls pull Jin into a different game that looked more boisterous than the one you were playing.

Despite enjoying the more relaxing game, your playmates gave up on theirs before Jin’s group did. You supposed that as children, their short attention span may have attributed to it, but you didn’t mind, letting them sit you down to make flower crowns with you instead. Beautiful wildflowers grew all around, providing ample material for the purpose and you praised the girls as you watch their fingers deftly twisted the stems around to make lovely accessories.

Looking over to Jin, you saw that they have decided to take a break from their game, so you called them over to join your group. As Jin approached you, you motioned for him to sit down next to you. He obliged, but before he could do or say anything else, you tucked a flower behind his ear. You admired how the bright, golden blossom accentuated his lovely visage even as you giggled at his surprise.

“You’re really pretty, Jin,” you sincerely complimented between the girls’ titters. The way his face reddened all the way to his ears and down his neck to his collars amused you to no end. Just then, one of the children placed her finished flower crown atop your head, and another gave you a bunch of wildflowers that she had gathered, too young to fashion a crown of her own. Your heart warmed at their sweetness and innocence, and you thanked them for the presents.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” Jin said, having watched the entire scene unfold before him with a warm expression. You were secretly glad that the only people surrounding you now were too young to understand what was going on between you and Jin, especially since your skin also flushed at his compliment.

If it was up to you, you would have opted to stay in this moment forever, but the late afternoon sun signaled the start of the feast, so you had to head back to the town hall. Sure enough, an enormous amount of food was spread out on long tables that had been lined across the town square. You took a seat next to Namjoon, who was sitting at the head of the table in the middle, facing Jimin, who was sitting on his right. The tables were groaning under the weight of plates upon plates of scrumptious looking dishes that tasted every bit as good as they looked. It was the perfect opportunity for you to converse and make an impression on the important people of the town, especially the mayor, who made it easy for you by hanging on to your every word and enthusiastically answering every question you could think of.

Even as you juggled conversations with the people surrounding you, it didn’t escape your notice that Jin had started to look withdrawn again. He obviously kept up with the conversation well enough that no one was concerned about him, but as someone who knew him better than most, even a small change in his demeanour was noticeable. After bidding goodbye to the townspeople and thanking them for letting you join in their celebration, you rode back inside the carriage without a fuss. This time he rode next to your window, his eyes concentrated on the road before him but his expression was dark and brooding, which worried you.

Namjoon opted to sit with you most of the way back to ask how the visit had been for you, so you did not have a chance to discuss it with Ji Eun until you had reached your chambers. Once you were on your own with her, the fears that you had let stew the whole journey came pouring forth. Being the good friend she had always been, Ji Eun listened as you retold the adventures you had experienced today patiently.

“Do you think he’s still angry at me?”

Ji Eun cocked her head as she considered the question. “Well, you said that he had a good time with you and those girls afterwards, so he can’t still be mad at you, can he?”

“Perhaps. Why does he look so bad tempered then? You saw him on our journey back here, didn’t you?”

She nodded her agreement to your assessment. “Maybe he’s upset about something else.”

“Maybe.” You exhaled loudly, dissatisfied with the lack of confirmation. Something told you that it had something to do with you, but you knew that discussing it with Ji Eun would yield no results, as she knew less about the situation and about Jin than you did. The desire to find out burned inside you, bubbling more and more as time passed while you cleaned and changed to retire for the night, until curiosity won over.

A poorly thought out, reckless plan formed inside your head, and you wasted no time sharing it with your lady-in-waiting. As usual, Ji Eun was less than enthusiastic to hear about one of your hare-brained ideas, especially when she was involved. You never failed to persuade her to participate though, and not very long after you had voiced out your intentions, she had allowed you to slip on one of her dresses over your nightgown and twisted your hair up into the simple updo she usually wore in the evenings.

You ignored her warnings that you would be caught, only relenting to promise her that you would be careful, then you headed out of your rooms. It was late, and most of the occupants in the castle had turned in, making it easier for you to navigate your way through the corridors. You walked past several castle guards and your heart thumped so hard every time you did but you kept your head down. Fortunately with the way that you were dressed, none of them spared you a second glance and you successfully arrived at your destination without a hitch.

The door to the room loomed before you and you almost bolted from nervousness. However, your worry outweighed your anxiety. Knowing that you would not get a wink of sleep tonight if you didn’t find out, you raised a trembling hand and knocked on the wooden door. A part of you wished that the person on the other side hadn’t heard you, but footsteps moving towards the door told you that your arrival hadn’t gone unnoticed. Your heart rate escalated with each passing second until the door was pulled open, revealing Jin staring at you, open-mouthed with shock.


The Dreamweavers | 2

Hoseok, Taehyung, Jungkook and Jin

Genre: Supernatural Shop! AU, Angst

Word count: 3,290 words


A deep, contented sigh escaped Freya’s lips as she settled on her bed and reached for the remote. After the third time she rented a DVD from the shop where she was now a faithful customer, she had splurged on getting a TV for her bedroom. The quality of sleep she had gotten from watching the dream movies were always very good, but the aches that resulted from sleeping on her living room sofa in front of the TV had her body screaming in protest. She barely took note of the blank cover of the DVD before slipping the disc in and settling down between the covers.


A part of Freya’s sleeping subconscious marveled at her surroundings but as usual she allowed the thoughts and emotions of her character take over her. Calming her nerves seemed to be an impossible task even as her hand, steady and continuous, wiped the face of the eldest of the heroes. Before it all started, Freya had been confident with her potions; never once failing to cure any sickness, never disappointed her when she needed to heal any injury, no matter the severity. But now the signs of fever were not abating and it worried her. She touched his forehead before bringing the damp cloth to carefully dab on the tender skin stretched over his broad shoulders, tugging the blanket covering his bare chest an in inch lower to inspect the areas that remained irritated, but well on their way to recovery. It was a mark of an achievement she supposed; his skin now smooth and uninjured, his upper body no longer adorning the angry burns that had been present the day before.

“Knock, knock.”

Freya dropped the cloth into the small bowl beside the bed, elation bubbling inside her as she turned expectantly to face the door. Only one person would have said those words instead of actually knocking on the door. However, any spark of excitement dissipated as her eyes roamed down his body, quick to note his injuries. The man standing in the entry of Freya’s spacious healing  room was grinning, masking a wince as he leaned against the doorframe. The copper fringe that fell against his forehead did not hide the bandage wrapped clumsily around his head — most likely  the work of their leader — and his arm sported a nasty looking cut that was bleeding even as she watched.

“Hoseok! What happened?” She questioned, heart thumping loudly in her chest with dread as she strode across the room, taking his sinewy arm gingerly in her hands. Examining the nasty gash that streaked from his wrist to his elbow, she asked, “Was it a scorpling?” The idea of Hoseok, one of the most experienced in battle among the riders, being hurt by a mere scorpling was almost laughable, but the dragon riders had been stretched so thin as of late that perhaps careless mistakes like these were to be expected. Freya shuddered inwardly at the unpleasant thought.

“No,” he answered, allowing her to lead him to a chair next to hers at her table. Reaching for some bottles filled with potion-making materials, she lined them up beside her before turning in her chair to face him. “It’s the mutants.”

Her eyes narrowed, lips curled down into a frown at the news of more mutants popping up from out of nowhere. How these powerful beasts imbued with dangerous attributes suddenly came into being starting several months back was beyond her. Beyond everyone, for that matter. “How many were there?” With care she took a sample of the blood seeping from the cut, making sure not to cause him any   further discomfort. Even though the remaining riders were presumably well enough to keep fighting, it bothered her to think about how they were really faring.

“Five in the beginning,” he said as his smile refused to falter, but she was perceptible enough to notice that his voice was a little faint. “We took down three before Jin got hurt, and the last one managed to get me.”

She nodded her head in understanding, the new found information coinciding with the injuries Jin and his dragon endured. Even though she was agonised over their predicament, she did her best to push past it so she could make sense of the situation. For burns of their degree the blast must have been direct and if it was not for her aid, both would be lying in their graves. “What happened, exactly?” She probed as she studied the blood sample, placing it under an apparatus to analyse it properly.

He did not ask which incident Freya was referring to. He knew that Jin was unconscious when his dragon brought him back to the city, which meant that Freya had to figure out how to best heal him with no information on the attack. It was not an easy task, he was aware, as healers needed to know the components in poisons to be able to create the correct antidotes. “The mutants were a type that we’ve never seen before, so I can’t tell you much about them. Horrible winged creatures, and we didn’t know they could shoot fire from their mouths until we had killed two of them. From what I can gather, it might be their defense mechanism a last resort, perhaps?” He shrugged casually, then hissed when pain shot up to his shoulder from the movement. “I don’t know. Suddenly one started blasting green fire at Namjoon and Ekon. Jin got the brunt of it when he directed Hagan to push them out of the way.”

Gulping down a sigh, Freya flicked her head once at Hoseok, silently urging him to continue as she reached for the bottles of chemicals and antidotes, varied in density and purpose, the different colours beautiful when lined next to each other, but some lethal if used incorrectly. “This is a present from the swinging tail of the monster,” he explained briefly.

A frown creased between her brows as Freya considered the toxins she had found in Jin’s and Hoseok’s wounds. They had different elements, which was unheard of in the same type of animal, but one never knew what to expect with  mutants. “So there was still one more of these things when you left?”

Hoseok nodded. “A  blow to the head is one thing, but with this,” he acknowledged his arm with a sideways tilt of his head, “there’s not much I can do.”

“How big are they?” She asked, measuring and mixing the potions meticulously into a silver bowl. Her failure in identifying every component in the poison vexed her, so she had to attempt to figure it out by guessing the breeds that might have produced this particular venom.

Hoseok hummed softly as he considered the question. “Not very large. About half the size of Luna.” Freyas mind was immediately flooded with images of Jimin’s elegant silver dragon, at the same time trying to figure out what sort of monsters could have bred mutants with such attributes. Frustration filled her at the completion of her potion, which was lacking a vital component she couldn’t identify and at her mind, which came up blank at trying to fix the problem.

She poured clear liquid that looked like water from a large flask into another bowl, dipping a cloth into it to clean his wound. When the fabric touched his skin, he couldn’t help wincing at the sting, lightly gritting his teeth to remain quiet and she almost smiled, knowing that the cleansing solution was deceptively cool-looking. Injuries were an inevitable occurrence with dragon riders and an accepted part of life amongst them, hurt more often than not.

After cleaning the cut, she resigned herself to the fact that she couldn’t mix the perfect antidote and her eyes moved upwards to lock with his as she issued a warning.”The poison looks like scorpling venom, but there’s another component in it that I don’t recognise.” The look on her face mirrored his grimness. “So I’m not certain how effective this will be.”

“It can’t be any worse than this,” Hoseok resigned, and she hoped he was right. The breath she was holding in anticipation left her lungs in relief when he moaned softly as the solution soothed his pain. Freya smeared a liberal amount of the viscous solution over the gash before wrapping it carefully, then attended to the less serious scratch on his temple.

Round and round the white strip of cloth went around his head, thinking about how their lives had changed in such a short time. Battles to eradicate dangerous creatures had always been entrusted to the dragon riders and warriors, since humans have learnt to coexist with them for centuries. Freya had begrudgingly accepted that, but only when it had been species of beasts that they had known about and trained to fight. These mutations were new, unknown devils that were far more threatening. They had managed to wipe out most of humanity in a shocking span of months and the thought of her friends risking their lives to kill these hostile beings chilled her to the bone and gave her endless nightmares. Her fears and worries had her drawn up tight, under constant stress, and at one point when his soft hair touched her fingers, Freya snapped. “We should run away.”

“What?” Surprise clear in his tone, having heard her whisper but unable to believe that she had said such a thing.

She took her time to finish the bandaging, wanting to keep him in place so she didn’t have to meet his eyes. Even as she said the words, guilt filled her, but she couldn’t keep it in a second longer. “We should leave,” she repeated. “We should find a place where it’s safe, where there are no monsters, no mutants to hurt us.”


“I can’t do this anymore,” she whispered, bordering on hysterics, her voice rising with every syllable. “I can’t keep watching you go out there, not knowing if all of you will come back. It’s not worth it.” She glanced at Jin’s still form on the bed. “I was able to handle it when it was just the monsters but now with these mutants, these unknown dangers… what if one of you gets killed? What if,” the words lodged in her throat with her sobs filled with convoluted emotions, “What if one day I can’t save you?”

“Sera,” he reiterated, reaching up to grasp Freya’s trembling shoulders to pull her back to her chair, “I know you don’t mean that.” Before she could argue, he continued, “Everyone has a responsibility they must carry. From farmers to merchants, to the leaders and warriors. The appearance of these mutants is making everyone suffer one way or another. As dragon riders, we have a duty to protect what is left of humanity. And as for you,” he reassured, cupping her face in his hands, “You with talents that no witch could ever hope to match, coupled with that heart of gold— you’re the best healer anyone has ever known. I have no doubt that you’ll always do everything you can to save us, whenever we need you. Won’t you?”

Freya nodded, knowing that in her heart of hearts, there was no way she would let any of them die if she could help it. Hoseok’s smile was brighter now that his pain had subsided and he had calmed her down. “Besides, there is nowhere that isn’t infested with these creatures. And if there is, would you really be able to leave everyone else behind? Will you be able to live with your conscience telling you that we’ve condemned others to their deaths?”

Again, she shook her head mutely. He was making perfect sense and it caused her to look at the floor with shame at her outburst, but when he squeezed her shoulders, her eyes found his again.

“Good, cause I can’t either. You’re worth every fight, Sera. Every cut, burn, every wound is worth it knowing that we’re keeping you safe, and that you’re waiting for us at the end. “Leaning forward, he kissed Freya’s forehead and swiftly stood up.

“Where are you going?” She asked, panic bubbling in her chest as he made to leave. “You have to stay here so I can monitor you!”

“I have to go back and help them,” Hoseok explained as he strode towards the door with Freya hot on his heels. “My arm isn’t hurting anymore.”

Freya’s eyes immediately flicked to his wound, believing his statement but still concerned nevertheless. If he was telling the truth, the pain subsiding meant that the venom had stopped spreading, but the unknown component was worrisome. She couldn’t help frowning at the red streak already seeping through the previously pristine white bandages. It seemed that her potion only worked partially, as it was not successful in stopping the bleeding. However she also knew that there was no stopping Hoseok, and hopefully his presence would allow the rest of them to return safely that much faster. As if on cue, a deep, slow rumble sounded through the building.

“Wait!” She ran to grab several bottles from the supply closet and pressed them into Hoseok’s hands. “Drink these before you go to sleep. It’ll help regenerate blood a little faster.” Stubbornly she made him take the potion and with lips pressed into a thin line, she willingly let Hoseok go to answer Magnar’s summons.

Before she could even resume her seat beside Jin’s bed, another visitor called from the doorway. She regarded the thin, balding man dressed in white tunic and trousers with wary acknowledgement.

“Healer Seraphina,” he boomed with an air of a person making an all-important announcement, “The elders have summoned you.”

Without question, Freya followed the man out of the room, her chest growing heavy with dread although she had no idea why she had been called for. Her thoughts were still preoccupied with the state of the riders and how they were faring against the latest threat. She dearly hoped that all of them would return safe and sound.


Freya pushed the door open none too gently, the sound of a thud followed by Taehyung’s colourful curse bringing her no remorse whatsoever. She had woken up with an unpleasant start that morning, revived from a dream of humans on the brink of extinction and heavy reluctance at having a group of young men prolong their survival. She had been a regular at this magical shop for a year and thought she had seen it all, but the dream last night was the most vivid that the store had given her. For the first time, she had cried in her sleep and even now the gut wrenching feeling refused to go away.

Slamming the dark coloured box of DVD down on the counter, she demanded, “What is this, exactly?”

Taehyung rose to his feet, scowling as he rubbed the top of his head that had collided with one of the drawers when she barged in. The DVD was special even by the shop’s standards. While having the same dark blue jacket as the other Dream DVDs, the box bore no title. “Careful,” he chided. “That’s new and valuable.”

“What is this movie? The ones I’ve rented before are nothing like this. It’s not normal,” she repeated, her anger stoked higher when Taehyung responded with a laugh.

“After a year of coming to this place, do you expect anything in this shop to be normal?”

“You know what I mean,” Freya growled, but before he could respond, the door opposite the entrance swung open and Jungkook stumbled into the room. His eyes were bleary, his white shirt wrinkled and hair disheveled. While Taehyung shook his head disapprovingly at the young man, Freya stayed mum. Although she was a regular, this was only the second time she had seen Jungkook, so he was still very much an enigma to her.

“Damn, Jungkook, did you just wake up?” Taehyung addressed the dazed man, who had somehow made his way to one of the shelves that carried anime movies. Both Jin and Taehyung had talked to Freya about Jungkook’s sentimental taste in movies and she wondered if he’d like the movie Taiyou no Uta, which was on the shelf next to the one he was looking at. But in the end she was too shy to recommend it to him.

Rolling his eyes at Jungkook’s simple nod to his question, Taehyung reprimanded him. “Did you wake up from dying in another game?”

“Yeah,” Jungkook answered, his fingers knocking back the thin volumes softly as he browsed through the movies. “It was horrible.”

“I can tell by the way you look,” scoffed Taehyung. “You should ask Jin to mix something for you and sit with Hoseok for a change instead of locking yourself up in your room to stare at the screen again.”

Jungkook cocked his head as he considered Taehyung’s suggestion. “I’ll go up to them,” he agreed, but still picked up a colourful box from the shelf before he exited. Both of them watched the door inch shut slowly. Then Taehyung returned his attention to Freya, still shaking his head slightly. “Where were we?”

Jolted back to the issue at hand, Freya took a few seconds to remember what had her all hot and bothered when she burst into the shop. “Right. Why is this movie so…?”

“Emotional?” Taehyung suggested.

“Yeah,” she agreed, for lack of a better word. “I mean, the other movies I’ve watched are great and I really felt the emotions that the characters are going through then, but I’ve never experienced anything like this. It stays with me. Even now. It bothers me.”

“Hmm,” he mused, but ultimately chose to dodge the question. “Well, since you have a crush on Hoseok, I thought recommending you that movie would make you happy  — “

“I don’t have a crush on Hoseok!” Freya insisted, her reddening cheeks burning even more when Taehyung chuckled at her reaction. She had no idea that her infatuation for the gardener had been that obvious. “What’s with that anyway? Why is he in it? I never knew you guys acted in movies.”

“That’s the thing, none of us have,” he teased. “That’s why the emotions felt so real. It wasn’t acting.”

“You mean… That really happened?” Eyes wide with panic, she cast a concerned look towards the ceiling, as if she could see through the ceiling to spy on Hoseok on one of the upper floors. “Hoseok and Jin, are they okay? They’re not hurt?!”

The cheerful face of Taehyung’s had given way to a more serious expression. “Relax, they’re fine. It didn’t happen to them.”

“But you just said — “

“Who’s to say that there are only one of Hoseok and Jin? Or only one of you and me, for that matter?”

One corner of her lip curled down as she considered the possibilities, trying to absorb the information Taehyung had just imparted. As usual, he was being cryptic about it, but as he was the only one who was willing to indulge in the secrets of the shop, she was grateful for any nugget of knowledge he threw her way.

“So that movie, if we can even call it that—isn’t actually a movie? Not something that the Hoseok and Jin we know had gone through, but to people… people in different dimensions…?” Her head was swirling with this newly found fact.

Taehyung confirmed her deductions with an encouraging smile.

“So if it’s not a movie, and it actually occurred in the past—what is it?”

He tutted in disappointment at the query. “I would have thought that is obvious. It’s a memory.”


A/N: The dream in this chapter is actually a sneak peek of one of the future works I have in mind; The Last Battle 😉

The Dreamweavers | 1


Genre: Supernatural Shop! AU

Word count: 2,064 words


“What’s that?”

Celine smothered a laugh as her roommate, Arine, jumped, almost dropping the small brown pot in her hands. She looked furtively over her shoulder, bringing it closer to her midriff, hoping that Celine somehow hadn’t noticed it. However, it was useless as Celine had obviously seen it, as evidenced by her question. Arine sighed and turned around to face the grinning blonde.

“It’s a flower pot,” Arine said as a-matter-of-factly.

“I can see that,” Celine quipped. “Since when have you been into gardening?”

“Um – I -“

“You’re definitely not good at it,” Celine teased, saving her roommate from answering the question. Both of them looked down at the drooping plant in the packed earth. “How long did it take for you to kill it, one night? I didn’t see it in your room yesterday.”

Arine chewed on her lower lip as she struggled to formulate an answer. Damn Celine and her observant eyes. “Well, yes, it died overnight,” she decided to just go with the truth. “It’s supposed to, though!” She continued indignantly when Celine laughed at her statement.

“You bought a plant that would die overnight on purpose? Why?” Celine asked incredulously.

“You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you,” pouted Arine.

“Just tell me.”

Arine shook her head, but walked away from the front door, sitting at the dining table and placing the pot in front of her. Celine took a seat opposite her, waiting curiously.

Fingers running along the circumference of the pot, Arine attempted to explain. “You know when you read a book, or watch a movie, sometimes you imagine yourself to be one of the characters?”

“Like a daydream?”

“Sort of, but more vivid, I suppose. Experiencing what the characters go through, like it’s really happening to you.”

“Hmm,” Celine mused, her head cocked to the side as she absorbed the information she was hearing. “I guess I understand, that’s how people usually dream right? You’re the star of your own dreams after all. But what does that have to do with this dead plant?”

“Well, when the flowers of this plant bloom, it lets me…”

“Dream?” Celine laughed.

“Not an ordinary dream,” Arine insisted.

Trying not to roll her eyes, Celine decided to humour her. “What sort of dream then?”

“Different sorts,” she said. “Depending on what you use.”

“What do you mean?” Arine was hardly making sense and Celine was never the type to have a lot of patience for this sort of thing.

“There’s this shop…”


A few days later Celine found herself walking down a row of tall houses, two to three stories each. The height of the houses combined with the little space between them gave the impression of cramped giants forced to squeeze close to one another. The land surrounding each house was narrow, mostly bare save for the green grass, giving the neighbourhood a simplistic look about it, despite the houses looking a little on the ancient side.

She was trying to convince herself that she was not believing what her roommate had told her. It was simply curiosity that prompted her to seek the shop so she could find out how Arine had been hoodwinked into buying that mysterious plant. Even though she refused to say how much it had cost her, Celine noticed that she had been declining invitations to go shopping for a while now. Arine refusing to shop was something that was unheard of, making Celine suspect that she had spent a lot of money on something – that plant, most likely.

Spying the number seven in front of one of the houses, Celine stopped and turned to look at the three story building. The number glinted in the setting sun, silver in contrast to its neighbours that adorned gold numbers to mark their own houses. The shop looked more or less the same as the surrounding houses, a little old but well taken care of, a stark difference being the dark green vines spilling over the rooftop.

Steeling her resolve, she pushed the gate gently. It swung open easily, allowing her to walk towards the entrance. The door was made of dark wood and it looked old, fitting the walls around it. A sign hung upon it, the word ‘Open’ carved on the wooden sign that was a shade lighter than it was framed by intricate lines. Brow furrowing, Celine studied it more closely. The carving made upon the wood was complex yet engaging. Most of it was indecipherable to her, but she could make out a little butterfly in the corner and the small pattern made her wonder what else was hidden in the frame.

A strong gust of wind snapped Celine out of her reverie. Silently reprimanding herself for getting absorbed by a sign, of all things, she tried the doorknob. She half expected it to be locked, but the brass knob turned easily in her hand and the heavy door opened with a soft creak.

Instead of a living room, it opened to a room filled with shelves. Near the wall adjacent to the front entrance was a large mahogany desk that Celine guessed served as a counter as there was a cash register and a computer monitor sitting on it, looking a little out of place in the classic setting. Another door stood directly opposite where she was standing. It was exactly the same as the one she had just walked through, sans the door sign, but it looked forbidden and intimidating.

She wrenched her eyes away from it and looked about the room. The shelves near her were lined with slim volumes that denied her access to what laid beyond them, so she was unable to see past them. Walking along the desk, she peered through the aisles but there was no one in sight. She shrugged to herself and stepped in front of one of the shelves to see what they held.

The thin volumes turned out to be boxes of DVDs. She picked one up and read the label. Ouija: Origin of Evil. She took another one and shuddered at the picture of a wicked-looking doll smiling up at her. Annabelle. Quickly she replaced that DVD as well and tilted her head up. A simple sign hung above the rack read, ‘Horror Movies‘. It was only then that she noticed that there were more than one board hanging from the ceiling, and she stepped back to try and read them.

Adventure. Romance. Science Fiction. Romantic Comedy

“Hello there.”

The two words uttered in a deep, very male voice caused Celine to almost jump out of her skin. She turned to see a tall, handsome man in a fluffy white sweater smiling at her. Realising that he had probably seen her staring at the sign that read ‘Adult Movies‘, colour rose in her cheeks involuntarily. His lips widened into a grin, confirming that he had noticed, but thankfully he chose not to comment on it.

“Are you looking for anything in particular?”

“No. Yes,” Celine stammered. Arine had said that this was a special shop, yet other than the location and furniture, the wares seemed completely ordinary. “Are these… normal?” She said for the lack of a better word, reaching towards another rack to snatch and wave a box titled ‘Me Before You‘.

The young man appeared nonplussed at the question. “Well, they’re supposed to work just fine. I usually check them after they’re returned, but if you find a scratch or they won’t play properly, just let me know. I won’t charge you for it.” The grin was back as he finished his sentence.

“No, I mean…” she cast around for the right words. Arine had told her to say something along the lines of, “Let me dream,” but how did one say that to a complete stranger without sounding completely off her rocker?

“My roommate told me that this is a special shop,” her voice faltered, but the man nodded, encouraging her to continue. “She said you can… give me dreams?” It took all her might not to wince as she said the words.

Fully expecting a laugh, or a “What are you talking about, you crazy woman?”, or at best a look of polite bewilderment, Celine was surprised that he did not react the way she had anticipated at all. The air seemed to shift around them, almost unnoticeable as she watched his boxy grin curving slightly so that the man reminded her of a mischievous fox, his stance relaxing as he shoved his hands into his brown cargo pants.

“I see. What’s your roommate’s name?”

Was he acquainted with all the customers? Celine wondered. “Arine.”

“Oh, Arine. She has been coming here for a while now,” he answered Celine’s unspoken question. “It has been a while since she rented anything from me, though,” he continued with a pout. “I’m Taehyung, by the way. I take care of the DVDs you see here.”

“I see. I’m Celine,” offering her hand, she sought out Taehyung’s in a handshake. It was firm, warmth radiating from his large palm. Suddenly she felt completely at ease. For the life of her, she couldn’t explain why, but she trusted Taehyung wholeheartedly. Trying not to stare at him for too long, she cast another glance about the room.

It was so subtle that she didn’t notice it at first, but when she looked up at the boards again, she noticed that they had changed. The same words were written on the signs, but they were now carved with borders as beautifully drawn as the sign on the front door was. With surprise she found that the box she had been holding had transformed as well. It was still titled, ‘Me Before You‘, but the woman in the red dress smiling at the man in the tuxedo had disappeared. The background was blank, a dark blue that bordered on black. She thought that the colour seemed to ripple like the surface of a calm lake disturbed by a thrown pebble, but that was probably just her imagination.

Later Celine would pride herself for not screaming, but the shock didn’t stop her from flinging the box into the air like it had burned her fingers. With reflexes that was almost animal-like, Taehyung lunged forward to catch it before it hit the ground. “Careful,” he said, his soft tone taking the sting out of the reprimand.

“Sorry,” she gasped, still in disbelief. “I don’t know what happened, it – it -“

“Changed?” laughed Taehyung. “Yeah, it did. This is not – what did you say earlier? Normal. Yeah, this one,” he lifted it up to level with her eyes, “As well as the others that you see here now, are not normal.”

The other DVDs had changed, too, all sporting the dark jackets, identical except for their titles. “What do you mean?”

“Hey, you said you want dreams, didn’t you?” He regarded the DVD in his hand, considering something that only he knew about. “This is just a good movie as any. Tell you what. Why don’t I let you borrow this one. Free of charge, since this is your first time.” He handed it back to her, and she took it mutely.

“Just put it on like you would any DVD. Make sure you have a few hours on hand and that you’re comfortable before you play it. Best to lie down on a bed or a sofa,” he instructed a bemused Celine.

“So in other words, this is just a normal DVD? I’ve watched this one before. I like it, but I’d rather get something I haven’t seen before.”

Taehyung chuckled and shook his head. “Well, if you enjoyed it, wouldn’t you like to be in Lou’s shoes?”

“What do you mean?” she asked again stupidly.

“I mean, really be Louisa Clark in the movie. Go to a Mozart concert, see Mauritius. Stay with Will till the end. Experience that emotional roller coaster. Just give it a try and put it on,” he urged. “Trust me.”

“O – okay.” The thin box was stowed away carefully in her large purse. Her heart beat slightly faster in her chest, the way hearts tended to do when confronted with something amazing or possibly life-altering, but before she could step away, Taehyung leaned forward. Bending down, his husky voice lowered several octaves when he whispered into her ear.

“Sweet dreams.”