What You Never Had: Chapter 11

Reader x Jin, Taehyung, Jimin, Namjoon

Genres: Royalty AU, fluff and angst

Word count: 2,936 words

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A/N: Thanks Ann @godsavemefrombts for beta-ing this!

You knew you should never have trusted Jimin. Continue reading


House of Cards: Chapter 10 (M) (Final)

Jungkook x Reader and Taehyung

Genre: Angst, smut and fluff

Warnings: Infidelity. Please do not read if it’s not for you.

Word count: 5,427 words

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 (Final)

“Yeah, sorry I didn’t answer your calls last night. I got distracted and didn’t notice,” you said into the phone, resisting the urge to poke Jungkook in the ribs when he squeezed you with the strong arm he’d got wrapped around your waist. Instead, you settled for an admonishing glare, one you knew was weakened by the giddiness that you felt in his company. It was enough to tone him down a notch, although not quite sufficient enough to stop him from planting a quick kiss against your temple. Yes, he was definitely the source of your distraction the previous night. Not that you had any complaints. Your legs still felt a little weakened from his powerful thrusts into you a few hours ago, and just one touch from him reminded you of how your body tingled in his arms all night. However, you needed to focus on this call. For everyone’s sake. Continue reading

What You Never Had: Chapter 10

Reader x Jin, Namjoon, Jimin, Jungkook

Genres: Royalty AU, fluff and angst

Word count: 2,680 words

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

A/N: Thanks Ann @godsavemefrombts for beta-ing this!

“Why do you have to go with them?” Trying to make the question sound curious instead of indignant, you looked up at Jin instead of turning away sulkily. It was, to be fair, a valid query. Jin was your Royal Guard, not your brothers’. You couldn’t see the reason why Namjoon would ask him to go with them to see the informant; a little outing that they were planning to keep quiet about, which meant that they wouldn’t be identifying themselves as royalty.

“They might have chosen more particularly because only a very small group is going,” he explained. As the informant didn’t like to draw attention to himself, it made sense to take as little people as possible. Loath as you were to admit it, there was wisdom in taking Jin as well as your brothers’ own Royal Guards, as they were already trained to protect specific targets. It didn’t make you very happy, but you were confident that Jin would be one of the best men for this task.

While you became lost pondering the possibility of someone dear to you being injured, a shadow blocked the soft sunlight basking the garden plants with nutrients from your face. Looking up, your eyes widened when you saw Jin leaning in so closely that your noses almost touched. Any instinct to jump away was overridden by concern when he sighed and glanced around surreptitiously. Before you could open your mouth to ask him for an explanation, he sealed it shut with his own. It wasn’t the hot, passionate kisses you’d shared with him that night in his room several moons ago, but he still made you sigh with happiness easily. The worries that had plagued you eased and your rigid body softened against his warm form that was kinder than the sun on your skin. His kiss, pressed gently but firmly against your lips made you momentarily forget about the world and its myriad issues, until faint voices from not too far away reminded you that you were in the castle garden. As secluded as the corner was, you were still outside where anyone could see you.

However, Jin was quicker to react, carefully pulling away, although he kept his large hands on your shoulders. Your breath was shaky, almost as rapid as your racing pulse, even though it was just a simple kiss from Jin. Relief flooded your system when you didn’t see anyone walking past him, and his next words quickly pulled your attention back to him. “I’ll keep your brothers safe, so don’t make that face, please.”

Perhaps your concern showed on your face, despite having been accustomed to keep your expressions impassive since you were young. Or maybe it was just that couldn’t keep your guard up for long around Jin. On the other hand, it could be his perceptiveness that saw through your calm and collected mask that hid the worry within. Yet he did miss one thing, so you told him, “Not just them. I want you to be safe, too.”

He blinked, just once, in surprise, before his face broke into a radiant smile. One that you returned instinctively, especially when he reached up to gently caress the side of your face. “I will, if only I get to see you smile like this once again. It’s even harder to resist kissing you now.” His low voice was as deep as a kitten’s purr, soothing as it graced your ears.

That, and his kiss, were the only assurances he managed to leave you, as he left with your brothers not long after that. It was just a day trip to see the informant hidden somewhere in the capital, but it was no less suspenseful for the short time taken. You whiled the hours away brooding on the balcony of your chambers rather than read the book in your lap. Maids came and left to replace your cold tea with fresh ones, but they left with a full pot more often than not. Instead of the written words on the collection of paper, your eyes were more attracted to the courtyard in the distance, darting in that direction every few minutes. Fluffy clouds floated by leisurely along the azure background that lazily, but eventually, turned into hues of orange as the sun moved across the sky.

The warmer colours overhead were accompanied by a steady drop in temperature, and you soon started to shiver as the day approached night. Just as you started debating whether you should at least head in and grab a shawl or not, you saw rather than heard the sound of horses’ hooves of the princes’ and their three guards’ making their way past the castle gates. Immediately you rushed in to make your way through your chambers and hallways, meeting them just as they were entering the building. Namjoon’s smile was tired, even though he looked relieved to be back, while Jimin’s was welcoming and a little mischievous, as usual, and Jin’s was as polite as your brothers’ own Royal Guards, albeit a lot warmer in your eyes. The Crown Prince didn’t need to ask you the reason for your rushed welcome, simply laying a gentle hand on your shoulder to steer you towards his study.

All the men followed you and Namjoon as the latter beckoned for them to enter, with you and Jimin taking seats across the table from Namjoon and the rest standing behind you. Everyone looked expectantly at the Crown Prince, waiting patiently as he silently gathered his thoughts before addressing the issue.

“As I’m sure all of you have gathered by now, this is a serious problem. I will have to take it to the King, of course, and discuss it with the council before any decisions could be made. However, since the Princess is here, I’d like to take the opportunity to talk about it and get your opinion on the matter,” he said, then paused, softly drumming his fingers against the solid wood of his large desk before continuing.

“You have all been briefed regarding this earlier, and as the one who brought this matter to my attention, the Princess is well aware of the situation. As the people closest to us, I believe that I can entrust you with this information, and highly value your thoughts as I’m sure you will all continue to be working with us closely as the investigation continues.” As he spoke, his gaze swept along the guards’ faces, pausing briefly on Jin. You nodded subtly at your brother, who inclined his head slightly before turning his attention to some reports on his table. Jin was outstanding, more than capable to handle whatever Namjoon threw at him, and you had no qualms letting your brother know that. There was no doubt that he’d heard of previous incidences where Jin protected you, and he also knew that it was Jin who provided some of the intel that helped the investigation proceed.

“As suspected, several bands of pirates that make up a larger group are working with the local thugs,” he began. You tried to keep your breathing even, dreading the news that was to come. “Although some of their collaboration is in the trade of illegal items, these cases are few, and nowhere as serious as their main trade. There hasn’t been many incidences that we know of here, but word is that the local criminals are kidnapping people to sell off to the pirates. In other words, we are dealing with human trafficking.”

Even though you’d expected this, the confirmation still made your fingers clench as tension and sadness filled you. Regardless of the frequency of the kidnappings, you still felt guilty and responsible for everything that befell your people, especially in the capital. You were so close to them, yet you were unable to do anything to stop it from happening. You didn’t even know, wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t by chance that you stumbled upon Ki Joon, who was being harassed by the same men you were now looking for on that day you sneaked out of the castle. Still, when you looked up at Namjoon, you could see your emotions mirrored and multiplied in him. If you were feeling this way, how badly was Namjoon faring? The responsibility of being the Crown Prince must be weighing down on him when dealing with problems like this. There was no doubt that he would do anything to keep the people of the country safe — you’d seen him and Jimin race off to the borders to help protect the villagers there countless times already. Now there was a threat to the citizens right in his courtyard. It had to be hard on your brothers.

The hard look on Namjoon’s face, and the serious expression on Jimin’s normally sunny one motivated you even more to give your all to help them settle this. “It sounds like this has been going on for quite some time, but we’ve only known about it now. Obviously they’re working carefully and in secrecy, but there aren’t many people here in the capital that can just be taken without people noticing. I’m inclined to think that this must be happening in other towns and villages as well,” you shared your opinion with the men in the room.

Namjoon agreed. “I think so too. I will send word to people in other regions to inquire and warn them to be on the lookout for similar incidences.” Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Jin stir ever so slightly behind you. Jimin’s sharp eyes caught the movement as well, and when your second brother twisted around in his chair to look at him, it attracted Namjoon’s attention, prompting him to address Jin. “Is there something you’d like to add?”

“Your Highness, if I may,” your guard said quietly, asking for permission to speak. At Namjoon’s nod, he voiced out his thoughts, “As you said, the probability of pirates cooperating with a gang in the local area to procure people for trade in other regions is very likely. If they are all done by the same group or organisation, then isn’t it practical for them to have a base to collect and keep their, for lack of a better word, merchandise? If they do, it may be a good place to ferret out their leader, or to get our hands on someone who knows where he is.”

What Jin said made sense. It was more practical for the pirates to gather the people they had taken in one place before bringing them to a place where they could be sold off en masse, instead of having to get rid of them one at a time. Jimin supported the thought, saying, “I think that’s highly possible. It should be somewhere between here and their final destination. So if we can find their largest market, it would give us a start to the search.”

“The only country that still permits slavery in the vicinity is Gazan,” Namjoon mused aloud, and you thought back on your lessons. Although he said that it was the closest, Gazan was quite a distance away, south of Zinnis. This brought about some complications, and you frowned, thinking about the difficulty of carrying out an investigation in Zinnis, which was not on friendly terms with Amaryll. After all, they were the source of the pressure that your bordering villages were suffering from. However, Namjoon had an idea to handle the situation. “Delphina has a stronger trading relationship with Zinnis at the moment. In turn, we have a friendly relationship with them, so perhaps asking for their assistance would allow us to work more efficiently.” The image of Taehyung, the handsome Crown Prince of Delphina, appeared in your mind, but you only nodded along, having nothing more to add, and the discussion soon came to an end.

The mental imagery soon became a reality. He looked almost as tired as Namjoon did these days, but Taehyung was still every bit as handsome as you remembered. You’d heard the maids’ excited whispers and coy giggles as they talked about the neighbouring Crown Prince amongst themselves. While you could see where their admiration came from, in your opinion, Taehyung still couldn’t hold a candle to the man that you love. Besides, you knew that you weren’t the only one who thought so; you were well aware of how smitten every woman in the castle was with Jin from the moment he started his service here, and you were glad — although you found it still hard to believe sometimes — that the amazing man was in love with you too.

Tedious days of meetings continued, and this time it was Jimin who made time in between discussions to share with you the progresses and news. “It turns out that the people Delphina is facing the same threat,” he said in between swallowing mouthfuls of food. You watched him eat, wondering when he’d last had a proper meal. That explained Taehyung’s presence in the castle. The problem must have been bad for him to come all the way here himself, and that meant that this group of criminals could be larger than you’d estimated. “I wish that he’d told us about this on his last visit,” Jimin complained half-heartedly about the visitor. “Although I suppose it’s not surprising for him to keep such a problem about his country from us. It also gave him some time to leave instructions to his people there to make arrangements for us to enter Zinnis, so I suppose it isn’t a bad thing.”

“So he’s going to Zinnis as well?” You asked, a little surprised. However, if you thought about it, the arrangement wasn’t all that unusual. Considering that his people were also being taken, it made sense for him to see the matter through. That was what your brothers planned to do too. Jimin nodded in agreement.

“It’s a good thing that he is. That gives us stronger security, another reason for Zinnis to allow us in and reduce the chances of attacking us while we’re there,” Jimin added. “Although it will take some time before we can go, I expect. Since he will be here for a while, this time we can also hold a ball to honour his party as guests to our country.”

“Mmm,” you softly murmured, sipping on your drink. Then your mind wandered, and somehow focused on a detail that you didn’t think of before. This was the first ball that was going to be held since you came of age. Although you’d sulked over not being able to attend one before, truthfully you didn’t envy your brothers all that much, because you knew that if you joined, you’d have to…

“I’m surprised that no one remembers that you desperately need dance lessons,” Jimin chuckled gleefully, the same thought having crossed his mind. You glared at him, but was unable to come up with a witty retort. Anyone who’d thought that a princess was the epitome of beauty and grace would be sorely disappointed in you. As a child, you hated the dance lessons so much that after the Queen passed away, the King simply excused you from them, unable to see you sullen or frustrated after losing your mother. Time passed but no one ever brought it up again, to your gratitude. However, it seemed that your negligence in bringing it up was about to turn around and bite you.

Jimin’s face lighted up as he thought of something. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it for you.”

His eyes glinted in the light provided by numerous candles illuminating the dining room, but you couldn’t be sure if it was caused by his normal vigour or a brewing mischief. Frowning at him, you asked hesitantly, “what is it?” In your mind, there was no way you could get out of dancing at a ball without feigning sickness. Or was that his idea all along?

“You’ll see. It’s a surprise,” he replied with a grin.

House of Cards: Chapter 9 (M)

Taehyung, Reader, Jungkook

Genre: Smut, angst and a little fluff

Warning: Infidelity. Please avoid if this is not for you.

Word count: 4,086 words

A/N: Thanks to my lovely and awesome beta who went through this for me!

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 (Final)

“You— what?” You said stupidly, looking up at him. For a moment, you forgot about the position you were in, pinned against the arm of the couch with Jungkook towering over you.

“Didn’t you hear me?” There was a dangerous undertone to his question. He knew you heard him, but you couldn’t tell from his predatory approach if he was inclined to repeat his words or not. “Do I have to repeat myself?” You gathered from his second query that answering in the affirmative would not be good for your health. You questioned the sensibility of replying at all, the moment your eyes met his dark ones. You never noticed the hypnotic quality they had before, effectively keeping you in place, rendering you completely speechless. The pair of brown orbs moved closer and closer but you couldn’t shift your gaze away from it, not until they disappeared to the side as he dipped his head towards the crook of your neck. Continue reading

What You Never Had: Chapter 9

Reader x Jin, Namjoon, Jimin, Jungkook

Genres: Royalty AU, fluff and angst

Word count: 2,413 words

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 |

A/N: Thanks Ann @godsavemefrombts for beta-ing this!

Time passed by excruciatingly slowly while Jin left the castle to spend his time off at home and your brothers were in deep discussions with the party from Delphina. You frequently wished that you could join in and witness the talks, to see the decisions being made first hand. As it was, you couldn’t even count on Namjoon to relay the information to you, that was how busy he was.

The meetings continued for a little over a day after Crown Prince Taehyung’s party left. Namjoon must have known how frustrated you were, being kept in the dark for so long, as he sought out your company the day after the discussions were over. It turned out that things were moving at a faster pace than you thought. Jimin’s regret over not being able to join for tea with you and Namjoon was expressed by your older brother, who also explained that the reason Jimin couldn’t be there with the two of you. Continue reading

House of Cards: Chapter 8

Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Infidelity. Please do not read if it’s not for you.

Word count: 4,318 words

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 (Final)

It all happened so fast. You weren’t sure if you blinked before closing your eyes, letting his kiss consume you. The only thing you could think of was…

Wow. Continue reading

What You Never Had: Chapter 8

Reader x Jin, Namjoon, Jimin & Taehyung

Genres: Royalty AU, fluff and angst

Word count: 

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (M) | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

A/N: Thanks Ann @godsavemefrombts for beta-ing this mess for me as always!

This is frustrating.

It had been several days since you went to the City Hall, and saw the suspicious meeting between the gang leader that you’d recognised from your first day out of the castle and men who looked like pirates. To be fair, you couldn’t confirm without a doubt that the unfamiliar men were pirates just from their clothes, but the fact that they met a dubious character such as the gang leader was reason enough to warrant further investigation. Still, without conclusive evidence, you had to be careful who you divulge this information to. Continue reading

He Stole (M)

2018 Birthday Story for Yoongi!

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Taehyung and Jimin)

Genre: Japanese period AU, smut, angst & fluff

Warnings: Violence & outdoor sex

Word count: 12,567 words

A/N: Credit for the banner art goes to SiChen Wang. Check out their awesome art here! Many thanks to Ana @dangitthatsalongname and Alyssa @wonhoandonly for beta-ing for me!
Japanese terms used are at the end of the story.

“Yes?” I say rudely as I slide open the door to the audience chamber. My cheeks colour when I see that my brother isn’t alone. In retrospect, I should have known that Taehyung wouldn’t summon me here if he wants to speak to me alone. No, it’s more likely that he’d find a way to sneak up on me to give me a fright. Continue reading

Race Against Time: Epilogue

Hyungline ft. Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, Thriller, Darkfic

Warning: This fic is about murder cases, and may include some graphic imagery. Please read with caution.

Word Count: 987 words

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | Epilogue

“Where are the contrary twins?” Jin asks Namjoon as he takes a seat opposite him. Namjoon shrugs in response, but only after he’s taken a sip of his drink.

“Hoseok told me he’s on the way. As for Yoongi, I haven’t the faintest idea,” he answers.

Just then, a chirpy voice calls out to them, “would you look at that! They started without us.” Continue reading